3.3 Commitment

24 10 2010

“Hey mum.” Olivia said.
“Ohh. Who’s this then?” Emma said excitedly. “And what happened to that Gavin fellow?” Emma said.
“This is Owen.” Olivia said.
“Ohhhh Owen! But don’t you have a girlfriend Owen?” Emma said.
“Mum! It’s a long story, but all you have to know is both of us are now single and he’s only here because there’s no where else for him to go. So don’t try to set us up or anything!” Olivia said.
“Of course.” Emma said smiling.

“Pft. Not set them up? What does she take me for? If I was here I jump for an opportunity like this. He is H O T hot!” Emma said to herself.

“So Owen, your into chess are you?” Emma asked.
“Yup.” he said.
“Training to be a doctor?” Emma asked.
“Erm, no. I’m not for that kinda stuff. I’m training to be a forensic scientist working for the sunset valley cops. I’m only a desk Jockey at the moment, but it won’t take long for them to realize my potential.” Owen said.
“You know who else is into that kind of thing? My Olivia! She loves that kinda thing.” Emma said.
“Nice try Miss Edon, but Olivia warned me about this, I’m not falling for any of these tricks.” Owen said.
“Okay okay, you got me.” Emma said walking off.

“So, I was thinking guys, maybe we could go out tonight. We could get a babysitter too look after Lucas and have a nice meal out.” Emma said.
“Hmmm. Is this one of your tricks mum?” Olivia asked.
“Phft. Olivia, your so paranoid. I’ll be there remember?” Emma said reassuringly.
“I guess.” Olivia said.
“Come on Olivia, your mum is offering to give us a free meal, my mum always said never reject a favor from a friend.” Owen said.
“I suppose we can then.” Olivia said.
“Great! Meet you at the bistro tonight say, half sevenish?” Emma said.
“Okay.” Olivia and Owen said.

Because Olivia arrived early, she was the first there. She was quick to grab a table of 3 and sat down to wait for the other group members.

As Owen arrived on time, he was second and plonked himself down opposite Olivia and they chatted for a while until Emma was half an hour late so Olivia said she’d call her mum.

“Mum, where are you?” Olivia said.
“Oh didn’t you get my message? Lucas’ babysitter had to cancel, I’m stuck at home with him.” she said.
“Oh okay. then.” Olivia said ending the call.

“I knew she’d do this!” Olivia said angrily. “She’s had to stay home because apparently the babysitter canceled! Come on let’s go!” Olivia said.
“Wait. Olivia you’ve got all your make up on, and you bought that new dress, maybe we could… I dunno… stay for the meal.” Owen said.
“What?” Olivia said.
“Nothing. Doesn’t matter lets go.” Owen said.
“Owen, do you have feelings for me?” Olivia asked.
“Well… erm…” Owen replied.
“I thought you didn’t like me, in that way.” Olivia said.
“I’ve always liked you. It’s just, well, Katie was there. I couldn’t just dump her for you. That’s not fair. I made a commitment to her.” Owen said.
“But she didn’t to you.” Olivia said.

“Owen, why didn’t you tell me before?” Olivia asked.
“Why?” Owen asked.
“Because… I love you Owen Lanee, and I want you to be my boyfriend.” Olivia said.

He leaned in and gave her the most romantic first kiss Olivia had ever had.

“Ready?” Owen asked.
“Erm… yes.” Olivia said.
“Olivia. If you don’t wanna do this, then you don’t have too. I can tell your not ready yet.” Owen said.
“Yes. I’m sorry Owen. It’s just. The last time I did it early on, the relationship ended miserably, I’m sorry.” Olivia apologized.
“It’s okay, I understand.” Owen said getting under the covers.

But Olivia thought she might of been a bit overwhelmed with guilt from Owen, or eaten something bad, because she was throwing up quite a bit.

Well, she wasn’t as worried, until she found out there was a change in her periods. She took the pregnancy test. And sure enough it was positive. The problem was, there has only ever been one man she has given herself too. Gavin Lanee.

“Owen, I have some big news.” Olivia said.
“Cool, what is it?” Owen asked.
“Well, do you like kids? You do right?” Olivia asked.
“Yeah they rock. I’d like to have some, some day.” Owen said.
“Owen, I don’t think you get what I’m saying.” Olivia said.

Olivia picked up Owen’s hand and put it on her stomach.
“Get it now?” Olivia asked.

“A baby?” Owen asked.
“Yes.” Olivia answered.
“But how, we’ve never… ya no.” Owen said.
“Listen Owen, before I was with you, who was I with?” Olivia asked.
“Gavin. Oh. So you… Okay bad mental image.” Owen said.

“You see, Garvin told me so many lies that I was amazing, and the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Compliments are a girls best weakness.” Olivia said.
“But Olivia, they wern’t lies. They just came from the wrong person. You are amazing. Your are the most beautiful girl in the world. This baby of yours, is going to look just like you. I know it.” Owen said.
“Our baby. Not mine, ours.” Olivia said.

“Owen Lanee, will you marry me?” Olivia asked hopefully.

“Yes yes yes! A million times! I love you Olivia. I will marry you!” Owen said joyfully.

“Olivia Jayne Edon, is that a pregnancy book your reading?” Emma said.
The jig was up. Her mum knew.




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