1.13 An heirship

14 08 2010

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. 🙂

Last time Jeremie moved in with the Edon’s. Sarah soon realised he was actually quite cute and wanted to sleep with him. There was 1 problem, he was with her older sister Gemma. So when Sarah turned to an adult, she decided to try on work on a plan to get him into bed.

She knew Jeremie was out at work all day, along with Gemma, so she decided to try out a few different techniques in town along the way.

Sarah was surprised it took so long to get him into bed, she expected it was because he didn’t want to open himself up to anyone too soon.

“Sorry Sol, I know we’ve had something special, but I’m not looking for any commitment, I’d like to just be friends please.” Sarah said. “What? But we just made love!” Solomen said. “I’m sorry babe.” she said.

Then she did the same with Alton Sims.

And then with his son; Siddihartha.

Then with Thornton Wolff.

And then their son Rodger. She was now ready, she was ready for the most important of them all; Jeremie.

“Kids, you know how important the legacy is too me, and you know why were all here. I’ve made my desision, and I will explain why I didn’t pick the others.” April said.

“Sarah hunni, I know how much I love you dedication towards music and artistic ways like myself, but I’m sorry, your not the heir.” April said giving her a big hug.

“Emma my baby, I love you more than anything in the world, but I know you want to aim towards your superstar athlete career more than the legacy. I’m sorry, your not heir.” April said.

“Gemma, your just like Dean with your logical ways, you can sort things out in a matter of minutes that would take me a millon years to figure out! Your the only one who knew how to figure out our first home computer when it wasn’t working, and your money saving skills are amazing, but you get a little worried sometimes, and I can’t have an heir getting scared about what is to come. She has to be brave! Although, I do know you and Jeremie will be happy together and you know… I don’t mind if you want to have kids.” April said. Sarah scowled at Gemma. “Mum!” Gemma said. April laughed “I love you hunni. I love all of you and you can stay here as long as you want.” April said.

“Emma, I know you’re not going to let me down. I know you have enough confidence to keep up a strong household, I know you will pick up a nice strong handsome man to help you. I know this is your only dream to full fill. Well done darling.” April said. Little did she know, Emma did have another dream that she had not told her mother. To become the ultimate Emperor of evil in the small town of Sunset Valley.

“So hunni, how did it go?” Jeremie asked. “It’s not me babe, but we can stay here as long as we want and mum will help chip in for our house.” Gemma said. “Oh good. We shall stay until we can at least afford half.” Jeremie said leaning in to kiss her.

Once the twins had gone to school and Jeremie, Gemma and Dean had gone off to work their was just April and Sarah home. “Hunni, are you okay with not being heir? I know you could of been great but I know you’d prefer doing something else in life rather then being pulled down by responsibiltys.” April said. “Yeah, thanks mum. Inside I knew it would of never worked.” Sarah said. “Talking of work hunni, when you sister turns into an adult she will be having kids and there’s not going to be a whole lot of space. You’ll eventually have to get a job and well, it’s best to get on your feet now rather then later, maybe you’d like to become a hit movie composer or something?” April asked. “Oh mum. I’m not ready for that yet, I know Gemma never went out clubbing anywhere, but it doesn’t mean I can’t. She wasn’t exactly popular. But I promise, when Emma becomes an adult, I’ll go down to the theatre and get a job on my way to being a rock star.” Sarah said. Neither of them were really happy and telling the full truth. Sarah did want to become a rock star, but that wasn’t why she wasn’t already on her way to the theatre, it was because she wanted Jeremie before work and April wasn’t happy because she didn’t want her daughter going after an unstable dream like a rock star.

April soon enough painted a picture of Emma (wearing her favourite colour red ;)) marrying a handsome prince. She had a dream, and she didn’t want her own flesh and blood ruining it so early. She tried to make as many hints as possible around the house.




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29 11 2010

Oh Sarah! I can’t believe she mad love to all those different men! If she truly loved Jeremie, she should have went for him. I hope things work out between them, yet it’s going to be so heart breaking for Gemma.

xcin100x New chapter on my blog! http://xcin100x.wordpress.com/

30 11 2010

Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate it 🙂 I’m going to check out the website now 🙂

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