1.4 It’s too soon

14 06 2010

She spent quite a while sulking over Dean at home painting pictures. Although, she was happy she made a bit of cash out of it for the baby though.

With the money she did have though, managed to afford her a new room and two cribs! She decided to buy two because she knew she was going to have more children, and if she had either a girl or a boy, she’d be prepared.

Soon enough though, she got a call checking up on her from Henrietta. “Hey girl! So, are you friends with Dean?” she said. “Oh. Well, I liked him. But he didn’t like me. I complimented him, but… he just pushed me away.” April said. “Oh. I mean’t actually friends. I should of told you. I met Dean in high school. Well, he was quite popular, as you can expect. But he was pretty serious with this girl. I won’t mention names. On the last day of school on prom night, he proposed. She just laughed in his face and said she was only with him for popularity. He was heartbroken. We were good friends back then and after the break up, he never answered my calls. I helped him get back on his feet though, and now he’s a doctor! But, well, any time he meets a girl he likes, he pushes her away. If the only thing you did was compliment him, he must be nuts about you.” she said. “Really?” April said. April felt happy about this. Very happy. She really liked Dean. “So what should I do? You know, to stop him pushing me away?” April said. “Well, just be friends! After your really good friends, go in for the kiss! He’ll realise what a fool he’s been and voila! You’ll be a couple!” said Henrietta. “Hey, your not as crazy as you look Henrietta.” April said. “Thanks.” Henrietta said. There was a pause until Henrietta realised the compliment was actually “Hey!” April laughed. “Talk later okay Henrietta?” April said. “Yeah! Cya!” Henrietta said.

April decided to straighten things out with Dean, so she went over to his house. She noticed he wasn’t in and felt dissapointment rush through her body. And then pain through her body! And then, water running down her leg?

She wasn’t due for another month! But she felt the pains again. She tried to pull out her phone but dropped it on the floor. She couldn’t reach it. She screamed.

She was so relieved to find Dean returned home though. “April? April! Here, I’ll help you into my car.”

He took her to the hospital and when the baby was born the nurse brought her in. “Mr and Mrs. Edon, your baby is fine.” she said. “Oh, were not together, I’m just a friend.” Dean said. “Can I hold her?” April asked. Then the nurse passed her to April. The nurse then left. “Listen, April, If I saw someone in need of a ride, or in pain, I’d help. Even though it’s you, it doesn’t make a differance. Can you get home safely?” he asked. “Dean! It’s cool. If you don’t wanna be with me, we can still be friends. Right?” said April. Dean looked at her, “Your pretty hard to figure out April. One minute your all over me, the next, your not.” Dean said. “You can’t force someone to like you.” April said. But you can make them express their feelings if their already there! “Bye April. Your a good friend. Cya round k? Maybe us 3 can go out some time yea? The baby may not have a father, but it still needs a good male role model too.” Dean said. “Thanks, bye Dean.” It works! Henrietta was right. He’s partially asking me out! He just, kinda made an excuse for it. Fair enough for me!

I’d like you to meet the next Edon. Gemma Edon is welcomed to the family!

“Hey Dean, only me! I was wondering. Did you wanna come over and see Gemma? She keeps asking for you.” April asked. “Hmm, okay, I don’t see why not, tell Gemma that I’m coming! I’ll be there in 5!” he said.

About 5 minutes later April heard the door, then ran to the mirror to check for anything in her teeth etc. Then she casually walked over to the door. “Hey Dean!” she said. “Hey, where’s Gemma?” he said trying to get through the door. April stopped him. “Dean. Henrietta told me about that girl in high school.” she said. “Ugh. I didn’t want you knowing!” he said. “Why’s that Dean?” April asked.

“hmm?” said April. “It’s because you like me isn’t it.” She said. “Urmmm give me a second to think of one.” he said laughing. “but seriously, I can’t.” he said. “Dean! From me, you will get the answer you want. I want kids too. I want a big family too. I’m not afraid of commitment, I love you too… I mean.. urm.” April said. “Love me?” Dean asked. Then he looked in her eyes.

And kissed April!

“It would be too soon to ask you to move in with me and Gemma wouldn’t it.” April said. “Well, yea. It would.” Dean said. “Oh.” April said sighing. “So okay, I will move in with you!” Dean said.

“Oh you big tease!” April said then kissed Dean.

And there was definitely some “wohoo” that night! Everything was safe though.




5 responses

15 06 2010

I like it so far, but to make it better you should probably seperate the conversations for easier reading. Gemma is a cutie, and I think Dean and April might work out. Hopefully it’s a little boy next.
P.S check out my legacy, The Cadence Legacy: http://thecadencelegacy.wordpress.com

21 06 2010

Hi sims3rocks, Nice legacy! I’ve added it to the blog roll, sadly I’m quite a few chapters ahead of the site, so there won’t be any changes soon but there will be some by the second/third generation. 🙂

24 10 2010

Nice update ! I really like the romance going on between Dean and April 🙂 Very cute


4 12 2010

I love Dean and April together, and Gemma is such a little cutie!

7 02 2011

Adorable! I love her new bf and her baby.

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