2.2 Daddy and Me!

28 08 2010

“Mum, I need to tell you something.” Sarah said. “What is it? What’s happened hunni?” April said. “The thing is… I’m pregnant.” Sarah said. “Oh congratulations. But… erm.. oh… the dad? Does he no?” April asked. “Y…. no. Not yet. I thought you should know first.” Sarah said. “Well invite him over. We can tell together.” April said. “Together?” Sarah said. “Good point, I’ll go outside and read.” April said.

“Adrian, I’m glad you could come in such short notice.” Sarah said. “Oh it’s fine. Anything for my Sarah!” Adrian said. “Adrian, I’m pregnant.” Sarah said. “Pregnant? So I’m gonna be a… a… dad? That’s fantastic news Sarah!” Adrian said. “But Adrian, I don’t wanna be one of those couples who just get married because their having a baby, so I don’t think we should get married just yet.” Sarah said lying. “Oh, well that’s okay. If that’s what you want. That is what you want isn’t it?” Adrian asked. “Yeah.” Sarah said. “Okay then. Erm, I’ve got a tight schedule Sarah and I’m going to be late, I’ll come back over as soon as I can yeah?” Adrian asked. “Okay.” Sarah said. She felt bad for lying and ruining someone else’s life. But she had too.

“Hey sis, can I ask you a really important question?” Emma asked. “hmmm depends what it is.” Sarah said. “You know like everyone in town, and I know you know a lot of guys. I really need one at the moment, Mum says I need to find a spouse to be heir and really, I don’t have full control until I have a child.” Emma said. “No. I’m not setting you up with someone.” Sarah said. “What? Why?” Emma asked. “I know you know I know a lot of people in this town, but I’m having a little boy trouble myself at the moment sis. Besides, with… recent events, my reps plummeted to an all time low anyway.” Sarah said. “Well, I will guarentee a place in this house until whenever you want if you help me find a guy. Is that a deal?” Emma asked. “Hmmm, so I choose when to go, instead of you or mum. That’s a deal.” Sarah said shaking Emma’s hand.

And of course Madison was the next to spread her wings and fly. And she flew a lot! She visited China a lot for competitions and bought an apartment up there. She thought about moving there but couldn’t bare moving away from the family.

“Listen hunni, I was thinking. Maybe you should reconsider marriage for the good of the baby.” Adrian said. “I told you Adrian, no.” Sarah said. “Oh please Sarah! Maybe at least engagement?” Adrian asked. “NO!” Sarah said yelling.

“At least live together Sarah. That’s the least you can give me.” Adrian said. “NO! I said no! I don’t owe you anything! I will never live with you, get engaged with you and I will definetly never marry you!” Sarah spat. “Woah. Sarah babe, I’m sorry. But why!?!” Adrian asked. “Becuase!” Sarah spat.

“Oh Adrian. I’m so sorry.” Sarah said. “It’s okay, I understand, hormones and everything.” Adrian said. “No, not just about this. About everything. This whole thing is a lie. The baby isn’t yours.” Sarah said. “Wha? But… You said… I feel like such an idiot. How long have you known?” Adrian asked. “Well, to be honest, I’ve known the whole time.” Sarah said. “What? The whole time? You took advantage of me Sarah! That’s not cool! Why?” Adrian spat. “Because, he was married, and I did something bad. We’re not together anymore.” Sarah said.

“Sarah Isabella Edon! You were with a married man. That’s disgraceful. I demand to see this man and give him a piece of mind!” April said. “You might not want too when you see him.” Sarah said. “Oh I will! Invite him over this instance!” April said. Sarah nodded and April apologised to Adrian and he said he had to go. Then Sarah called up the father. “Oh, mum, he’s at work, he’ll be back at about 3pm, is that ok?” Sarah said. “No! I have work at 3pm. They need me otherwise they’ll be no show tonight. I suppose you shall invite him over as soon as you can.” April said agrily. “But I’my due any day now. I might have the baby before you can meet him.” Sarah said. “Oh who cares. That’ll be better for the baby. Less stress is better for the baby. Besides, this just gives me another reason to hate the father.” she said scowling.

Then, at 4pm that night, when everyone was at work, Sarah went into labour. She couldn’t of thought of a worse time to have the baby.

Luckily Dean wasn’t working overtime that night and arriving home he heard the screaming.

Although, he wasn’t all that much of a help. “What do I do? What do I do?” Dean screamed. “Take me to the hospital!” Sarah screamed.

I’d like you to meet baby Daniel who was friendly but preferred to be alone.

“Are you okay with staying this late Jeremie?” Sarah asked. “Yes. Whatever it takes to lie back to April before Gemma finds out.” Jeremie said. “No. No more lying Jeremie. It’s too much. I can’t lie to my family! It’s not fair on them. Or Daniel.” Sarah said. “Of course it is! Gemma will never forgive us. Do you want that? Really do you!” he said shouting in her face. “No. But I want Daniel to know his father. And more importantly I want his father to see Daniel.” Sarah said passing Daniel over to him. “He is no son of mine.” Jeremie said pushing him away.

“Hey Jeremie, why are you here so late?” April said walking through the front door. “I’m sorry mum.” Sarah said. “What? No. No. That’s not right.” April said running into the toilets to throw up.

“I’m sorry mum.” Sarah said. “No Sarah. You can’t apologise for sleeping with your own sisters husband!” April yelled. “No mum, it wasn’t like that. He made me feel so good, and I made him feel so good too. It was like we were walking on air when we were together.” Sarah said. “No Sarah, you can’t do that. Marrige is more than a few legal documents. It means your in love, and that you want someone to be with you for the rest of your life!” April said. “I’m sorry…” Sarah said. “No, if you were sorry you wouldn’t of done it in the first place… So, how long have you been together, and are you still?” April asked. “No, we broke up when Gemma fell pregnant. Then about a week later I found out I was too.” Sarah said. “You know what? This is so wrong! Think of Daniel, and your new neice Jade! Their half siblings and cousins! It’s not right!” April yelled. “Oh I’ll kill that Jeremie! That two timing, no protection wearing bastard!” she yelled storming out the bathroom.

“You two timing, sleeping non protected low life. You’d better leave my house this instance and don’t worry Gemma, will, know about this. I hope I’ve taught her well enough to do the same thing to you!” April yelled. She pushed him out the door and rang Gemma.

“Mum I…” Sarah said. “No Sarah. This is not the way I brought you up. Just leave me in peace, I need to sleep on it.” April said.

But if Sarah thought she had it bad, she should of seen Jeremie and Gemma. After a firm slap on the face Gemma said “Get out you two timer! Jade doesn’t deserve you! Don’t you think I’ve noticed that you don’t love her? Send over your new address so I can send you the divorce papers! The locks are already changed! Here are your bags!” Gemma spat throwing his suitcase on the floor. “Good riddens!” she said swiftly brushing her hand against the other. “Gemma, you’ve made a big mistake! Trust me, I’ll be back!” he yelled. “I hope so, then my new husband can drive a dagger through your chest just like you did to me!” Gemma yelled.

Soon enough Daniel was a toddler and Sarah had finally gone back to work. She knew it was time.

“Madison, me and Daniel are moving out.” Sarah said. “What about are deal?” Madison said. “Sorry, it’s off. Mum is the most disappointed then ever of me, Gemma is the most angry she’s ever been at me. And well, me and Daniel, were just trouble. Were best moving.” Sarah said. “Sarah, mum may not be proud of you, Gemma may be angry with you, but there’s always a place in my heart, for my big sis.” Madison said. “Thank you.” Sarah said with a tear in her eye.




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11 12 2010

Ok, so I don’t know if it’s my computer freaking out, or do I see snow on falling on the top of your page? If yes, well then that’s really cool! How’d you do that?


11 12 2010

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/let-it-snow/ — WordPress have realeased it from now till January 4th as a christmas special… On that link it’ll give you help to show you how to get it on your blog too! 🙂 Happy Simming!

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