1.3 Just friends

8 06 2010

Soon enough April was having to wear baggy maternity clothing. It wasn’t the best look, and soon people were going to notice her illegitimacy. She needed a friend to help her through it. So she called over, her only other friend.

“Hey April girl, we don’t meet up much more. We just seem to be chattin on the phone. Why did you need me urgently before work?” Henrietta said. “Well, I know you and me havn’t been friends long, but If I ever needed anyone, it would be now, so please, don’t laugh or anything.” April said. “Of course, your my best friend. What’s happened April?” Henrietta said. “Well, me and Alan split up.” April said. “That’s not so bad, I always thought he was the wrong guy for you April.” Henrietta said. “What did he do?” “Well, he got me pregnant.” Henrietta gasped. “Then tried to make me have an abortion without me knowing. Then I made him leave but he said he’d be back for my baby.” April said. “Oh my gosh! That is bad. You do need a friend, I really wish I could stay, but I’ve gotta get to work. I know a really good person who will help though, I’ll call them over!” Henrietta said.

“No, I don’t think I’m…” April said being interrupted by Henrietta. “Trust me girl, you’ll thank me. He’s like, the best mate I’d ever had, apart from you oviously.” She said. “He?” April said. “Okay, cya! He’ll be right here!” Henrietta ran off before April could reply.

5 minutes later a man came in. “Hey, I’m sorry Henrietta dumped me on you, you really don’t have to stay… what’s your name?” April said. “Dean. Dean Thompson. You must be April right?” he said. “Yeah.” April said opening the door. “Listen, I don’t mind, I’m doing this program at work, I’m supposed to listen to problems in the community and see what I can do to help.” he said. “Oh, well, I guess I can help you out then.” April said blushing.

“So, what’s the problem here?” Dean said. “Well, I was with this guy Alan…” April said. She continued explaining.

After she’d finished Dean came over. “Can I?” he asked politely. “Yeah! Sure.” April said. Polite : check. He started feeling her stomach. “It kicked!” Dean said laughing. Likes kids : Check!. “So, where do you work for such a task Dean?” April asked. “The hospital.” Dean replied. Well paid job : Check Commitment : check

Likes me like I like him : hopefully šŸ™‚

“You look really nice today Dean.” April said smiling. “Listen, April, I gotta go okay?” He said walking out.

“I knew it. He doesn’t like me.” April said frowning.




3 responses

3 10 2010

I voted yes, hehe ! šŸ™‚ I think maybe Dean is shy, or something. I wonder what will happen next between him and April !


4 10 2010

I’ve added you to my blog roll šŸ™‚ I’m heading over there in a second to read it, it looks good! =D I’m glad you enjoy my legacy I post Saturdays and sundays at 12, sorry the first chapters are short, I wasn’t writing very much to begin with xD

7 02 2011

Lol, Screenshot-40 = best face ever!
Oooh, dean is CUTE! <333

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