1.9 Coping with loss

17 07 2010

Gemma loved Dean so much, she decided to dedicate part of the land to him. She put up a painting of him on a wall and put a fence around it. It was the Edon graveyard. Even though they didn’t have his body underground, it didn’t mean they couldn’t put up a painting to commemorate him. April visited it every morning. She put roses on it too. She loved him so much, and now, he was gone. He died a hero, and she liked it like that. She just wished she could of spent longer with him, and maybe he could of met their baby. Also, Gemma soon enough realised the family wasn’t going to be earning much anymore with Dean gone, so she decided she’d become a docter just like Dean when she got older.

Of course April was on maternity leave, but without Dean’s money from work, they were getting much less money and they needed more money for the baby, so April started painting again. She normally painted blue paintings or love paintings. To symbolise her love of Dean and her loss of Dean.

Of course Dean played a big role in the girls’ lives. Without him it was hard for them to concentrate, but they tried, he kept them going.

Gemma also made a new friend though, this helped her through. He listened when she was worried, and he was always there for her. They were good friends. His name was Jeremie Moss.

Then about a week before the baby was due she went into labour! She had no way to the hospital and Gemma was at Jeremie’s house.

So after an hour, finally the babies, yes babies were born! Twins! This is little Emma Edon, she is a little evil sometimes, and hates the outdoors.

This is little Madison Edon, she is disciplined and is a light sleeper.

On one of the days Gemma went to see Jeremie, he leaned in to kiss her. “Jeremie! What are you doing?” Gemma asked pushing him away. “I thought you wanted to be with me too?” he said. “No Jeremie. I’m not ready for a relationship at the moment, Dean just died! And anyway, my last relationship made that happen. He told me about my father, I went after him, I got trapped in a fire, Dean rescued me but then ended up dying! I’m not ready Jeremie.” Gemma said.

“I understand.” he said. “Thank you Jeremie. I hope we can still be friends though yeah?” she asked. “Yeah.” he said smiling.

Soon enough there was twice as much teenage tension because Sarah grew into a very beautiful teenager.

But April was totally unaware that her teenage daughter was becoming kind of a slut because she was mother two teens, two toddlers, and had to balance family with needs, skills and work!

“Hey mum, I was just thinking, I’m on honour roll at school, and I’m doing fine in all the other aspects of my life, but here you our slaving away at work and at home with the twins, I’d like to help you out, I was thinking of getting a job at the book store, what do you think?” Gemma asked. “Hmmm, I’m not sure you should Gemma, I’m fine here with the twins and work. Anyway, I’ve got some appointments for you to go to afterschool anyway.” April said passing over a leaflet. It said Feeling neuritic lately?.

“What? Why would I need these?” Gemma said. “I don’t freak out all the time!” She shouted “I’m fine!”. “Please hunni. Listen to yourself. I only ever want the best for you.” April said. “No, I’m just any other normal teenager! You hear me?” Gemma yelled throwing the leaflet to the ground. “Dean would want you to.” she said. “Oh go on then! Use the guilt trip off Dean. Thanks a lot for bringing that up!” She yelled storming out the room.

“What do you want!?!” Gemma said. “Hey sis, just chill, otherwise it could lead to like, grey hairs and wrinkles!” Sarah said worryingly. “Whatever.” Gemma said. “Gemma, if you want a job when your older, you can’t be yelling at the boss all the time. You’ll be fired! You know what you have to do to get rid of that.” Sarah said. “I’m perfectly fine! Why does everyone keep telling me to go to those stupid appointments!?!” Gemma yelled. “I never said you did.” Sarah said walking out the room.




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29 10 2010

I loved that first picture, and all the emotions at the funeral. Job well done! Can you comment on my recent chapters? Thanks, I’m already working on my next post! 🙂


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