2.1 Old Secrets

21 08 2010

Last time we found out Emma was going to be heir and that Sarah was dating numerous guys, she was planning on having Jeremie next. He was the one she wanted.

Jeremie invited Gemma out to the cafe for a romantic meal out one night. But she didn’t expect to be proposed to! “Gemma will you marry me?” he said.

She of course said yes. Everything was great for Gemma at the moment. Well at least she thought it was.

“Gemma, I have a confession. My family have this tradition, as soon as the couple get engaged, they get marred. Is that okay with you?” Jeremie said. “of course. Anything for you! Besides, you did my family tradition, it’s only fair I do yours.” Gemma said smiling.

So then and there they got married.

“Guess what mum? Me and Jeremie are married!” Gemma said excitedly. “Oh.. that’s great! Marriage, check, grand kids next!” April said. “Mum!” Gemma said. I need this done now, once they have kids it’ll be all over and I’ll never have Jeremie. Sarah thought.

The following day, the family went out to the park, but Jeremie stayed home to do some work and Sarah said she was going out job hunting (but really she was staying home to woo Jeremie).

Jeremie was going to his room to work from home sitting on his bed but he was surprised to find Sarah in his room. “Woah, sorry Sarah. I didn’t know you were in here. Why are you in my bedroom?” he asked.

She walked over to him. “Listen, I like you, and you like me. So let’s do this.” she said. “What? No I love Gemma! Anyway your met to be job hunting!” Jeremie said. “I made it up. Like you made your up to be with me.” she said putting her hands on his head. “What? No I didn’t!” he said angrily. “Calm down, just see how it is, and you won’t be able to resist.” she said sexily.

She leaned in and put her arms around him. He tried to resist but she came onto him. He stopped and kissed her back, then kissed her back hard. He’d never been with anyone apart from Gemma, and Gemma wasn’t the best kisser. Sarah made him feel like walking on air.

Soon enough his clothes were off and they were in bed. This went on for about two months until something bad happened to them.

“Hunni! Today I checked the bank and we can afford a house on the side of town! Isn’t this great we can move as soon as were packed!” Gemma said. “Great!” he said happily, even though inside he was worried.

“Mum! How good is this? Me and Jeremie are moving out!” Gemma said excitedly. April started crying. “What? Oh mum, we don’t need to move if you don’t want us too.” Gemma said. “Oh no baby, it’s not that, It’s just that, your all growing up so fast, I mean Madison and Emma are becoming adults next month!” April said. “Aww mum, Emma’s gonna be here all the time and the rest of us are only gonna be a drive away! Were all gonna stay in Sunset Valley!” Gemma said hugging her mum. “I love you hunni, goodbye!” April said.

This was just a delay though for the secret couple. They still met up but in secret when Gemma was at work.

“Sarah. This isn’t fair on Gemma.” Jeremie said. “What? You must be low on lovin’ today Jerry, let me sort that out for you.” Sarah said coming in to kiss Jeremie but he just pulled away. “What brought this on Jerry?” Sarah asked. “It’s Gemma… She’s pregnant.” he said. “What? This is not good. Not good at all. I knew it. I was too late.” Sarah said. “Listen babe, I’ve loved it with you, and I still love it, but it’s got to stop. Your way too young for me anyway. I’m with Gemma. Not you. It was never going to work. Sorry.” he said putting his clothes on leaving.

Sarah finally knew how it felt what she did with those other guys.

“Guess what hunni? Your sister Gemma is pregnant with her first! How good is that? My first Grandchild!” April said. “Oh. Good for her.” Sarah said. “You don’t seem surprised? You already knew didn’t you?” April said. “Well…” Sarah said. “I knew you and your sister were closer then you made out!” April said smiling. “What do you mean by that?” Sarah said quickly. “Oh don’t worry I know your secret.” April said smiling. “What do you mean by that?” Sarah said quickly. “Oh you know, you and Gemma both….” April said. “Yeah?” Sarah said. “like…” Gemma said. “Yes?” Sarah said. “each other more then you make out.” April said. “Oh… erm yeah. That’s right. You got us!” Sarah said blushing. Few that was close. I thought she knew then. Sarah thought.

But for Sarah things turned from bad to worse as she was throwing up in the toilet. She searched it up online and realised it might be pregnancy. She took the test and it was positive, she knew who’s it was as she’d not been with anyone for months. She had to make sure it would seem as if it was someone elses, so she needed to find someone to sleep with.

Soon enough she found someone with quite a bit of money in his pocket and got him into bed. His name was Adrian Billingsly. He was quite gullible and would easily be able to pay child support.

Meanwhile the twins became adults. They decided not to have a party because they wanted to spend their last moments as teenagers in their (outdoor) home gym. This is Madison who became easily impressed.

And this is the heir; Emma who became family-orientated.

“Hey mum.” Emma said. “Oh hey birthday girl. What did you want?” April said. “Well, I love the house an all, but I really think it could do with a more… modern look. I was thinking of stripping it down and starting all over again. Is that okay?” Emma. “Erm… Well I did give you full heirship. Which means you don’t need to ask.” April said. “I know. I just wanted to.” Emma said smiling. “Well, with a heart as big as yours hunni, your welcome to. Just make sure not to get rid of the paintings around the house.” April said. “Got it!” Emma said.

After the builders had been in, the new modern house was finally ready. Emma loved it!

But she loved the interior even more! She didn’t have much left in her pocket afterwards though, but at least she had a cosy pace for herself and her future family to relax.

“Sarah! We said we wern’t going to do this anymore!” Jeremie said angrily. “I know but let me explain.” Sarah said. “No, I’m not doing it again! It’s not fair on Gemma!” Jeremie said. Sarah shook Jeremie. “Jeremie! Listen! I have to tell you something. I’m pregnant.” Sarah said. “Wha… but… woah…” Jeremie stumbled down the yard towards the bench.

“Oh no.. This is not good. How are we going to explain to Gemma? How are we going to explain to your mum, or Dean. What about my parents? This is really bad.” Jeremie said. “No, it’s okay. I have a plan. When I realised I was pregnant I slept with another guy, he was gullible and he’ll have no problem with the money for the baby. Were going to say it’s his. It’s going to be okay.” Sarah said. “Why did you tell me then? I have enough troubles with Gemma’s hormones and the new baby stuff.” Jeremie asked. “Because your the dad and you deserve to know you have another son or daughter.” Sarah said. “Well, I guess that’s an alright point. At least your sister just refurbished this new house, your mum will insist you stay until the baby is a child.” Jeremie said. “Yeah, I’m just lucky I guess. Anyway, you better go before anyone sees us talking.” Sarah said. “Yeah, cya.” he said walking to his car.




2 responses

30 11 2010

That was very smart on Sarah’s part. Nice plane you thought of there! Wonder if it will work ..

xcin100x http://xcin100x.wordpress.com/

5 12 2010

Sarah is a sneaky little cow, seducing her sister’s husband! And Jeremie isn’t much better, letting her seduce him and sleeping with her for so often and for so long!

Brilliant storyline though!

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