1.10 Boys, Boys, Boys

24 07 2010

Last time the family were trying to deal with the loss of Dean. April had the babies at home (Madison and Emma) and tried to get Gemma to go to Neuritic appointments but she refused. Sarah grew into a teen and became flirty and a great kisser. She had not yet started with the guys yet though.

But that didn’t stay that way for long as she was already with an older popular guy. His name was Taurus. However, Sarah didn’t think he was all that good at kissing, and decided to try and spot what else she could find.

The girls were now children and could go to school. (Just before April’s maternity leave ended too!) This is Emma.

And this is Madison.

With Sarah and the twins growing up, the house had to be updated a lot.

Although the twins had a lot not in common. They both loved sports. Although, they worked out for different reasons. Emma liked it because it could really help her when she joined the criminal career (she is evil after all). And Madison did it for her material arts skill.

Every morning Madison worked out, and every night Emma worked out. They loved doing it but they couldn’t stand working out together, they’d end up in a fight as they both despised each other.

And of course within a day, Sarah was already with another guy. His name was Jeremiah Mejia. (Don’t worry, this isn’t Jeremie; Gemma’s friend =D ). She liked his kissing a lot more then Taurus’ but it still wasn’t the best.

So the next day, Sarah went and sat next to Gemma. “Hey sis!” Sarah said. “What do you want off me?” Gemma asked suspiciously. “Can’t I just be nice to my sister without wanting something?” Sarah asked. “No. Come on, what do you want?” Gemma asked. “Okay okay. I wanna go ‘accidently’ run into the popular guys from my math class at the gym, but mum won’t let me go without someone responsible.” Sarah said. “What? You mean the ‘special maths’ group? ha. I’m so good at math I’m in express math.” Gemma gloated. “Whatever. Anyway, please please please come. Anyway, you can tone that tummy of yours for a special Jeremie.” Sarah said smiling. “What? I don’t like Jeremie! Were just friends.” Gemma said.

“Yeah, ‘good’ friends. Everyone at school knows you guys have the hots for each other.” Sarah said. “Whatever.” Gemma said. “So, will you please please please please come with me!” Sarah said giving Gemma a puppy dog face. “Fine. But not for Jeremie, just because I want to get more sporty, If I want to be heir I have to look good for the guys.” Gemma said. “Right.” Sarah said sarcastically.

“Hey sis, I told you to were something sexy, not something that looks like it’s out of mum’s wardrobe.” Sarah said chuckling to herself. “It’s the only athletic gear I have. Plus, it’s comfy.” Gemma said. “Whatever, just stay away from me and the boys okay, I don’t want them knowing were sisters.” Sarah said. Sudenly Sarah’s face lit up. “Ooh! My friends are here! Cya loser!” Sarah said running away happily. As she moved Gemma noticed a man dancing behind her.

There was something about him that she recognised. What was it?

What was more she started seeing him everywhere she went. Who was he? He followed her to the park, the library, the gym.

One day at the art museum she’d had enough. Who was he? What did he want? Why didn’t he just come over and chat with her? She had to find out.

“Right mister! Who the hell are you? And why are you following me around everywhere I go….” she spat. “Gemma.” he said. “And that’s another thing how do you even know my name? Are you some kind of stalker….” She yelled. “Please Gemma, be quiet. I need to talk somewhere. And In private.” he said.

“Okay. Spill it.” Gemma said. “Gemma. It’s me. Dean. I need your help.” Dean said. “What? No. My dad died in a fire 6 years ago. It’s impossible.” Gemma said. “No, I escaped. I found a window partly opened and squished through it. I called the fire station to sort out the fire. But when they asked Alan how the fire started, he said I started it. He said I was trying to kill Alan but got myself stuck. The police are after me, I had to change all my clothes and my hair, I’ve been hiding out with an old friend. But all I need to be free is your testament to show that you were there and what really happened. Further investigations will undergo and they will find out the truth that I, did not start that fire. Until then, you cannot tell the family about this. If they don’t get enough evidence I’ll go to jail, and I’d prefer for the family to know me die as a hero, rather then a criminal.” he said. “wha… sorry. This is all too much. I gotta go.” Gemma said. “If you do believe me, go to the police station tomorrow, I will be near their waiting until 6pm. I hope you come.” he said.

“Jeremie, I need some advise.” Gemma said. “Of course, anything for you.” Jeremie said. “It’s Dean. Before, that weird stalker came up to me, he said he was Dean! He said my dad blamed the fire on him trying to kill my dad. So Dean’s being hunted down by the police. All he needs is my statement to let him go. But, I’m not sure it is Dean. Please help! My family arn’t to know and your the closest thing to my family.” Gemma said. “Gemma. If he wasn’t Dean, how could you make a statement to the police for him. Plus, his story is completely logical. Maybe you should go but then ask him questions only Dean will know.” Jeremie said.

“Thanks Jeremie. Your the best friend ever.” Gemma said. “Yeah, friend.” Jeremie said with a sad look on his face.




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6 11 2010

Aww, such an emotional ending! I feel so bad for Jeremie. He wants Gemma’s approval so bad, yet I don’t think she sees the way he feels for her. I wonder how things will turn out between the two.


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