3.1 Love Triangles

17 10 2010

“Hello, is this Olivia of the Edon residents?” the voice asked.
“Yes, who is this may I ask?” Olivia asked.
“This is the Sunset Valley events manger, I was wondering if you’d like to supply the wine for the bar tomorrow night for the firework display?” the voice asked.
“That would be great, yes sure!” Olivia said.
“Thank you! Of course you’ll be paid for your efforts so don’t worry, you won’t go unrewarded. Got to dash see you tommorrow night!” The voice said until suddenly they were cut off. The phone went blank.
“I have an order!” Olivia said happily. “I have an order?!?! How did they hear of me, I wasn’t planning on getting any money out of the cellar.” Olivia said. “Never mind.” she said smiling.

After finishing setting up the bar, she decided that her job was now done, and she could sit back and watch the show.

As Olivia stood back and enjoyed the atmosphere soon to be filled by rushing people, she stepped back into someone else.

The man swiveled around “Who did tha…. Oh.” he said.
“Oh sorry! I’m such a clutz.” Olivia said.
“It’s k.” he said.
“Olivia Edon.” Olivia said.
“Owen, nice to meet you!” he said. They could both feel the chemistry.

Olivia decided to take it a step further.
“Say Owen, maybe to say sorry I could maybe take you out sometime?” she asked. “Oh Olivia, well…” Owen was interrupted by another character walking up to him.

She came over and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

“Baby who’s this?” she asked.
“Oh hunni.” he said laughing. “This is Olivia, Olivia this is Katie.” Owen said.
“His girlfriend.” Katie said strongly.
Someone called Owen and he walked away.

“Listen slut, Owen is mine, stay away or else!” she said walking away.

What just happened here? How come the one person she actually clicked with, was already taken. Well perhaps he just wasn’t the one, she decided to go home, she suddenly felt like she wasn’t in the mood for a fireworks display.

As she started walking away, she heard a familiar voice.
“Leaving already? The display hasn’t even started yet.” he said. It sounded like him.

She turned around.
“Owe…. Oh.” Olivia said.
“Hey, the names Gavin. Gavin Lanee. You must be… wait let me guess, the most beautiful girl on this beach.” Gavin said smiling.
Olivia blushed.

“Actually, it’s Olivia Edon. But nice to meet you. Do you really think I’m pretty?” Olivia asked.
“How could I lie to someone as amazing as you?” he asked rhetorically.

By the time they announced the fireworks were about to be set off, Olivia and Gavin were already cuddling in the moonlight.

The fireworks were amazing.

Not like Gavin or Olivia were watching them.

Gavin looked at his watch.
“Hey, I’d love to see you again, but I gotta go. Heres my number and address, I gotta go! Cya later babe!” he said running off.

So Olivia decided to visit him the following night but was met by Owen.
“Oh, Owen…” Olivia said.
“Oh, hey Olivia, what are you doing here? How did you know I lived here?” Owen asked.
“Oh, well I didn’t, I must have the wrong adress, it’s okay, I’ll just call thanks anyway.” Olivia said.
She saw Katie’s face in the background. The face of thunder! Where did Gavin live then? Had he given her false information?




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