2.7 The Devil’s Return

25 09 2010

Last time Emma and Tommy were expecting their first, which turned out to be twins Ethan and Jackson who were born during Olivia’s birthday. Soon enough Gemma’s ex Jeremie came lurking round to seek revenge on Gemma, soon to find Tommy, then stabbed him thinking it was Gemma’s new husband. The family grieved a lot and held a small family funeral.

But with all the sadness around the house, no one realised how old April was getting. In fact, all her hairs had gone grey!

Soon enough the same happened to Dean too.

Soon enough they realised they were a little too old to go running around at the hospital dealing with patients or composing movies, so they decided to retire.

Emma decided to just have a small family party for the twins. So, while Olivia was at school, they threw a small party. First Jackson blew out his candles.

And then Ethan blew out his.

Jackson is on the left who became artistic, and Ethan on the right who became athletic. Although they didn’t want to dress alike, Emma tried as hard as she could to make them wear at least the same style.

April decided to make sure the family could enjoy a game without it breaking on them, so she decided to try and make the family laptop unbreakable. But good turned worse as she was electrocuted just like Taurus.

But April had no intentions of staying in the living world. She gladfully agreed to leave with the grim reaper. Dean expected that she thought her part in the legacy and world was over. Even though she could of given so much more.
They later had a funeral for April, and she was remembered by everyone in the family. A founder to be remembered. 🙂

One night Emma was in bed, she awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing. She looked at her alarm clock. 3am. She got up with her dressing gown and walked to the door.

She opened it to find a woman with a teenager. “Hello? Can I help you?” Emma said. “Emma? Is that you?” she asked. “Sarah? Come in come in.” Emma said. “I hardly reconised you.” Emma said.

“Does mum still live here Emma?” Sarah said. “Oh, did you not hear? Mum… passed away about a week ago.” Emma said. “Oh no! What am I going to do now?” Sarah said. “I’m sure I can help sis.” Emma said. “What’s happened?” she asked. “Well, me and Daniel have been living in a small house about 15 minutes away. But well, I lost my job in the music industry, and well, it was all uphill from there. We struggelled for money, I tried playing my guitar at the park but I didn’t get so much there. Daniel tried getting a job but everywhere was full. So we got kicked out of house, this is all we have now, each other and the clothes on our back.” Sarah said. “Oh, well I’d be glad if you stayed here then, just until you get back onto your feet that is.” Emma said.

“Thanks Emma. Your the best sister ever.” she said.

Soon enough Olivia aged into a teenager. Seeing her mother and grandmother out in the garden got her interested in gardening, so when she first tried, she realised she had a green thumb! She was a natural.

“Mum, this is really fun, but I can’t help wonder where all the fruits and vegatables go.” Olivia said. “In our meals hunni.” Emma said. “But what about the grapes? We never eat any grapes.” Olivia said. “Oh it doesn’t matter.” Emma said.

“When I looked online, it said they use grapes mostly for wine. Are you making wine mum.” Olivia said. “What? No of course not. I would never keep alchohol in a family house.” Emma said. “So what do you keep in the basement?” Olivia asked. “Nothing! I mean, something, but not wine. I er… keep old.. furniture down there.” Emma said. “So why am I not aloud down there?” Olivia said. “Becuase its all dusty and dangerous. I’d always send Tommy down there to get any furniture.” Emma said. “Okay, fair enough mum. As long as your being honest with me.” Olivia said smiling and going back inside. Emma didn’t want to lie, but she didn’t want her children messing around with alchohol at their age.

As Emma went inside, she heard her daughter and Sarah giggling about something. She started listening in on their conversation. “So they like it when they laugh at their jokes?” Olivia asked. “Yup, and what they like best is when you let them defend you.” Sarah said. “Oh and by the way, I wouldn’t tell your mother about this.” Sarah said. “Why?” Olivia asked. “She isn’t really into boys.” Sarah said. “If she were to find out, she’d totally stop you going out to any party or anythin then she’d kick me and Daniel out.” Sarah said. “Really?” Olivia said. “Yeah.” Sarah said.

“What you guys talking about?” Emma asked. “Nothing.” Olivia and Sarah said trying not to laugh. “Hmm, okay.” Emma said. She wasn’t sure she wanted Olivia to turn out like Sarah. No offence to Sarah but, she didn’t want Olivia to have no job with an illigitamate son living in her brother’s/sister’s house.

But Emma started regretting her decision. Now she remembered why her mother kicked her out all those years ago. She was always lazing about the house doing nothing. Emma soon realised that Emma had no intrest in getting a job either. At least when she was younger she had intrests, but now all she was interested in was helping Olivia with ‘boy trouble’, and was totally rejecting Daniel.

“Hey mum. Can you help me with my homework, it’s just I’m really…” Daniel was interrupted. “Go ask someone else, there are 5 other people in this house.” Sarah said sleepily. Emma walked in seeing this happenening. She couldn’t believe how much Sarah neglected Daniel. She wondered why the other night she saw Daniel trying to make his own meal and he was surprised to see her say that she’d make it for him.

“You selfish woman! I can’t believe you. I’ve taken you in for I don’t know how many months, and how do you repay me? You take naps all day and don’t bother about getting another job. You talk to my daughter about “boys” like their just slabs of meat, and then totally ignore your own son. All he asks for is a little love now and then, but no. All you give him is ‘go away’ or ‘ask someone else.'” Emma yelled.

Within seconds Emma saw Sarah’s lips starting to tremble, and then tear after tear came rolling down her cheek. “I’m sorry Emma, it’s just, I’ve lost everything I’ve ever loved. Back before I was with, you know who. I could be with anyone I’d like. I had dreams of becoming a famous musician, I’d found the perfect house to live in. But when I became pregnant. I lost all that. Then on top of that he dumped me. I was heartbroken. I wouldn’t go out anywhere. Then on top of that, mum kicked me out. I found and rented the cheapest place for me and Daniel to live, and got a job at the supermarket. I’ve not had a social life since. It’s so hard ya no?” Sarah said.

“Oh I’m sorry Sarah. I understand now. To have a break from all the work, it’s nice to just sit down and forget all the bad. I’m going to help you get back onto your feet. To celebrate tomorrow night we can go out somewhere nice.” Emma said. “Oh thank you Emma! But look at me! I’m a mess!” Sarah said. “I’ll loan you some money to go the spa and out shopping to get some nice clothes.” Emma said. “Oh thank you Emma. Your the best sister ever.” she said giving Emma a big hug.

The following day, Sarah and Emma went out shopping for new dresses for the night, they also went for a pamper at Sharma Day Spa. When they got home, Olivia was already home from school. “Woah mum, you actually look… good!” Olivia said. “Is that a compliment or an insult?” Emma said laughing. “And Aunt Sarah, you look more fabulous then ever, love the Chanel dress!” Olivia said. “Why thank you!” Sarah said. Emma let Sarah choose the place they went.

She decided on the most popular nightclub in town; La Flamingo Musique. Emma didn’t like the thought of a nightclub with lots of people, but this was Sarah’s night, not hers. So she went with her.

As Emma slowly sipped her cocktail, Sarah was like an excited child, jiggling around on her seat and peering around the room looking for any “hot guys.”

It did not take long for Sarah to make eye contact with a guy dancing across the room. She smiled and him and soon enough he came over asking her to dance!

Eventually Emma got bored watching her sister dance with a complete stranger. She told her she was going home, Sarah said she’d catch up later.

The following day Emma arrived home late from work. She heard Daniel playing on the PS3. “Hey Daniel hunni. Have you seen your mother?” Emma asked. “Nope. It’s only been a day though. Sometimes when I was younger she’d be gone weeks on end with a new guy. If your looking for her, try remembering the last guy you saw her with.” Daniel said. “Weeks? Guys? Where was the income from?” Emma asked. “I worked at the bookstore, but coz of the credit crunch, I was ‘laid off’.” he said. “Ugh, what does she take me for? An idiot, she just fed me a bunch on lies the other day. She’s so dead!” Emma said angrily.

Emma whipped out her phone and started texting. Her text was to Sarah and it said the following, Sarah, got a surprise for you! xD Come home asap! Thanks! -Emma. She knew this would bring Sarah home.

“Sarah Edon, I can’t believe you. The other day, you just totally lied to me! Daniel told me everything, you’ve been off with men every night and napping in the day! Daniel made all the income while balancing it with school work. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Emma spat. “You just got given everything, the legacy, the house and the wealth! You wouldn’t know hard if it hit you on the head!” Sarah yelled. “Right that’s it! I’ve had enough of your bone idleness and you back chat and your late nights. Your no longer welcome in this house!” Emma yelled.

“Fine. Come one Daniel, were leaving.” Sarah said walking out. Daniel did not follow. “Daniel?” Sarah said. “Mum, I need a proper mum, who can help me with my homework, make me dinner, tuck me in at night, and love me.” Daniel said. “So I’m staying with Emma. If that’s alright Aunt Emma.” Daniel said. “Of course.” Emma said smiling. “Fine, you keep him, I never wanted him anyway, we both know he was an accident.” she said. “Leave, and never come back. Daniel is better in my care!” Emma said with disgust. “Whatever.” she said walking out the door.

“Is she going to come back Aunt Emma?” Daniel asked. “No no no. I’ll never let that happen Daniel. You can stay here as long as you want. Sarah has been the bad apple all her life. I’ll never let her take you!” Emma said giving him a big hug.




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