2.9 Eddy Weddy

2 10 2010

Last time, the twins became teens. Ethan the sporty one, and Jackson the insane painter! Unfortunately Emma found out and got him therapy sessions, only to fall in love with Jackson’s therapist! Emma stayed over at his house till 6am, then rushed home to explain that she’d been called out to work unexpectedly but they’d already left on the bus.

About 11am, Emma heard a knock upon the door. She walked out the door only to find Eddy standing there. “Oh hey Eddy, what’s up?” she asked. “You left this at my house last night.” he said passing a fancy blue bag over to her.

“Oh thanks Eddy weddy, your the best!” she said giving him a kiss. What they didn’t know though, is that Dean (Emma’s dad) had seen the whole thing. He knew they were now together!

“Who was that?” Dean asked. “Oh nobody.” Emma said smiling.

A few weeks later, Dean got an e-mail from his publisher.”Oh my! Emma! Emma come here for a second!” Dean shouted.

“Is this for real?” Emma asked. “Dean nodded. “Congratulations. I know you’re going to have a great time. You must be really excited. Signing your books in America will really help it sell!” Emma said. “You can come too! And the family! It’s on Friday the 29th till Sunday the 31st.” he said. “Oh, I have this really important work thing then Dean. I can’t come!” Emma said. “Oh, well I’m sure the kids will enjoy it. They can come with me!” he said. “Okay. Thanks dad.” Emma said hugging him while he was sat down.

Soon enough the day came, and Emma wished them a safe journey, and waved goodbye.

24 hours later, Emma just walked in from work and heard the doorbell and wondered who it was.

But as she went outside, she was amazed to find Edward standing outside the door. “Eddy, what are you doing here?” Emma said smiling. “Well, I was thinking, we’ve been together for a while now, and I think Jackson’s mentally stable to cope with… the situation. So I think we should tell your family!” he said. “Oh! I’d love too, but we can’t.” Emma said.

“Of course we can Emma! Let’s just go in there. And call everyone to the front room and tell them!” he said. “No, I mean we can’t, they’re in America, they’re with my dad at an autographing thing. I have work, so I had to stay here. Come on in though.” Emma said.

As they walked in Emma was rambling on about something, another thing Edward didn’t mind about. He loved Emma so much, he didn’t mind the little things. He could hold it any longer. He pulled her into his chest.

“Woah, Eddy!” Emma said surprised. “I can’t hold it any longer, I love you more than anything and I can’t bottle it up anymore!” he said making out with her.

With Edward love for Emma roaring out of control, Emma couldn’t help but be flattered, and they ended up in the bedroom.

Little did they know the family arrived home early! “Emma hunni, were home early, the autograph session was cut short because a riot. Who knew I was so popular?” he yelled laughing.

“Grandad, mum might of gone to bed early. I’ll check the bedroom, you check the kitchen.” Jackson said smiling.

“Hey mum, is that you? Were home early.” Jackson said.

“Mum? Mr. Raze? No. No this isn’t happening!” Jackson yelled running out the room. “Hunni! This isn’t what it looks like.” Emma said.

“She’s not in the kitchen, did you…. Jackson, what’s up?” Dean asked.

Dean turned to his right and saw the reason for Jackson’s behavior. “Oh. I see.” Dean said.

“Dad, you don’t seem surprised?” Emma said. “Yeah, I know. I’ve known for a while.” he said. “What? How long.” Emma asked. “Since the day after Mr. Ra… Edward came for the visit. I expect Jackson just saw what you did that night too.” Dean said. “Dad I…” Emma said. “No hunni, your allowed to have another man in your life. But you must tell your family, we get hurt when you lie.” Dean said walking away.

Emma went and sat with Jackson. “Hey hunni. You okay?” Emma asked. “Why would I be? How could you cheat on dad?” He said. “Jackson, I’m not cheating on your father, even you said a while ago that he was never coming back.” Emma said. “Then how can you try and replace him?!?” Jackson said. “I’m not trying to replace him. Your father was a good man, and my best friend in the whole world, he was irreplaceable. But you’ve got to understand. When you kids are at school, there’s only me and grandad home. What happens when he passes away huh? What happens? I’ll be home alone every day. Just as much as I like to be alone sometimes, I love my family more. And Eddy, Eddy makes me feel so great. He makes me feel young, sociable and most important of all. He makes me happy Jackson.” Emma said. “So please, for me, give him a chance. Besides, your already friends, why not try and make this situation work too?” Emma said.

At that moment Eddy came out and sat on the bench beside them. “Jackson, I’m truly sorry. We should of told you. Everyone in the family. Especially you.” Edward said. “Why, because you all think I’m crazy in the head?” Jackson said. angrily. “No, because you know me the best out of everyone, you deserve to know as one of my friends, as well as being friends with your mother. Listen Jackson, we are really sorry. And yes, we are totally admitting we were wrong.” Edward said. “You two, are saying that your wrong? Not me?” Jackson said. “Yep.” Emma said.

“And Jackson, we think, you deserve to know this other news we’ve not told you, first too.” Edward said. Emma smiled at Jackson. “What is it?” Jackson said. “Eddy is moving in!” Emma said. “What?” Jackson said. “We thought you’d be responsible enough to take this on all in one go Jackson. Can you?” Eddy asked. “Er, yeah yeah. It’s just shock really.” Jackson said.

A couple of days later, Jackson approached Dean to ask a question, that would eventually change everything. “Hey grandad?” Jackson said. “Yes Jackson, what is it?” he asked. “Now Edward has moved in, I’ve realized a lot. He’s done so much for me. He’s helped me with my problems, he’s made mum so happy, and I really want to reward him.” Jackson said. “What did you have in mind?” Dean asked. “I think they’d love a holiday in China. Mum loves sports so shes bound to love karate!” Jackson said. “Her sister sure did. They both loved sports, your mother loved traditional sports, where as your Aunt Madison loved Karate.” Dean said. “So they can go?” Jackson asked. “Of course, I’ll sort out the bookings and they can be off tomorrow morning!” Dean said. “Cool.” Jackson replied.




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