2.12 Hurtful memories

10 10 2010

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. 🙂

Daniel had become very enthusiastic about art, he took a part time job at the art gallery.

He spent the rest of the time getting inspiration off the paintings, or painting himself.

But one day something caught his eye, and it wasn’t the artwork.

Or should I say, someone.

“Artwork, it changes through the eyes of the viewer.” The girl said. “The interpretation from the artist may never be realized by another soul.” Daniel said. “But that’s the beauty of art.” the girl said.

They turned and faced each other. “You like to think deeply about the art too?” Daniel asked. “Of course, art is my soul. I couldn’t live without it.” the girl said. “Me too!” Daniel said. “Taylor Mead.” she said. “Daniel Edon.” he said.

They stared into each others eyes. “I’d be a fool to not ask you out. What do you think about going to the diner with me some time.” Daniel said. “What about now!” she said.

“Sure sure, I’d really enjoy…” Daniel was interrupted by a tender kiss on the lips.

“Sorry, too soon?” she asked.

“I always do that, I always jump in too soon, seriously, my mum says I’m a little insane! Talking about my…” she was interrupted also by a kiss.

For those couple of days, they were madly in love, since neither of them really had high demanding jobs, they’d spend every waking moment possible with each other. Even when Daniel was at work, Taylor would be there.

Even though Taylor was a little insane sometimes, Daniel did not care, as this was the women he loved!

Soon enough Olivia graduated school and now was a young adult. Emma knew now, it was the time to choose the heir, but she decided to wait till after the wedding.

“Olivia, your an adult now, and you know I trust you fully now.” Emma said. “What? Of course.” Olivia said. “And you know I’m sorry right?” Emma said. “What for mum? What’s happened?” Olivia asked. “A while ago, you asked about the harvest in the garden. Well, we don’t eat all the harvest. I make it into wine, in the cellar. I’m sorry for lying. It was for your own good!” Emma said.

“You what! I can’t believe you mum, I would of never harvested those goods if I knew what you were using them for your own profit!” Olivia yelled. “Olivia, this is why I didn’t tell you, but please, don’t get angry, you must see it from my point of view!” Emma said. “You always told me never to lie, yet, you were living a big lie. I never want to harvest from that garden again!” Olivia said, she turned around and ran away. “Olivia!” Emma said chasing after her.

Emma chased her to the garden. “Go away.” Olivia said. “Olivia, I know you don’t like what I’ve said, but just give me a second to talk to you.” Emma said. She walked over to her and started talking.

“Listen, I don’t make wine for profit Olivia. I make it, for special occasions, I have a special bottle or two for my wedding. I’ve never sold a bottle of wine in my life. Besides even if you don’t make any wine, then at least look after this lovely garden of yours. I’d never be able to look after it on my own. Before you started gardening, my garden was a wreck!” Emma said laughing. “Your right mum, thanks. But do you really not sell any wine at all?” Olivia asked. “No, none at all!” Emma said. “Then I’ll keep at the garden! And, I’ll look after the wine in the cellar. If I become heir, I will look after everything! You can count on me mum.” Olivia said. “That’s not going to persuade me any more to pick you hunni, but thanks for trying.” Emma said. Olivia smiled and gave her mum a big hug.

Soon enough it was time for the wedding. Emma wore a beuitful sky blue vera wang wedding dress. It was amazing!

“Emma, we need to talk.” Daniel said. “Sure Danny, what’s up?” Emma said. “Well, Taylor and I are going to see her parents…. In France.” he said. “Oh, that’s great! I’m glad your in a serious relationship.” Emma said. “But, were leaving today. Now.” he said. “Can’t you stay for the wedding?” Emma asked. “Fraid not. The flight’s in an hour. Sorry Aunt Emma.” he said. “Well, have a safe journey, I’m sure Taylor’s parents will be so glad to meet you.” Emma said smiling.”Thanks, good luck!” Daniel said walking to the taxi.

“Does anyone here today, have any reason for these two people too not wed today?” Ethan asked. Dean felt himself going red. He couldn’t let this happen. It was his daughter. “Me!” he shouted.

“Dad, what are you doing!” Emma asked. “I’m sorry, but I have to do this Emma! This man, yelled at his own 3 year old son then left him on his own for two hours, I arrived home and tended to him. You cannot marry this man Emma!” he said.

“That is a lie! This man said he’d watch my son when I went for a shower, when I returned I found him laughing at my son while he was in tears begging for food! I was going to tell you Emma, but he…. he threatened me! He said he’d tell you I was neglecting Lucas, and that I hated him!” He said. “Is this true dad?” Emma asked. “No Emma! He’s lying, he threatened me!” Dean yelled. “I’m sorry dad, but the other day I walked in and he was reading to Lucas, I’ve never seen you read to him or play with him before.” Emma said. “You can’t seriously believe him, over your own dad can you?” Dean asked. “Sorry dad. I can only go off what I have seen.” Emma said. “Fine, It’s your own fault! He will break you heart Emma, and I won’t be there to comfort you this time!” He shouted storming off.

So now the wedding was over, there was only one thing to do. With new wrinkles forming on her face every day, it was time to name an heir. She was ready.

“Kids, you all now why were here. To name the third generation heir. This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made and ever will.” Emma said. “I’ve thought long and hard about the pros and cons of each of you being heir. And one son or daughter, has just come out on top by one pro. The other child was close behind too. Sadly, little Lucas is not part of the race as he is much too young and by the time he’s old enough, you’ll all becoming full adults. But remember, No matter who I name, you will all do great things.” Emma said. “Ethan, you are perfection in physical strength, you are the material arts master! But sadly lacking the actual want to be a family man , this might stop you choosing the right woman as a spouse, I’m sorry, your not heir.” Emma said. “It’s okay mum, I’m wasn’t hoping to be heir, I want to do big things, a family will slow me down.” Ethan said.

“You could of both been easily heir, but Jackson, I know your having a hard time right now, so I’d much rather you stayed here in the house with the heir and myself.” Emma said smiling.

“I knew it, you two have been working together the whole time, I knew I wasn’t going to be the heir, you’d never choose me over you favorite little girl!” Jackson yelled.

“Calm down Jackson! It’s just a silly heirship, you can do anything now! You can become a doctor, or a fireman!” Emma said. Jackson stormed off to his room, and Edward followed.

“Hey Jackson.” Edward said. “Go away…” Jackson said. “You know, the other night, your mother was talking to me. She said, when I saw Ethan, I was so happy…” Edward was interrupted. “Then I had Jackson, the worst experience of my life.” Jackson said. “No, she said, and then I had Jackson, and I was ecstatic. She said that day at your sisters party, when you were born, she knew you had the potential to win heirship. You know what made her decide not to pick you? Because of your crazy outbursts like what just happened. Maybe, if you show her how mature you are, and never do it again, and go apologize, maybe she’ll consider changing her mind aye?” Edward said. “She will?” Jackson said. “Maybe. Maybe not. But even if she doesn’t, you’ll know you can achieve something when you put your mind to it, and also, you can live in the house here, for free! For as long as you want! Wouldn’t that be great. Officially it’s Olivia’s, but she can’t stop your mother saying you can live here. So come on, let’s go out there and show your mother and sister wrong!” Edward said.




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