1.11 Pulling back the pieces

31 07 2010

Last time, Sarah started dating the guys, and Gemma found out she had a stalker. He knew her name and he asked to speak in private. It ended up being Dean and Jeremie comforted her about him. She now has the decision to bail him out, or not trust him and leave him.

“Don’t be late after school tonight Gemma okay?” April said smiling. “Huh?” Gemma said. “Your big 18th? I was going to give you a party!” April said. “I always wanted one when I was younger, but my parents died and my sister looked after me.” “Erm, sorry mum, I don’t really want a party this year. I’d prefer to just hang with Jeremie after school.” Gemma said. “Are you sure? Not even your family?” April said. Gemma gave her an awkward look. “Okay okay, your right, 18 means your free of you family. You can stay at Jeremie’s house if you want to baby girl.” she said. “Thanks mum.” Gemma said smiling.

“Oh Gemma! I’m so glad you came.” Dean said. “Oh and happy birthday! Maybe we can go to the cinemas afterwards!” “Erm, I’m going over to Jeremie’s house.” Gemma said. “Jeremie?” Dean asked. “Oh, he’s my best mate.” Gemma said smiling. “Oh good. I don’t want any funny business.” Dean said. Gemma laughed, “But go home, and see mum. She’s missed you a lot recently.” Gemma said. “Of course.” Dean said. They walked into the police station.

“Hey Jeremie. This is my step dad, Dean. It’s really him!” Gemma said. “Oh Hey Mr. Edon. Gemma, I thought you were staying over here tonight.” he said. “Oh yeah I know, I’d just wanna give him a makeover before he goes home. To see mum.” Gemma said. “Oh, yeah ok sure. I’ll give you a special birthday one too!” He said smiling.

I give you; Dean! (Who was later given back his job at lvl 8).

And Gemma! She became a bookworm.

“Hey babe, it’s me!” Dean said smiling. “Oh my gosh! Dean! I’ve missed you so much!” April said excitedly.

“But… how?” April asked. “Oh baby, I’ll explain everything. We can go inside and I’ll tell you about it.”he said. “And see the kids again?” April asked. “Yeah, Sarah, Gemma and the other baby!” Dean said. “Erm, actually it’s Sarah, Gemma and two wonderful twin girls.” April said smiling.

After Dean explained what happened, they sat the twins down to tell them about their dad. “Madison, Emma, I’d like you to meet; your dad.” April said smiling. “Hello little angels, I’d love to get to know you.” Dean said. “Do you like art like mummy?” Madison said. “What about writing, I hear only wussys like writing.” Emma said. “Kids! Be polite!” April said. “It’s not like your married yet or anythin.” Emma said. “Actually, we are married. It’s a long story but we got told your daddy was dead when you two were in my tummy.” April said. “huh?” the girls said.

Of course sweet Madison was the first to run over to Dean and give him a big hug. But enough from this place in town, lets go to Gemma.

“hey.” Gemma said walking out to the balcony to Jeremie. “Hey.” he said. “It’s nice to watch the surroundings when you need to think aye?” Gemma said. “hmm.” He said turning around.

“woah….” he said. “I mean… woah… you look…..” Jeremie said. “Woah?” Gemma said laughing. Gemma looked at Jeremie gazing into his eyes. Who’d been there when she needed someone most? Who could she ask about her worries all those years. Maybe it wasn’t just a friendship. she thought.

Gemma knew what she wanted. But how could she do it. Neither of them had ever even kissed anyone before. So she took a chance. She leaned in, he hands flicked up and kissed him gently on the lips.

“What happened to ‘just friends’?” Jeremie said smiling. Gemma blushed.

Jeremie pulled Gemma in and they romantically made out.

That night the two were intimate for the first time ever with anyone! 🙂 At first Gemma was a bit worried about being naked, but soon realised Jeremie was “the one” and decided to do it.




2 responses

16 11 2010

Aww, that ending was so cute and romantic! I’m really happy that Gemma found ‘the one’

I have a new chapter on my legacy, mind to check it out?
Thanks, xcin100x

17 11 2010

Just read your new chapter, it was really good! I love the new house! (As I said on there). Do you mind me asking when the next chapter is released? =D

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