2.11 Dean’s secret

9 10 2010

In a couple of months time, Emma was happy, she’d lost a LOT of weight. Except there was some weight she just couldn’t loose, and it kept getting worse!

And bad turned to worse, when Emma once again saw her own son, talking to someone who wasn’t there.

“Eddy, he’s doing it again! What do we do? He just stands outside in the dark and talks to himself. But he says there’s someone there, but there never is!” Emma said. “Emma, I know this lot is your pride and joy, but, I really think the graveyard is one of the main reasons he keeps doing this. If we keep him away from the graveyard and move the family graveyard to the church across the street, he won’t think their is anyone there anymore, but you will still have your family close to you.” he said. “Hmm, I suppose we’ll have too. I love Jackson, and if it’s best that we do that, then we will.” Emma said.

So after paying a reasonable sum to the church (this really benefited the church) the brand new graveyard that was recently constructed, was made only for the Edon Family.

One day Emma was working on the computer and suddenly she felt a horrible pain rush through her stomach. She recognized the pain but she couldn’t remember where from.

Dean heard her scream and ran to her from the kitchen. “Oh my gosh!” he said. “Let’s get you to the hospital!” Dean said rushing her to the hospital.

She was pregnant the whole time! The weight she couldn’t loose, was her son, she just hoped he wasn’t hurt because of the obsessive sport she’d be participating in.

At 9:27am, Emma’s new son; Lucas was born friendly, and the opposite of what Emma thought, from all the excessive sports, he was worn out, and maybe from all the food, it made him hungry, he turned out to be a couch potato!

“Hunni, I’m home!” Eddy yelled laughing. He looked around the house for her.

He eventually checked the nursery. “Oh no, your sister hasn’t had ANOTHER baby and given it to us has she?” he said. “No Eddy better!” Emma said. “Someone left it on our doorstep?” he asked. “No, even better!” Emma said. “I give up.” he said. “This is our son!” Emma said happily. “That’s impossible! You havn’t been pregnant!” He said. “Well, that’s what I thought, until I had horrible pains in my stomach, my dad drove me to the hospital and I was surprised to find I was pregnant, not fat!” Emma said laughing.

“Why aren’t you laughing Eddy? It was a joke. Are you ok?” Emma said. “Yes, it’s just, I don’t know anything about toddlers, all I know is, when their teenagers, their stroppey.” he said. “Oh It’ll be fine! I’ll help you through it. Now, pick little Lucas up.” Emma said.

Eddy picked him up under the arms and held him in mid air. “Is this right?” Eddy asked. Emma tried not to burst out laughing she walked over and sorted out how to hold him.

“Is this right hunni?” he asked. Emma laughed. “It’ll do, you’ll get used to it.” she said.

“Hunni, I’m going out to the spa while the kids are at school, Daniel’s going to an interview in about 10 minutes, and my dad is going to an autograph session for his new book; Winter Delight 5. I’ll be back in about an hour or two, make sure Lucas is ok!” she said. “got it.” he said. “And Eddy hunni, I hope your not practising that speech all day.” she said laughing.

When Dean arrived home, all he heard was Lucas screaming his head off! He immediately ran to the nursery.

He was starving, had a dirty nappy, and hadn’t been socialized with the whole time everyone was out.

“It’s okay Lukey, grandad’s here, shhhh.” Dean said. He fed him, changed his nappy and played with him, and he was once again happy.

“How could you? You just left your own son on his own starving with no one to help!” Dean yelled.

“Listen old man, he was screaming and I told him to stop, he didn’t so I was punishing him, he’s my son, I’ll do what I want with him.” Edward spat. “He may be your son, but he’s my grandson, and Emma’s son, when she hears about you, she’ll dump you before you can even say sorry!” He yelled. “I don’t think you’ll tell her, otherwise I’ll tell her your not proud of her, and you wished her twin sister Madison was heir!” he yelled. “That’s not true, I’d never say that!” he yelled. “It’s your word over mine! Now leave, your ruining my train of thought!” Edward said snobbishly.

As Dean walked towards the study, he heard the front door go. “Hey guys! I’m home!” It was Emma! He wished he could tell her, but it was Eddy, she loved Eddy and would probably believe Edward over himself.

Emma walked into the nursery. “Arrrrrr, how’s my little Lukey doing?” Emma asked. “Oh hey babe, I’m just reading him a book.” Eddy lied. “How cute?” Emma said picking him up.

“Eddy, I was thinking, now were engaged and have Lucas, maybe we should be thinking about the wedding, when do you think we should have it?” Emma asked. “How about this weekend?” he asked. “This weekend? Isn’t that a bit soon?” she asked. “Not for my babe! I’ll organize everything, don’t worry about it at all, it will be perfect!” he said. “Your the best guy in the world Eddy!” Emma said. Edward blushed.




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