3.2 Love Triangles (2)

23 10 2010

The following day she decided to call up Gavin, maybe she had the right number.
“Hello?” A voice said.
“Hey, It’s Olivia.” Olivia said.
“Oh hey Olivia, were you wondering about going out again sometime?” the voice said.
It was Gavin it had to be. Owen would never say that, especially with his girlfriend.
“Yeah, when are you free? And where should we go?” Olivia asked.
“Well if your free now, you can come over.” Gavin said.
“Cool, but I have a confession to make. Yesterday, I went to your house, and I ended up at someone elses house. Maybe you should come over to mine.” Olivia said.
“Course, see you in 10!” he said.

When Gavin arrived, he gave Olivia a kiss.
“It’s great too see you again Gavin!” Olivia said.
“Every time I see you my heart melts! Hopefully in bed.” Gavin said.
“Oh… actually my mum and brother are in the house at the moment. Sorry.” Olivia said.
“Ok, ok, I’ll drive us to mine, the house is empty.” he said.

“Wait Gavin, how is it possible you live here?” she asked.
“It’s amazing isn’t it. My parents left it to me and my brother. He lives here too.” he said.
“Oh, it makes sense now. So you and Owen are brothers?” she said.
“Yeah! You know him!” Gavin asked.
“Yeah, we met a while back, although his girlfriend isn’t too appreciative of me being friends with him.” she said.
“She’s not bad when you get to know her.” he said.

“That was amazing!” Olivia said.
“Get used to it babe.” Gavin said smiling.
Even though Olivia hadn’t known Gavin long, she felt different with him. He made her feel special. She was glad she lost the big V with what she hoped would be her one true love.

“You better go babe. My brother will be back any minute now.” Gavin said.
“Oh do I have too?” Olivia asked. “I wish I could stay here with you forever!” she said.
“I wish you could stay, but my brother will be kinda freaked to walk in on his brother and his mate.” Gavin said.
“S’pose your right.” Olivia said getting out of bed getting changed.

All Olivia could think about that night was “Gavin, Gavin, Gavin” was she in love?

She couldn’t stand being without him any longer. So she decided to give a surprise visit to Gavin. She knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again, no answer. She took the key from under the mat and went inside.

No one was there. But the fire was on. Maybe he’d gone to bed early?

In fact, he had gone to bed early. With another woman.

It was only Owen’s “girlfriend” Katie in bed with Gavin!
“Hm hm…” Olivia said.

“Omg, Olivia, it’s not what it looks like. She came onto me!” Gavin said.

“That’s not true! He came onto me!” Katie shouted.

“I don’t care whom came onto whom! One led and the other agreed and continued! You have both been disloyal to that one closest to you! I have no choise but to tell Owen. And in case you hadn’t already noticed Gavin, but were through, your untrustworthy. I can’t believe I fell for your lame compliments and your unbelieveable lies!” Olivia shouted.
“No Olivia! Owen can’t know.” Katie said.
“Sorry, but no cheating woman should stay with an honest soul like Owen!” Olivia said.

As Olivia walked out, she couldn’t help but wonder why this happened. Was it something she did?

“Well, maybe we could spend the rest of the night together, you know, before are social lifes become complete wrecks?” Katie asked.
“Why not, you’ve lived with me so long, you were the one I wanted the whole time Katie. Olivia was a cover up, ya no, for Owen.” he said.
“I know, you don’t need to explain to me baby!” Katie said.

“Oh hey Olivia! What are you doing here?” Owen asked.
“I have something to tell you Owen, and its not going to be easy.” Olivia said.




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