2.13 Knifes, Wifes and growing up

16 10 2010

Warning, this chapter has certain amounts of violence, if you recently experienced any traumatic happenings please read this at a later date when it’s not so fresh. Thank you, now on with the chapter! xD

With Emma being the head of the legacy now, she was tired of the green and brown theme and redesigned a whole new house! They stayed in a hotel for a while, while the house was renovated.

This is the ground floor with the obvious cellar still there for Emma and Olivia’s wine cellar, on the left are some stairs to the first floor

This is the first floor. Really just bedrooms and bathrooms.

One night, Jackson arrived home early from school, it was a half day as it was end of term, he walked through the door. The only thing he could hear, was his little brother Lucas’ screaming! He ran to the nursery!

He ran into the nursery only to find Edward, his step father stealing a simple lollipop from Lucas! How could he! His grandfather was right, Edward was neglecting Lucas for fun! Jackson couldn’t just stand here and watch! Edward saw him and chased after him, Jackson ran to his new room.

“Listen you brat, I’ve only been nice to you because I wanted a date with your mother, the act has been going too long, I’m legally your guardian now until your 18! So you listen to me! Your mother doesn’t need to hear about any of this. If she does, you’ll be sorry you told her. Got it?” Edward yelled in Jackson’s face.
“Erm… erm…” Jackson said.
“I said do you understand freak? Jeez you weren’t even this bad in our meetings! Do you understand me freak?” he said.
“Yes sir!” Jackson said.
“Good!” Edward said storming off.

But Jackson was totally happy. He’d got everything he needed. How he loved technology, even if he was insane, he wasn’t dumb.

By the time Emma returned home, it was starting to get dark. “Mum, we gotta talk.” Jackson said. “Is it important? I have a ton of stuff to do!” Emma said. “Yes.” Jackson said. “It’s not about heirship is it?” Emma asked. “No, worse…” Jackson said.

As Jackson showed his mother the video he could see the anger range, sorrow and sadness fill her eyes and gasps. He felt like he shouldn’t of shown it her. But he had too! For the sake of the family.
“Thank you Jackson, see I can rely on you for anything thank you.” Emma said trying to smile but miserably failing.

“Oh hey hunni! Just been out in the garden hanging out with Ethan.” Edward said smiling.
“He’s not the only son of mine you’ve been hanging out with lately is it?” Emma said.
“What?” Edward said laughing.
“You’ve been hanging out with, I don’t know, Jackson, Lucas.” Emma said.
“What?” Edward said fake laughing.

“Oh. Jackson been talking to you aye. Yeah before he said to me your dad was flying in the sky. He’s a bit insane sometimes.” Edward said laughing.
“Don’t you talk about my son like that! The only person in this house who’s insane is you!” Emma said.
“There is no evidence that…” Edward was interrupted. Emma waved a camera by her shoulder.
“Oh yes there is you psychopath!” Emma yelled. “I can’t believe I believed you of all people over my own dad!” Emma said.

“Emma! It’s not what you think. It’s…. I was rehearsing a play with Jackson. You must of misunderstood.” Edward said.
“Oh don’t you dare feed this family any more lies! He told me about Lucas. What you did. Himself and my dad have been talking and explaining to me. Now you better get out of my house before I call the cops!” Emma yelled.
“Baby listen…” Edward said.
“Don’t baby me! E-mail me your new address so I can send the divorce papers.” Emma yelled.
“I know what happened to Tommy. If you don’t want the same thing to happen to yourself and your family, I suggest you stop talking nonsense!” Edward yelled.

Dean, who had been listening in, had at this point barged in.
“You stay away I tell you! I want you out of my daughter’s and grandaughters house right this instant!” Dean yelled.
“Or what old man? You’ll throw your bingo pen at me?” Edward said laughing.
“Scum like you has set foot in my house before, and I’ve done nothing. I regret it deeply. It’s time for someone to pay the price!” Dean yelled.
“Dad no!” Emma said.

Getting ready to be stabbed, Edward looked away ready to take it like a man. Only to find someone else screaming.
Dean was dead…
“Dad! Why do you do these things to yourself! Regret is not a reason to die!” Emma said crying.
“Emma… I…” Edward said.
“Don’t say anything. Just get out. I’ve had enough of this… of everything get out!” Emma said.
Edward was about to try talking to her, he realized nothing could help her forgive him and walked out with nothing but the clothes on his back.
He didn’t want this. He didn’t want any of this anymore. It was time to go. And never return. He got into a taxi and drove off.

Olivia heard the scream and ran to the bedroom. She didn’t know what’d happened, but she knew her granddad was no longer with them, she went over to Emma and Emma buried her head into Olivia’s arms.
“It’s okay mum, I’m here for you.” Olivia said.

Emma cried for days. She refused to go out the house. She was never able to apologize to him. He was always so good to her. She missed him so much. The worst thing was, he regretting the small bad decisions he made, when they weren’t his fault. The latest one, he tried to stop, but it was Emma’s fault, she didn’t listen!

And soon enough Lucas became a child. He was old enough to go to school. But he worried about his mum. She should of enrolled him into school by now! He’d love to go to school. He’d love the music lessons most.

So he went to see his mum.
“Hey mum, don’t you think it’s about time for me to go to school?” Lucas asked.
“What, your not old enough yet Lucas baby, toddlers don’t go to school. They go to day care maybe, but not school!” Emma said not turning over.
“Mum, I’m old enough for school. Look at me.” Lucas said.

“Oh, you look a lot older. When is it your birthday?” Emma asked.
“It was 2 weeks ago.” Lucas said.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I missed it! Lucas, I’ve been so stupid, grieving your granddad like this is just… well so stupid! My family need me. Come here! I’ll enroll you to sunset Valley Primary school as soon as I can!” Emma said giving him a big hug.

And finally the twins became young adults. Ethan on the left in his new sporty gear, and Jackson on the right wearing anything random, obviously his big sister Olivia helped him to co ordinate it, although Jackson refused on most styles.

“Hey mum, I know we’ve been through a lot lately, but I really think it’s time for me to move out.” Ethan said.
“What, move out? Why hunni?” Emma asked.
“Well… erm… The chicks are into the whole big guns thing, but maybe not so much when they come back to my house filled with my mum, sister, and brothers.” Ethan said.
“Of course you can move Ethan, but, it’s Jackson. Well, I’m getting pretty old. And Olivia will be getting on with the legacy. Well, I’m pretty sure you aware of his… problem. You were the only one left too look after him. What do we do? It would break my heart to send him away somewhere.” Emma said.

“Well, maybe I could look after him. If he comes with me to work at the stadium, he could chill in the gym and stuff with the teammates, then when I’m done, we can go back to my place and I could look after him. I could also organize a therapist for him. Besides, if he gets back onto his feet, then I’m pretty sure I can teach him about the girls.” Ethan said. Emma laughed.
“Oh Ethan, are you sure you’re okay with that? I wouldn’t want to put any pressure on you!” Emma said.
“Mum, you’ve looked after me all these years, it’s the least I can do.” Ethan said smiling.

So with Dean dead, Edward, Ethan and Jackson moved out, the household was left with Emma, Lucas and Olivia. It was the End of an Era. It was time for Olivia to grab hold of the reins, and begin her story.




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5 12 2010

What a dramatic generation! This has been great so far!

11 12 2010

Ok so I’m sorry I haven’t commented much, but I am slowly catching up with your chapters! All the drama and love going on, I love it! Your sims really have difficult choices to make, personally I wouldn’t want to be in there place! Though I really do like reading about them! haha


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