1.12 Moving in and growing up

7 08 2010

Gemma and Jeremie had been together almost 6 months now, they both loved each other and had known each other for about 8 years now. Jeremie was ready to take a chance so he asked. “Gemma, we’ve not been together as a couple for long, but we’ve known each other most of our lives. I’m ready for the next step. Let’s live together! Move in here with us!” he said. “Erm… I’d love to live with you, but maybe not here. Move in with me, there’s already 8 including you in this house, and in my house there are 6 in mine including me. Plus only the heir and the parents stay in the house, and mum said she’d buy the other children houses of their own.” Gemma said. “Of course baby! Anything for you!” he said smiling.

“hmmmm so your living with us now aye?” Sarah asked. “Yeah.” Jeremie said. “I knew you and my sister so fancied each other! Anyway, It’s bad enough with one social disaster in the house, we’re not going to have another! So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna give you like… a total maker!” Sarah said. “I’m not so sure that’s my kinda thing.” Jeremie said. “You look like a farmer for gods sake!” Sarah said. “I like gardening.” Jeremie said. “This is gonna be harder then it looks.” Sarah said.

First of all she set his casual clothes for everyday use.

Then formal.

Then woahza! Athletic.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! He’s got a six pack! He’s actually kinda cute without those dodgey clothes! I’ve seen him with Gemma, he’s a great kisser, and woah at that six pack. He’s an older man as well! He’s totally mine!

From then on she made sure he was topless all the time!

She kind of regretted not making the other outfits topless!

But whatever she did, she was going to make Jeremie hers, no matter what.

Jeremie and Gemma were the “inbetweenies”. They were too good for nerds, and too nerdy for populars, so they hung out together at a normal level. So they were never interested in night clubs, so they were already ready for full time jobs. Since Jeremie loves the outdoors, gardening and fixing things, he decided to go for a job at the local science department. Since Gemma was a total bookworm and logic master, she went for a job in medicine like her dad, but she wasn’t there to become like Dean, just so she could earn something. Her real dream was to become a chess legend and maybe even a stay at home mum!

Soon enough the twins were all grown up! (Well teenagers ;)) This is Emma. She is now a loner, athletic, evil and a genius.

And this is Madison. She is now disciplined, athletic, inappropriate and a light sleeper.

Gemma and Jeremie decided to chip in for the birthday present for the twins, since they were staying there for free without any rent, they each payed 1 quarter. Then April and Dean paid the other half.

Sarah was finally an adult now. She knew she never wanted any serious relationships so she decided she wanted to be a heartbreaker. But at the moment, there was only one guy she wanted, and she’d put her dreams on hold to get him into bed with her. She knew now she was finally an adult she could make it happen between them.




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21 11 2010

I love the humor you include into your writing, it’s very unique! I hope Sarah doesn’t get in too much trouble! I never thoguht she would become a heartbreaker though ..

New chapter on my legacy, can you comment on it?
xcin100 http://xcin100x.wordpress.com/

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