2.4 Tommy

12 09 2010

Last time Emma got a job at the old abandoned warehouse. She met her partner Tommy Prince and instantly disliked him. He tried to kiss her a lot and she always refused. Her mother then set her up with Dean’s friend’s son Taurus and they instantly clicked. Soon enough he moved in and proposed. They then spent their first morning in bed together.

“I see Taurus has already moved in.” April said. “About that. Well, me and Taurus are engadged!” Emma said. “Oh that’s so wonderful! Please, let me organise the wedding. I was kind of down in the dumps when Gemma arrived home to tell me she’d got engadged and had a private wedding without me.” April said. “Oh of course mum. You’ve always been there for me. It’s the least you deserve.” Emma said smiling.

So three months later, the couple had their wedding at St. Rebekah’s Church which was convieniently right across the street from where they lived!

All their family and friends gathered round to see the couple marry.

It was romantic and Emma felt like she was walking on air. Today was the day. It was happening! She was finally marrying the man of her dreams!

The party was verging on epic! Everyone had a fantastic time.

Not many stayed late, but the ones who did had a great time dancing to the music which was changed throughout the night.

All the guests chipped in for a brand new car and two areas for the car and another to go It was Dean’s idea.

But their favourite present was from each other.

Of course soon enough, Emma was throwing up in the toilet. She guessed it was pregnancy, so she took the test. Guess what? It was positive. And she was so happy. She knew Taurus would be too she was so excited she had to go tell him straight away!

He was very excited.

He was so excited about the new baby. He tried fixing every household object that was broken. Even the TV! Bearing in mind he’d never been to handy around the house before.

Unluckily he was electracuted by the TV.

When Emma arrived home from the store she was shocked and horrified to find her new husband and father of her baby was dead!

Emma could hardly bear the thought. The man she really loved. Gone forever!

When Dean arrived home she told him what happened. He tried to do all he could. “It’s okay baby, it’s okay. He’s in a better place now. He’s watching over us. And the baby.” Dean said. But this just made her cry more. She was widowed.

April painted a small mureul of Taurus and Emma hosted a small funerual invited only family. Emma was sad he was gone, but glad she could say a peaceful goodbye.

Emma took a moment after to funurel to say some last words. “Goodbye, I will always remember you.” Emma said starting to cry. She felt a firm hand grip on her shoulder.

It was Tommy. He was there for her. She dropped herself into his arms and cried into his shoulder. For some reason she started to feel like it was okay.

“Emma, he loved you all he could. You loved him all you could. It’s time to let him go. He’s in a better place, and he’ll smile down on you. He may not be here, but he’s always in here.” Tommy said pointing to Emma’s heart. “Well, I’ll walk you home.” Tommy said.

Days were going by and Emma was getting bigger by the minute. She joked with her mum that it was going to be twins. She seemed to spend all her time searching the galaxy, she named many, eg Taurus Mejia, The Edon legacy, Tommy Prince, Emma Edon, April Edon, Dean Edon and many many more.

One night she was searching the galaxy to find something more than a star. She felt a trickle start running down her leg. She got a horrible pain in her stomach, then it went. She thought it was gone, until it came back again. She realised, she was having her baby!

Tommy came over that night to see how Emma was coping. Only to find she was having her baby. “Oh god, oh god. What do I do Emma?” Tommy asked. “Take me to the hospital Tommy!” Emma screamed.

Emma and Tommy spent 1 hour in the hospital.

I’d like you to meet the newest Edon; Olivia. She was very brave, but sadly, was a very light sleeper, and had trouble sleeping.

“So, Tommy, Olivia is in bed and I’d just like to thank you for… well everything. Ever since… the insident, you’ve been here for me.” Emma said. “Only by chance.” Tommy said. “Still. I just wanna say thanks.” Emma said. “Anytime.” Tommy said smiling.

Emma put her arms around him and gave him a big hug. Tommy couldn’t help but feel it was a bit amorous.




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