1.6 Your so crazy!

29 06 2010

“Hey Henrietta, It’s me. Me and April have fallen out. I just wanted to ask you, does she really love me?” Dean said. “Oh Dean. Of course she does. Ever since she met you. She loves you to pieces, she loves your looks, your commitment, your love of kids, your love of your job. And most importantly.” Henritetta said until Dean interrupted her. “Yea yeah, my salary.” Dean said. “No, she doesn’t care about money. All she wants, is you and Gemma.” Henrietta said. “And the baby on the way too.” Dean said. “Your having a child together? Congratulations!” Wait, I thought…” Henrietta said. “I know. That’s why I’m so confused.” Dean replied. “What should I do Henrietta? Should I leave April?” Dean asked. “No! No. I’ll speak to her. See what she says. Go out to the shops or something. I’ll be right over.” Henrietta said.

“Hey hunni!” April said.

April went in for a hug. “It’s okay hunni.” April said. Dean pulled away. “No, I’m just coming to say, I’m going out for a walk, I need to clear my head.” Dean said. “Oh, okay.” April said disappointedly.

“Oh, hey Henrietta, what’re you doing here?” April asked. “Oh, just popping in to see how you guys are doing. I see your back in maternity wear, are you and Dean not together anymore?” Henrietta said. “what? Why do people keep saying that?” April said. “April, Dean can’t have kids.” Henrietta said. “Oh. I see. But I swear I’m only with him Henrietta!” April said. “That must mean that, well you weren’t safe because he thought he couldn’t have kids, but now he can so now your pregnant?” Henrietta said. “Well, when will Dean be back?” she asked. “Well, he’s gone for a walk.” April said. “Okay. When he gets back we can straighten this out, make sure Gemma is in bed, we don’t want her hearing anything about Alan.” Henrietta said.

“Come on hunni, time for bed.” April said. “Oh, do I have to?” Gemma said. “Yes come on.” April said. “Mummy, are you and daddy not together anymore?” Gemma. “Me and daddy? Oh yes yes, of course we are, we just had a little falling out, now were better then ever, come on go get your pijamas on. I’ll be in to check on you in 5 minutes.” April said reassuringly.

“Dean, you say you can’t have kids right?” Henrietta said. “Well. I have a confession to make. I visited the hospital, they said, well, I can have kids again. They said it’s rare and they said embrace it, its a 1 in a million chance you get it back after surgery.” Dean said. “Surgery?” April said confused. “Well, I love kids, and when I found out I couldn’t have kids, I got surgery to make sure I could have them again. The doctors said the surgery didn’t work. So ever since then I thought I couldn’t have kids.” Dean said. “Until now.” Henrietta said. “So are you guys going to hug and make up or not?” she said laughing.

April ran over to Dean. Dean got up and they hugged amorously. “April, lets get married! Right here, right now!” Dean said. “Wha?” Henrietta said. “Okay!” April said.

“Your so crazy.” Henrietta said as they exchanged rings.

And soon enough it was time to go to the hospital!




6 responses

1 07 2010

Amazing!! Keep Up The Good Work x

3 07 2010

LOVE IT!!! Keep It Up!!!!

4 07 2010

Thanks for the comments guys! I appreciate the support! =D

24 10 2010

Baby on the way ! šŸ™‚ I like your writing style, its short and sweet. I wonder if the baby will be a boy or a girl !


25 10 2010

Yeah, I didn’t write so much in the beginning, I only wrote for 9 piccies this chapter :O In my latest chapters I have used about 21 piccies, still not much but I like it like that šŸ™‚

7 02 2011

Awww, I’m so happy he didn’t end up sterile. ā¤

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