1.7 The home wrecker

4 07 2010

After a long nine month pregnancy, April finally had her little baby girl; Sarah. She was artistic and virtuoso just like her mother!

April had been through so much, and she felt she needed a new image. She was finally married and happy. She needed a new look.

She decided to get back into her painting too. She also decided she wanted to paint pictures of the whole family, whether they were heir or not.

As much as she loved painting, she also loved her music. So she decided to throw herself into her career and start playing for tips at the park whenever she could.

Dean kept working hard and eventually got a promotion so he didn’t have to work nights anymore.

And of course little Gemma kept at her logic skill.

Soon enough little Gemma turned into teenage Gemma. Although, she wasn’t a normal teenager. She was also quiet, she got scared easily (neuritic), saved up all her money (frugal) but yet, was a a very intelligent young lady. She didn’t have many friends.

Until she found someone who liked her for who she was. He was a young (not so) handsome guy from some of her classes. His name was Carmen Vatos.They became good friends they always chatted about school and homework.

Eventually he pulled her in for a kiss. Gemma didn’t really like him as more than a friend, but adored the attention from a guy, so she went with it. They became more than friends after that.

Of course, soon enough Sarah became a little girl. But April was a bit worried that she cared too much about how she looked. She seemed to spend hours doing her hair and she was even wearing make up at such a young age.

One saturday afternoon Gemma was chatting to Carmen on the phone.

“Ugh, your not still going out with that Carmen guy are you?” Sarah asked. “Yeah! Why wouldn’t I?” asked Gemma. “Well, it’s not very good for you image, and it’s not doing wonders for my rep either.” Sarah said. “I don’t care what people think, I care about the important things like personality and brains. ya no?” Gemma said. “Yeah, coz that’s important. When I grow up and become a rock star, even the cutest guy would pay to kiss me. You see, I attract the guys, you repel the guys. Well, you attract the weirdos anyway.” Sarah said laughing. “Carmen is not a weirdo! He’s very intelligent and sweet, and he likes me for who I am, not for how I look.” Gemma said. “Whatever.” Sarah said walking away.

But Gemma did kind of agree with Sarah. Carmen was just the first guy to give her any romantic attention, she was never going to actually marry him or anything like that. She realised, why be with him? It’s not for popularity because he’s actually doing the opposite. So Gemma decided, she needed to dump Carmen.

So the following day she invited him round for lunch. After lunch she went over to him. It was time. “Hey Carmen, we need to talk.” Gemma said. “Erm, okay.” he said a bit confused. “Listen, you and me had something, but… I don’t think it’s working out Carmen. Do you think we could be just mates?” Gemma said.

“What? No. Your not breaking up with me! I’m the best thing that ever happened to you. Your just… just… funny in the head! Yeah, I’ve known that, but I went out with you for pitty. Your just as mental as your dad!” Carmen spat. “What? My dads not mental! He’s a docter for gods sake!” Gemma yelled back. “No I mean your real dad. Not your step dad, Dean. Jeez listen Gemma.” Carmen said disgustedly. “My real dad?” Gemma said confused. “Oh, you don’t know. Ask your lying mother then. Your whole family has major flaws that need working on. Seriously.” He said storming out the house.

Gemma was worried. Was Carmen telling the truth? There was only one person who could tell her, and she wasn’t sure whether she would tell her.




4 responses

5 07 2010

hey you are doing a great job. I have added you to my blog roll. x

26 10 2010

I loved the ending of this chapter. The suspense is really well written, yet it leaves a little mystery. Job well done!

I have a new chapter on my legacy, can u plz read and comment?


27 10 2010

Yeah, sure Xcin100x, I’ve been waiting for a new chapter for a little under 2 weeks now. Heading over there now! =D

7 02 2011

Uhoh…. this can’t be good!

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