2.3 The Fiance

11 09 2010

Since Madison’s and Sarah’s deal was cancelled, Madison was off to find a man. She wanted a spouse for an heir so she’d choose anyone, but at the same time, she wants a handsome, young strong man too.

After about 20 minutes of mingling with the public, she got bored and spotted a nice chess table away from everyone. After all, she was a genius, she loved to play chess.

Emma soon enough found herself working at the “old abandoned warehouse” which was actually the top-secret, evil corporation of town. She wanted to become the Emporer of Evil someday, but that wasn’t going to happen to a nobody, she had to build up her trust.

Oddly enough this man was the first to welcome her to the organisation. He was doing his afternoon jog and noticing his bulging biceps, Emma couldn’t help but nearly drule over him.

“Hey, like what you see aye?” he said. “I’m here to work not watch the competition working out. The names Edon, Emma Edon.” Emma said. He put out his hand to shake hands but pulled it back realising she did not want to. “The names Tommy Prince.” he said. “I hope we are to work very closely indeed.” he said looking at her up and down giving her a wink. “I intent to keep this profession thank you very much. So you can stop your winking and flattery, it won’t work on me.” she said. “Yo chill, it was only a joke!” Tommy said. “We better get to the office, we start work in 5.” Emma said.

The following week after work Tommy was talking to Emma. “Emma , I like you and you like me. So what do ya say about tomorrow night, you and me?” Tommy said. “No! I don’t like you Tommy. I know your type. My half-sister married one, then he cheated on her with my sister.” Madison said. “What type?” Tommy said. “You’re sweet and kind at first, then you stab your them in the back the second they’re not looking.” Emma said. “You think I’m sweet and kind? You know, there is another type, sweet and kind. All the time.” Tommy said.

He leaned in, and they kissed.

“No! Your not. There is no type like that! I know it. I feel it. I gotta go. Sorry Tommy.” Emma said.

The following morning Emma was surprised to find a man in her front room. “Emma hunni, this is Taurus Mejia, he’s your dad’s colleague’s son.” April said excitedly.”Emma, this is Taurus, Taurus this is Emma.” April said. “Hey.” Emma said. “Hi” Taurus said.

“Well I best make a move, I’m helping set up at the theatre today. Bye, I’ll be back in about an hour!” April said.

So off April went, to help set up the theatre.

And when she arrived home, she was greeted with a great shock. “Oh, sorry I didn’t expect…” April said.

“Mum!” Emma shouted pulling away from Taurus.

“No, it’s okay. It’s just I didn’t expect you to be together so soon.” April said. “Er should I go?” Taurus said. “No no no, your fine really.” April said. “Well, I need to get to work in about half an hour anyway. Cya later Emsy.” Taurus said. “Bye Tauro.” Emma said running over and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“So, you and Taurus aye?” April said. “Yup.” Emma said. “Your pretty serious quite fast don’t you think?” April asked. “Mum, me and Taurus, we just seem to… ya know, click!” Emma said. “Emma, I’d like to give you something. You know, to apologise for coming in like that. Plus, I want to reward you, the legacy is a big thing and it sometimes can be a handful.” April said. “Oh mum, you don’t have to.” Emma said. “no no no. I insist.” April said. “Well, in my bedroom in the top draw on the right, I have a sketch of a party area I’ve designed, If you want, you can get that built and when I hold birthdays or whatever, I can host them there.” Emma said. “Of course. Thats a great idea!” April said smiling walking to Emma’s room. When she came back in, she said; “I’d like to give something to Taurus too. So, you two can go out to the Bistro too, on me of course.” April said. “Mum, you don’t have to do that.” Emma said. “Oh of course I do. Now, go pick out a dress at the store while I sort out this back garden party area.” April said.

April picked up the picture. She was amazed at how modern it looked!

So she went and made it exactly the same.

“That meal was lovely Emma. We have to do this more often. Say thanks to your mum!” he said. “Well, you can if you want. I’d like you to move in with me Taurus! Will you?” Emma asked. “Of course I will Emma! Thank you! When should I move in by?” he said. “Oh, well, pack while I’m at work, then tomorrow morning, you can come and live with us!” Emma said. “Oh this is going to be great!” he said smiling.

The following day at 6:50am, Emma awoke to hearing a bell. She put on her dressing gown and walked to door to find Taurus at the door. “Oh Tauro, why are you here so early?” Emma said laughing. She then leaned in and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

“Well, I was gonna wait until about 9 o’clock but I was so excited that I came early!” he said. “Excited? About moving in? It’s not that big.” Emma said laughing. “No, about this.” Taurus said rooting in his pocket.

“Emma Edon, we clicked from the moment we met, we became boyfriend and girlfriend in an hour, and lived together within a month. So, withing about a minute of living together, I’d like us to begin our engagement, will you marry me Emma?” Taurus said. “Yes yes yes! Of course I will!” Emma said giving him a big hug. “But, I want to give you something before we wed.” Emma said. “What?” Taurus said. “Come to the bedroom and I’ll show you.” Emma said smiling. “Oh.” Taurus said smiling sexily.

So they went to bed that morning, to express their feelings about their soon to come marriage.




2 responses

12 09 2010

Hey! I really like your legacy blog and your writing style is unique!

Great chapter, I really like the fact that Emma is struggling to find a mate. But Taurus is a great guy. I’m so happy that Emma is finally engaged. Can’t wait to see the wedding and the future babies! 😀


14 09 2010

Glad your enjoying the legacy. I’ve added you to my blogroll. 🙂 But it wouldn’t be interesting, if Emma had a happily ever after so make sure you come back to see what happens! >:)

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