1.5 Happy Families

21 06 2010

For April, everything was just getting better and better! Lots of lovin from Dean, a beautiful little girl, and a cosy little house. But she though they were ready for an upgrade.

Here is the new Edon house (shack) from the front.

And here it is from the birds view. This house will be much better for the family now.

What did April do to commemorate the new house you ask? She threw up in the new private toilets.

But she tossed and turned all night, because Dean was on a night shift, and she wouldn’t be able to tell him till morning. But then she realised. How will he react? Will it be too much for him? Will April ever actually marry a man before they leave her. So, she decided to not tell him, well, until the wedding anyway.

But with Gemma’s impeccable timing, she grew into a child. She looked just like April when she was younger, except, she had her fathers neurotic trait because of this, she realised that she never wanted to be “nude”. So she wore her bathing suit in the shower. But unlike her other weird traits, she actually became a genius like her step dad. This meant that her and her step dad (Dean) would probably get along together.

And of course, April had to start wearing her maternity wear.

“Hey darlin.” April said. “Heya mum. What’s up?” Gemma said. “What do you think of having a baby brother or sister to play with and look after?” April said. “Sounds cool mummy!” Gemma said. “But, don’t mention it to daddy. We can’t tell him yet.” April said. Perhaps it’s time to tell Dean. Or… “Actually, just wait until I tell him. Then we can chat about it later okay?” April said. “Okay!” Gemma said.

“Dean, will you marry me?” April asked. “Your… proposing to me?” Dean asked rhetorically. “Yes! What brought this on?” Dean asked. “Well… I’m pregnant!” April said. “What?” Dean asked. “But… that’s impossible!” Dean said.

“No its not!” April said. “I knew it was too good to be true. Your, with someone else.” he said. “What? No I’m not! Dean, why are you saying this? It’s not that hard to accept is it?” April said. “I need to think.” Dean said walking outside.

“Yey! My mummy and daddy are finally getting married. And I’ll have another brother or sister to play with too! Isn’t that great daddy!” Gemma said. “Gemma, I’m not your daddy anymore. Mummy and I… Well, mummys with someone else now.” Dean said. “What? No she’s not. She loves you daddy. I remember when I was little, when she talked with me, all she ever talked about was you. And if you can’t take my word for it, call that Henrietta girl. She’s mummys best friend. She’ll tell you.” Gemma said. She then got up and went to play with her dolls.

“Hey Henrietta, It’s me. Me and April have fallen out. I just wanted to ask you, does she really love me?” Dean said. “Oh Dean. Of course she does. Ever since she met you. She loves you to pieces, she loves your looks, your commitment, your love of kids, your love of your job. And most importantly.” Henritetta said until Dean interrupted her. “Yea yeah, my salary.” Dean said. “No, she doesn’t care about money. All she wants, is you and Gemma.” Henrietta said. “And the baby on the way too.” Dean said. “Your having a child together? Congratulations! But, wait, I thought…” Henrietta said. “I know. That’s why I’m so confused.” Dean replied.




2 responses

24 10 2010

Oh the drama ! I loved the ending, it was a nice cliffhanger. I wonder whos the father .. and what Dean will do ! Going to go read your next chapter ! šŸ˜€

7 02 2011

Oooh! Whats up with Dean? Is he secretly a woman? šŸ˜‰

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