1.8 Hurtful Days

10 07 2010

Authorial Interjection: Some of the images below depict graphic violence–if you have recently experienced a traumatic or violent event, you should consider reading this chapter at a later date, when it isn’t so fresh. I try to make it clear that this story deals with graphic images and situations more fitting for a mature audience, because the last thing I want to do is upset someone. Unfortunately, there’s only so much I can do, so please be aware that you are reading at your own risk. Thank you.

Last time Gemma became Carmen’s girlfriend. She soon realised it wasn’t meant to be and broke them up. Carmen decided to throw it in Gemma’s face and tell her about her REAL father. Gemma soon realised she needed to ask someone for the truth. Her mum.

“You wanted to tell me something hunni?” Dean said. “Yeah, come over here and I’ll show you babe.” April said.

April took Dean’s hand and put it on her stomach. Dean gasped with excitement. “It’s pretty weird I didn’t have any sickness this time though… So is it a boy or a girl?” April asked. “A little…. erm… I can’t tell. Well, it will have to be a surprise then won’t it. Dean said smiling. “I’ll go pick up some more baby stuff from the store. You tell the girls. Okay?” Dean said. “Okay!” April said.

“so…. what was SO important that you needed to interrupt my artwork for school mum?” Sarah asked. “Well. It’s about the family. There’s going to be a little more love in this family. I’m pregnant!” April said happily. “Alright! I’m no longer the youngest.” Sarah said. “Aren’t you a little old mum?” Gemma asked. “What for? Kids? No no.” April replied laughing. “No I mean for cheating on Dean.” Gemma said. “What? No I’m not. It is your fathers.” April said. “So who is he then? My father that is. Sarah’s is Dean. Who’s mine?” Gemma asked annoyingly. “Sarah, go to bed please. Me and you sister need to chat.” April said. “But mum! It’s only half 7!” she wined. “Sarah! Now.” April said. With that Sarah quickly ran out to her bedroom.
“When did you find out? An by whom?” April asked. “Carmen told me. This morning. We broke up and he yelled I was as crazy as my father. But not my Step father Dean. My real father. So who is it?” Gemma asked. “No. I’m not telling you. He’s bad news. He wanted you dead Gemma.” April said. “Maybe he won’t anymore! Mum, did you even think of him? Maybe he regrets it and wants me now!” Gemma screamed. “Gemma, I know your upset, but please calm down. Life isn’t a fairytale.” April said. “What? Am I going crazy. JUST LIKE MY DAD!” Well who cares. You can’t stop me seeing him. Dean can’t stop me seeing him. No one can!” she yelled in her mums face. She ran out the door. April expected her too go to her room. This was a trait. Carried down from Alan. She needed it to be treated. April walked out the door to go find Gemma.

But when she got to Gemma’s room she was worried. “Gemma? Gemma where are you hunni?” she asked worryingly.

April ran to the living room to find Dean. “Hey hunni what’s the matter?” Dean asked. “It’s Gemma. She ran away, she’s gone to find Alan. He tried to kill her when she was just a baby. When she gets onto his doorstep, he’ll kill her for sure!” April yelled. “Hunni! Hunni. She’ll be okay. Look after the baby to be at the moment. I’ll find Gemma. You stay with the baby and Sarah.” Dean said. “Okay. But Dean.” April said. “Yes?” Dean asked. “Be careful. The last thing I want is for you to be hurt.” April said. Dean nodded and left.

“Hello, Alan Spark?” Gemma asked. “Yes that’s me.” Alan replied. “You may not know who I am at the moment, but please, let me in and I can explain.” Gemma said smiling. “Of course. I never say no to a lady!” Alan said.

“Dad. It’s me. Your daughter. Gemma!” Gemma said. “My… daughter? Oh. Daughter of April.” He said scowling. “Hey? Do you want a surprise?” he asked. “Yeah! Your the best dad ever! She said. “Okay!” he said laughing. “Turn around and close your eyes. Relax and pay no attention to your surrounds.” Alan said. “ok.” she said turning around.

She closed her eyes. She tried blocking out the sound but she couldn’t help but hear a scratch of a box of matches. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. What was it? She turned around and opened her eyes. Suddenly she felt very warm.

“Ahh! Dad help. The fire! It’s coming towards me!” She screamed. “I’m sorry baby girl. You were never supposed to be born. I’m putting an end to it right now!” He said. Then he walked out the room. He couldn’t bear to kill someone.

“Dean! Thank goodness your here! Help me!” Gemma screamed. “Okay Gemma. I’m coming.” He said. He grabbed a fire hydrant off the wall and started spraying the fire.

Gemma started to realise. Even though Dean was not her real father. He loved her more than Alan. Dean was the best dad she ever had. How could she of wished for a different one?

Dean got rid of the flames and jumped over to Gemma. He pushed Gemma to safety, but the flames started burning faster, and Dean had no escape! “Dean! Here I’ll go get help!” Gemma said frantically. “No. It will be too late. Just go without me.” Dean said. “No! Your the best dad I could ever ask for! Your kind, sweet, and you never cared that I wasn’t your daughter. You loved me, just because you did!” Gemma. “I’m sorry Gemma. Just leave. I don’t want you to see me die. But always remember this. I loved you and your mother and your sister and the baby more than anything in this world.” He said. With that Gemma nodded and left.

“Oh thank goodness your alright Gemma! Where’s Dean? What’s happened?” April asked.

Gemma started crying. April realised where Dean was. And gave Gemma a reassuring hug. “Oh baby girl. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Don’t cry.” April said.




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13 07 2010
hello there!

nice chapter.

16 07 2010

Thanks for the good comments. At least my writing is somewhat all right. Hopefully I can improve so I can have more visitors. 🙂

29 10 2010

Another good chapter! Honestly you’re writing is improving, just imagine when this legacy is over, you’ll be ready to write a book!


7 02 2011

OHNO! That was crazy! Alan is a nutter!

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