2.10 An event to remember

3 10 2010

So Emma and Eddy arrived in China after a long 11 hour journey. They were so amazed at the views! They never imagined China would have so much greenery!

When they arrived Eddy started to learn karate.

As did Emma.

They spared often.

And with the family at home, by night they had no worries of any intruders. They had lots of time for each other.

Emma harvested some of the rare China plants for her garden back home. She was sure her daughter would love the new fruit and veg she got!

Eddy had a go at fishing; but failed miserably.

Emma had a go at catching a few wild insects. Oviously she let them go afterwards.

One night they decided to have a little camp fire out in the woods. They got out their tent and roasted some of the unrare fruit and veg they’d got.

“Emma, would you ever want to get married? Or are you one of those girls who’d prefer to wait for a long time.” Eddy asked.

“Eddy babe, I’ve married twice before…” Emma said being interrupted. “Two divorces? So you’d prefer to make sure I don’t have bad habits or secrets before we marry. I understand.” Eddy said. “No no, I’ve never been divorced…” Emma was saying until she was interrupted again. ” You’re still married… with two different people! Oh boy.” Eddy said. “No! Eddy, I’m not sure I want to remarry because, my first husband, was electricuted. He was Olivia’s father. My second husband was murdered by my sisters’ ex. And well, I expect every time I remarry, the death gets worse! I love you so much, I wouldn’t want anything worse than a murder to happen to you.” Emma said.

“Emma listen, it’s not a curse that you have or anything, it’s simply your brain thinking of what it possibly could be. Your brain can’t find any reason, so it passes it over to the impossible part of you brain. Then you start thinking that, you have a curse or you made those happenings come true. This is where superstition comes from. I’m pretty sure, you’re nothing to do with the deaths of your husbands, and if this is why you’ve been alone all this time, then you’ll probably be annoyed at yourself. So are you?” He asked. “Yeah, I do feel kinda annoyed at myself.” Emma said. “So there ya go, if we were to ever marry, I’d be okay. I promise.” he said smiling.

The following day Eddy got to choose that days activity. He chose the heaven tower. It was a long walk up, but the rumors were that the view was breath taking.

“Isn’t this view so amazing and romantic up here Emma?” Eddy said. “Yeah, I remember when I saw a view like this once. It was in france.

With husband 2, Tommy. He looked so much like the twins, apart from the eyes. He was wonderful.

But I remember my greatest regret was making the whole thing cheesy, I hated that, I ruined a perfectly good memory, with a proposal.” Emma said laughing. “yeah.” Eddy said trying to laugh.

What he hadn’t told Emma was, he was going to propose to her there. He decided that maybe when they returned home, they could have an even more romantic one, with a picnic on the beach.

But when they arrived home, they were surprised to find poor Daniel had celebrated his birthday on his own (even though he liked it like this) and didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday. Emma did however, promise him a free night out.

Olivia finally realized to have as many parties as she’d like to have, she’d have to start inviting over her mates to show them how big and cool her house is. But when some of them realized this, they came over all the time. Especially these two, Galen and Abbie.

Emma was feeling very nauseus one night.

So she decided to go to bed early. She didn’t feel well at all!

She also started feeling very sluggish and horrible. She started walking about the house in her old athletic gear. This made her feel even worse.

The worse she felt the more she ate. It was a never ending loop!

But Eddy started worrying. He’d seen cases like this before. Once the person is in the routines like this, it takes months maybe even years to get back to a normal lifestyle, and they miss out on so much they could have.

“Emma?” Eddy asked. “Yes?” She said stuffing her face with cake. “Don’t you see any differance in, well your routine and your… image?” he asked.

Emma looked up at him. “No.” she said stuffing her face even more. He grabbed hold of her hand and stopped her eating. “I think you know you do Emma babe. You and me both know this isn’t you. I can help!” he said.

“There’s nothing that needs fixing, and if image is all you care about, then maybe where not right for each other.” Emma stood up and walked to the door. Eddy stood in front of her way.

“Emma look at me, we both know what’s wrong, and I’ve dealt with things like this before, trust me. I can help!” he said. Emma let go of his hands and pushed past him. She ran into the bedroom and he followed.

Emma turned around. “Help me Eddy.” she said. “Oh Emma.” he said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get past this. We always do!” Eddy said. “I hope.” Emma said.

“And to show you my truthfulness…” Eddy said.

“Emma Edon, will you marry me?” he said.

“Yes! Forever!” Emma shrieked!




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