2.5 The Spouse

18 09 2010

Last time Emma and Taurus got married. Emma fell pregnant and told Taurus. He was estatic! Emma nipped out to the store to get some baby things to arrive home to find Taurus dead from electricution from the T.V. Emma held a funural and Tommy comfortated her. Emma’s waters broke and Tommy was coming by to see how she was only to find her screaming in the front yard. He drove her to the hospital and she had little baby Olivia. Emma was thanking Tommy and Emma hugged Tommy. Maybe a bit amorously.

As Emma and Tommy pulled back from the hug their eyes met. They gazed at each other for a while. “Tommy, your so sweet and kind. But I loved Taurus, it’s not fair on him.” Emma said. “Emma, it’s ok. If he truly loved you, he would of wanted you to be happy.” Tommy said.

They both leaned in, and made out. It was a magical moment, as they both realised “the one” was each other.

They were madly in love. While Emma was still on her maternity leave, Tommy called in sick so they could be together. In fact Tommy stayed over at the Edon’s for three days straight!

But Tommy ended up staying there all the time after Emma begged him to live with her. She couldn’t stand breathing a second without him. They were made for each other! Emma made sure to make the perfect pancakes for him every morning. She wanted him to stay strong throughout the day.

Soon enough they organised a holiday to France just for the two of them. April and Dean stayed home to look after Olivia.

The view was amazing!

The went to the shops, and the musuem first. They thought it was amazing!

They even went to the nectory! The wine was very expensive though.

Emma had a good go at nector making too! She really enjoyed it.

So Tommy went ahead and bought her a home nector making kit!

They ate at the Catania Cafe every night!

On the final day, Emma made Tommy climb to the highest point of France. He took hold of her hands at the top. “Come on Emma, why did you make us come all the way up here. I know there is a reason.” Tommy said accusingly. “Ok ok.” Emma said.

“Tommy Prince, will you marry me?” Emma asked.

“Yes! Of course I will!” Tommy said.

“Do you know what would make this more romantic?” Emma asked. “What?” Tommy said. “If we get married now! I couldn’t stand the heartbreak of having another wedding in one year.” Emma said. “Of course!” he said.

So then and there, they got married.

When they arrived home April was very happy. “So, you’re not to mad about me having a private wedding?” Emma asked. “No no no, I’ve already organised one of you weddings! Just one question, he likes kids doesn’t he?” April said. “Would he have joined the family with me and Olivia if he didn’t?” Emma said. “Good good good.” April said.

This is the new 3 floors underground, basement Tommy got installed for Emma’s new hobby of Necter making.




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