1.2 Tough enough?

31 05 2010

When we last saw April, she wasn’t feeling to good. “April! Are you okay?” Alan said. “Oh I’m fine, I must of just eaten something bad at work last night during my dinner break, no biggie.” April said. “Yes it is a biggie! Come on, back to bed, I’ll call your work and tell them that your not feeling too good.” he said. “No no! No need to do that. I’m fine see!” April said pulling an uneasy smile.

“Come on, back to bed.” he said. “I’ll call over the doctor, he’ll see what the problem is.” Alan said. “Okay okay, but I’m not letting you miss your practising today.” April said. “No April, I need to be here with you!” Alan said. “No, If I stay here for you, you have to go to the gym and practise. For me Alan.” April said then gave him a puppy dog look. “Okay okay, but only because, you gave me that cute face.” he said laughing. “Well, after your work I was going to surprise you but I guess I should tell you now.” Alan said. “Oh go on, I know your begging to tell me!” April said. “Okay okay, I’m getting the house redone! Heres the plans!” he said while passing a paper over to April. “I love it! Send them over right away!” April screamed happily!

This is how the new house looked from the fancy view. Its a cosy little beach shack!

And this is the birds eye view. I think it’s pretty good. It’s so nice of Alan to buy April an easeal AND a guitar. Although, he has bought a small stereo for himself if you look on the left of the bathroom.

“Hey doc. My girlfriends a little sick, can you come over?” Alan said. “Well, I’m fully booked today, but I can give you 5 minutes of my time, just describe the symptoms.” he said. “Well, she’s been throwing up a lot recently.” Alan said. “And, is she pale, or is she having stomach ache or anything else?” the doctor said. “No.” Alan said.

Alan heard the doctor speaking into the phone. The doctor said he thought he knew what it was. All Alan heard was “Pregnancy” though.

“So what did the doctor say hunni?” April asked. “Erm, oh, nothing. Nothing. He said I can come and pick up some pills and you won’t be sick anymore.” Alan said. “Oh good.” April said. “I’m gonna have some cereal, how long will you be?” April said. “Not long. Don’t worry.” Alan said.

Alan arrived home and headed to his girlfriend. Full of guilt. “Go on hunni, pass me the packet.” April said. “No, let me get them out for you baby!” Alan said frantically trying to get out the pills. “Come on! Pass the packet. I could be allergic for all you know.” April said laughing. “No!” Alan said. “Alan! Give it me.” April said seriously. She snatched the packet out his hands. Then scanned the name of the packet. “Abortion pills?” April said confused. “oops! Must of picked up wrong pills. Sorry! I’ll go back and pick up yours.” Alan said worryingly.

“No. You! You tried to kill our… no my baby!” April said. “No, you don’t understand!” Alan said. “I’m not ready for kids! Were way too young!” “No, I want this baby, whether your here or not! Clear off. I’d never be with someone who doesn’t like kids. I adore them, we would of never worked.” April spat.

“Please, take the pills, we can be together forever! Then, when were about 28 we can have a little baby girl!” Alan said reassuringly. “No! Not with you! I want kids now! And I want lots! I don’t want any with you! You’d be a horrible role model. ” April replied.

Do you hear me Alan?” April said with a tear rolling down her cheek. “Get out!”. “I’m sorry April, but be warned. I will come back. That baby should never exsist. If it does. I’ll make sure to change it.” Alan said. “No. You stay away Alan. If you do anything… I swear, you won’t be happy when I’m done with you.” April said. “whatever.” Alan said walking out the door.




3 responses

3 10 2010

Woah, what an intense ending! All the drama and suspense is great! Your writting and cliffhangers are really well written. I wonder what will happen next .. I will go read your next chapter ! 😮

Ive got a few new chapters onto my legacy, can you please comment on them?


4 12 2010

OMG Alan is such a jerk, trying to trick April into an abortion! I’m so glad she’s shot of him now, though I do wonder if we might see him again in a few ‘years’ time when the baby has grown up a bit.

Brilliant story so far!

7 02 2011

Awwwww! That is SO sad! 😦 I liked him :/ oh well, she’ll find someone better.

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