Welcome everybody to my first Sims 3 Legacy challenge blog.

For this sims 3 Legacy challenge, the I will participate in the following;

I am not going to follow a Matriarchy/Patriarchy which means the heirs can be either gender.
I will not be recording my points as even though I will be following the Legacy Challenge rules, I will bend them sometimes for the purpose of the story.

I will update twice a week, I know many other legacies update more often, but as this is my first blog, I’m not sure I will have enough time in 1 week to update this often confidently. I will update every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 Midday! I recommend a mature audience to read this legacy around about 12+. I’ve given warning, now on with the legacy.

In the first generation legacy we meet April Edon.


In the second generation we meet Emma. Being a twin she was always forgotten in the corner. Luckily for her she was able to hide her evil ways from her family to save for career later in life. She only won because her mother didn’t realise any major flaws. How will she get on with her evil trait?

Find out by clicking here to start from the second Generation!

In the third Generation, we meet Olivia. She always followed in her mothers footsteps harvesting the fruits in the garden, and turning them into wine in the cellars, she was always secretly mother’s favourite. How will she get on?

Click here to find out starting from the third generation!

In the forth generation we meet Ellie, after her mother was totally boy orientated until she became a teen (along with her twin sister Charlotte) being totally popular at school and easily getting any guys attention in a blink of an eye. With her sister having a teenage pregnancy, and her brother being gay, and her half sister being mental and was sent of to a mental ward, it was pretty much between herself and her brother Liam. But she won by a toe and quoted to be “So healthy and athletic. Great persuasion skills, aiming high and never giving up!” she was given heirship.

Click here to find out starting from the fourth generation!


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7 07 2011

I was not exactly sure how to get this to you Beckey, so I decided to try this way too.

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