2.6 It was Nearly Normal

19 09 2010

Warning, this chapter has certain amounts of violence, if you recently experienced any traumatic happenings please read this at a later date when it’s not so fresh. Thank you, now on with the chapter! xD

Soon enough they were expecting their first, Emma’s second. They both hoped it was going to be a boy but overall they just wanted it to be healthy.

Being a father was a big differance for Tommy, so he decided to get practising by reading to Emma every night before work. Although, I’m not sure why he decided to wear the mask for reading to his step daughter. =D

Soon enough it was Olivia’s birthday so Emma organised a party for her with a little cake. After all, she didn’t want her to turn into a loner like she did.

Emma suddenly felt a pain in her stomach though. She didn’t want to steal Olivia’s thunder so she hurried inside so no one could see her.

Olivia really loved the joy and excitement of the party. She knew from then she was very…. excitable.

Where as the new born son Ethan, was born away from everyone with just his mother in the bedroom, he became a loner, one of his mothers fellow traits. He also became excitable though, just like his sister!

On the other hand their was his twin brother Jackson, who was good. But insane, it wasn’t his fault, it’s just, he took the situation a different way then Ethan.

Considering how alike they looked, they were very differant in personality. The weird thing is though, Emma and Tommy both have green eyes and black hair, so the hair could of been from either one of them, but the eyes look just like April’s do. So that must be from Emma’s side of the family (skipping a generation).

Then about a week later, there was a knock upon their door. Although, it wasn’t good news.

“Hello, can I help you?” Tommy asked. “Erm, well that depends, did you marry Miss Edon?” Jeremie asked. “Why yes, I did, do want me to get her for you?” Tommy said.

With that Jeremie grabbed a dagger from his pocket and stabbed him in the stomach. Emma heard his cry and ran outside. “Tommy!” she yelled.

“My husband, you killed my husband! How could you?” she screamed. “Your husband? That’s supposed to be Gemma’s husband.” he yelled. “No, she never came back to live here.” she said swiveling to Tommy. “Tommy!” she said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

The rest of the family ran out hearing Emma and Tommy scream and guessed what’d happened with Tommy lying on the floor and Jeremie stood in front of them with a knife. “You idiot! That was the father of three of my grandchildren. If you want to know where Gemma is then she’s not remarried and you’ll never see her again because right now Dean is calling the police, and you’ll never see daylight again.” April yelled. “Wha? no. no. This wasn’t supposed to happen.” he said.

“To late.” Dean said. “Go. Run.” He said smirking.

In this distance they saw Jeremie being chased and eventually being caught and put in a police van.

“Mum…” Emma said with a muffled voice with tears running down her cheeks. “It’s my fault, all the men I marry are jinxed because of me.” Emma got out. “No baby no, it’s not your fault. It’s never your fault. Anyone could of been electrocuted.” April said. “But only Taurus did.” Emma said. “Jeremie could of done what he just did to any of us.” April said.

“That’s not the point though mum. It was him. And it’s always one of my husbands.” Emma said walking inside.

April went to follow her but Dean put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. “Let her calm down.” Dean said.

“Is he gone mum?” Olivia asked. “Yes.” Emma said. “I know how much he meant to you mum. And well, he was the best father to me than anyone in the world even if he was just my step dad. Mum, he may of had a shortened lifetime, but the time he was with us, he loved and lived every minute to the full.” Olivia said.

“Oh hunni, you really are the best little girl in the world.” Emma said coming in to give her a hug. She put on a fake smile which wasn’t well complimented by red blotchy eyes. “Now off to get ready for bed, I’ll kiss you goodnight. Just give me a second. I need to do something first.” Emma said.

She went to the nursery then hugged Ethan.

Then Jackson. It was the only thing left of Tommy, she hoped they’d grow up and show their father what their really made of.

After she put them in their cribs she went to Olivia’s bedroom. “You should be trying to get to sleep. Your no good without rest.” Emma said. “I can’t sleep.” Olivia said. “Olivia it’s hard without the person you love most, but in time you’ll know that he’s always…” Emma paused. She remembered when Tommy said that and put his hand on his heart. “Go on, he’s always?” Olivia asked. “In here.” Emma said putting her hand on her heart Olivia gave Emma a big hug then got under the covers for bed.




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