2.8 Into Theropy

26 09 2010

Sorry about the big break of pictures in the middle, when I created this post they worked, but they’re suddenly not working sorry. :S

Soon enough the twins aged into teens, this is Ethan, who developed the absent minded trait.

And this is Jackson who became a little childish.

The problem was, with all the drama going on in the house no one noticed poor Jackson talking to himself. Every day it got a little worse. But yet, no one noticed!

But the actions became less and less subtle. Emma started to notice things.

Things that a normal teenager wouldn’t do.

One night Jackson decided he couldn’t sleep, and went for a walk. He ended up at the graveyard, so he went and walked over to a bench. a woman came over and they started to chat.

Little did he know, his mum was meeting someone to make a deal for work there. She was creeping down the path to meet them, only to find Jackson stood there.

But unlike Jackson, all she saw was her poor young son, talking to mid air!

“Jackson Edon! Why are you out in the graveyard at this time alone?” Emma yelled. “I wasn’t alone, I was talking to my new friend Enola Green!” he said. “Who? No ones there hunni!” she said. He turned around to see no one there. “Oh she must of heard you coming and gone, she doesn’t like new people.” he said.

“Listen hunni, I just want to know your ok.” Emma said putting her hand on his shoulder. He pushed it off. “I’m perfectly fine!” he said. “I know what you’ve been up to, talking to mirrors, even talking to yourself! Now even saying there’s someone there when there isn’t. It’s not a phase. It’s real hunni! I know you can shake yourself back to normal.” Emma said. “I’m perfectly normal mum! Get off me. Ugh, why’d you have to follow me everywhere!” he yelled storming off home.

Emma wasn’t happy at all. Her own son, driven to insanity. Maybe it was her, working as a criminal, or maybe it was all the death in their lives. She wasn’t sure, but the one thing she did know, was that she was going to fix it, through thick and thin, she was going to help!

“Tommy, Taurus, what do I do?” Emma said.

She heard a rattling noise. She gasped and turned to it. It was just the newspaper. It started swaying faster and making more noice. She picked it up and sat down and started reading. Suddenly the pages started to turn. It came to the ads page, her eyes crossed one. It said the following; Thomas’ Therapy. For those in need of a little direction. Specializes in Teens!

“No. My baby Jackson doesn’t need therapy, surely it’s not that bad.” she said scratching her head. “But I said I’d do whatever it takes, so, I suppose I must.” she said.

“Hey Jackson! How’s school been?” Emma said. “Erm… ok. I got some homework so… yeah.” Jackson said. “Wait hunni. I just wanna take you out to say sorry.” Emma said. “Sorry?” Jackson said. “Yeah, I over reacted, you deserve responsibility, so what do you say?” Emma asked. “Just you… and me?” he asked. “Yep.” Emma said. “Cool! Lets go!” he said.

“Hunni, I have a confession to make, this is a therapist, to help with your problem. But he’s the best in the area, I assure you!” Emma said. “What? I don’t need a therapist!?!” he yelled at her.

“Your aunt Gemma said she didn’t have a problem either, because of this my father was gone for 7 years of my life. Luckily, he was able to return, but I never met my father until I was 7!” Emma said. “But I’ll never see dad again. This is a totally different situation.” Jackson said. “But my point is, putting it off will only make it worse.” Emma said.

“Well maybe, I could have just one session.” Jackson said. “Thank you! Thank you so much Jackson.” Emma said giving him a big hug.

“Mr. Raze?” Emma asked. “Yes yes. Come on in with Jackson Miss Edon.” he said.

“So, with what you’ve told me on the phone, I’ve devolped a stratagey to help Jackson. He may come as often as he likes to see me, but I reccommend he visits at least once a week.” he said. “Well, he’s a bit unsure if he wants to, he promised he’d come at least now to see how it is, then will decide if he wants to keep on.” Emma said. “Of course, we take small steps with big problems.” he said smiling.

So he stayed for an hour chatting. And at the end of the hour, Edward Raze said “I’d like to inspect the enviriment Jackson lives in please Miss Edon.”. “Well, okay, you can come over for dinner tomorrow night if you want. We can have anything, what’s your favourite dish?” Emma asked. “Oh I don’t mind. Jackson may choose if he desires.” he said smiling. “Thank you Mr Raze, you’ve been so good.” Emma said shaking his hand. “Oh please, call me Eddy. Short for Edward, and what may I call you?” he asked. “Emma will be fine.” she said.

“Woah mum! Love the dress, what’s the occasion? Who’s the guy?” Olivia said laughing. “Oh no one, just you’re brother’s therapist.” Emma said. “Yeah, JUST his therapist.” she said walking out the room.

“Woah Emma, you didn’t need to dress up, I just wanted to look at the house.” he said. “Oh, this old thing. I just threw it on.” Emma said blushing. “He looked around the front room. “Talking of your house, it’s really nice! It’s like a mansion!” he said. “Oh, I inherited the land and money from my parents, but I designed it.” Emma said. “You have really good taste!” he said. “Thanks, do you want the tour?” Emma asked. “Of course.” he said smiling.

“So, this is Jackson’s room.” Emma said. “Hmm, a little blue aye?” he said laughing. “He loves aqua, just like me.” she said smiling. “Really? Me too! It’s my favourite colour!” he said. He looked around. “Interesting choise of painting aye?” he said. “Yeah, he painted it himself ya know?” she said. “He’s really good. How much does he paint?” he said. “He puts his heart and soul into painting. He paints every day!” Emma said. “Hmmm, interesting, since this is the last room. Overall this is fine it’s certainly not his environment. Where do you work?” he asked. “Errrr, the erm, hospital.” she said. “Oh that’s great, it’s not that. So may I ask, how much drama has he experienced lately?” he asked.

“Well, that’s probably it. In short, their father tragically died, and my mother has done too recently. Also, my nephew is staying with us now too.” she said. “This is probably the cause.” he said. “Oh no! Look at the time!” Emma said. “It’s pitch black out! I walked here. ugh.” he said. “Oh, I can drive you home if you want.” Emma said. “Oh thanks, your a life saver.” he said. They smiled and went outside to the car.

They walked up to the house. Emma was surprised he had such a great house, he was so amazed at hers before, maybe the exterior was too modern here.

“So, this is goodbye.” he said.

“Yeah, I suppose that we’d probably…” Emma was interrupted by a tender kiss.

For a moment they looked in each others eyes for a moment.

She pulled him in, and they kissed.

By morning Emma was all over him and he was all over her. “Oh my gosh! Eddy! It’s 6am!” she said worriedly. “It’s okay.” he said. “No, it’s not. Where shall I tell the kids I’ve been?” she said. “Tell them you with me.” he said. “I’d love to, but what kind of example is that for them?” she said. “Tell them… you were called out on an emergency at work!” he said. “Good idea. I best go home now. Maybe I’ll be up before their awake.” she said getting up. He pulled her back in and gave her a kiss. “Just one last snuggle?” he asked.

“Okay just one.” she said. As they started kissing her mobile went off. Emma picked it up. “It’s the kids. I better go Eddy.” she said. “Okay, I’ll call you babe.” he said.

As she arrived home, she ran out to the bus. They’d gone. She didn’t even get chance to “explain” where she’d been. She wondered what thoughts have and will be going through their heads. She hoped it wasn’t too late.




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