1.1 A tough Beginning

5 04 2010

This is April Edon, her family was very traditional, and April was a twin. Her twin was actually afraid of commitment. But when they were just 18 both their lovely parents died in a fire. April couldn’t bear living in that house any longer, her parents had not chosen an heir so it would be unfair to choose between themselves. April decided to do something, her sister never did. Instead of sharing everything from their parents, she gave everything to her sister. She remembered her ancestors humble beginnings though, they had a large lot at the edge of a far away town, with nothing on it, and just 1,800 simoleons in their pocket. So that’s what she did. She wanted to continue the legacy, but making it her own by starting again. “Legacy, here I come.” April said.

When April arrived the sad truth suddenly rushed through her mind. How on earth did her ancestors do this. She had such a large lot to fill with such little in her pocket. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” April said turning around towards the taxi she arrived in. As she started walking back to the taxi, it drove away. April sighed. “I guess this is a sign. Well, I’m here now, I best get filling this lot up.” she said calling up the store for furniture.

With the little money in her pocket, she managed to afford a cheap double bed, a fridge, a chair, a toilet and a sink. She also had a few walls, not enough to make a room, but still, a few walls. It was enough to not see the toilet when you’re eating breakfast.

With just 70 simoleons left in her purse, she decided to get a job. Since she loved the arts (music and art). She decided to get a job at the local theatre. Lacking experience and skill (but still had enthusiasm for the job) she got put at the lowest rank : fan. It wasn’t the best but it was a start.

With the afternoon free, April decided to visit the local park to make some friends. And maybe someone a little more then a friend. 😉

Within a minute of loitering around the park, a woman walked towards April.
“Hello, I’m Henrietta. You must be new in town.” she said. “Yeah, my name’s April. Nice to meet you. :)” April said. They chatted for a while and April found out she was single, rich and worked at the day spa.

After mingling in the park all day, chatting to the townsfolk, April started to feel a horrible feeling in her stomach. A hunger pain. She soon remember she had no money though. She scanned the park for free food sources. She found one!

She found an forgotten picnic basket and picked up a cheese sandwhich. She always loved picnics as a little girl. Although she had such a small meal, it was fun to remember the good old days with her twin sister and parents. She remembered feeding the ducks and playing catch with her sister. Her parents would of been proud to see one of their daughters going through such hard times to remember the family traditions.

As she fell asleep that night, she felt that warm fuzzy family feeling in her. Whatever happened from then on, she knew it was going to be ok because her parents would help her through it.

April had another day off today so she visited the park again. It seemed to be a top hangout spot. She met a man (finally!) that day. His name was Rocky Fortin. But sadly he was happily married, but he was snobby and a bit insane though. So April was happy without him.

April soon realised only couples, families and nutters went to the park in their free time, so April decided to get down to business and invite her boss (Alan Spark) over to her “home”. This would help her get a promotion. April was quite surprised when he arrived though, he was quite cute! When she went to the interview the assistant did the interviews because her boss was busy. She really clicked with him though.

After a couple of hours chatting, he suddenly burst out with something totally unexpected. “April! If I tell you something, will you not tell anyone?” he said. “Oh course. Your my friend!” April replied. “Well, I was fired today. And I’ve just been kicked out of my house.” he said looking sad. April jumped at the chance to get a hot guy living with her. “Hey, here’s a, crazy idea. Why don’t you live here, with me! Until the heats off, ya no?” April said willingly. “You’d do that? For me! Oh thanks April! Your the best friend ever.” he said.

April couldn’t help feel like the hug was a bit more friendly then it was supposed to be.

In the morning April decided to be reassuring to Alan. He seemed a little neurotic the night before. “So, why do you think you lost your job Alan? Maybe then we can figure out how to get it back.” April said. “No, I don’t want it back. I never really enjoyed music, but my mother loved it, and persuaded me to join a music career.” he said. “Oh, what do you enjoy then?” April said. “I like sports.” he said. “There you go then! You can get a job at the stadium. I think it’s always best to get a job you enjoy.” April said.

“Okay, thanks April. Your a good friend.” he said. He reached for her hands. And held them and smiled at her.

They leaned in and had their first kiss.

Then they pulled back and looked in each others eyes. “So, are we kinda a couple now then?” April asked. “Yes!” Alan said.

And they kissed some more.

So when April went to work, Alan started his training.

And when April returned to find her hot boyfriend pumped, she adored his new muscles.

Most certainly adored it. And Alan was finally seeing the good points of doing what you love for a living. He really LOVED it.

Well, everyone was all good and well, until the following morning, when April didn’t feel so hot.




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2 10 2010

Hey, I just found your legacy and im really enjoying it! I like how April thinks, she’s very interesting. I can’t wait to read what happens next, I’ve added you to my blogroll, can you please add me to yours? Thanks.

The Smith Legacy

4 12 2010

Hi, after you commented on my legacy I thought I’d come read yours and comment. I really like it so far, but I’m going to move on and read the rest. 🙂

5 12 2010

Very nicely written blog! Great work so far! Here’s a link to mine if you’d Luke to take a peak. I just started and am looking for ways to imporove.


9 12 2010

First of all, I’m sorry for the latness of your comment being approved, normally it does it automatically, but my spam detector thought you were spam 🙂 I’m going to add you to my blogroll and have a look at your blog now! 🙂

7 02 2011

Wowww! I love it already! Off to read the rest x

4 03 2011
Silver Screen Legacy

April and Alan are so beautiful, made for each other! 🙂

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