3.4 Another Jeremy Kyle Family

30 10 2010

Just before you start reading, I’d like to inform you this chapter is a bit longer then the other chapters, but the only suitable stopping point leaves on a few spare pictures, so I decided to just make this chapter longer. Hope you enjoy it!

“Olivia Jayne Edon, is that a pregnancy book your reading?” Emma said.
The jig was up. Her mum knew.

“Mum I… I gotta tell you something.” Olivia said.
“You don’t need to explain. I understand. Accidents happen. I mean they happened to me! Owen and you will have the most beautiful baby in the world. I know it.” Emma said smiling.
“No mum, you don’t understand.” Olivia said.

“The baby, well… It’s 3 months.” Olivia said.
“What? So… who’s is it then? Were you cheating?” Emma said disgustedly.
“No no no, I was never with Owen. I was with Gavin 3 months ago mum.” Olivia confessed.

“Oh. I see. What’s his number?” Emma asked.
“Mum, no. I don’t want him to know. He hates kids anyway.” Olivia said.
“But Olivia…” Emma said.
“Please mum. Do this… for me.” Olivia said.
“Ok. I suppose it’s your place to say anyway.” Emma said.

“Thanks mum.” Olivia said. “And by the way. The baby isn’t the only new addition to the family. Owen and I are getting married!” Olivia said.
“Oh my gosh! That’s great news. But listen to me Olivia. Look after him all the time! Trust me, I’ve dealt with so many different lovers. They have all gone eventually. I don’t know how your grandma found one and kept him for her whole life. So love him and never let him go. Private wedding or Party, it doesn’t matter you two decide between you. Cherish him every moment you can.” Emma said thoughtfully.

“Hey Owen.” Olivia said.

Owen turned around.
“Oh hey Olivi….” Owen was interrupted by being pulled in and kissed like never before.

“What was that for?” Owen said laughing.
“I love you. I want to cherish you. So, I was wondering, do you want a party wedding, or a private wedding?” Olivia asked.
“Oh Olivia, I’ll do whichever you want. You want to get married at the church with lots of roses and petals. We will. If you want to get married behind the mini mart, we will! Whatever you want. Now come here, that baby must be killing your back.” Owen said turning Olivia around smiling.

“So, where do you think babe?” Owen asked.
“I know the perfect place. When do you want to get married?” Olivia asked.
“Whenever you want, as long as we marry I don’t mind.” Owen said smiling.
“Cool. Rush home from work tonight and I’ll drive us there tonight. It’ll be the best night of your life, I promise.” Olivia said.

“This view is amazing hunni, how’d you find such an empty spot?” Owen asked.
“Well, look up that hill. Just over it, there’s our house. Don’t tell my mum, but once I went exploring and ran down here. I couldn’t get back up so I walked over that way and discovered a road. It was pretty cool.” Olivia said.

The moment they married was the best day of their lives.

But not the best of someone elses.

Soon enough though, they noticed.

They marched over right away.
“What are you doing here male slut? I thought I kicked you out of our lives that day I left!” Owen said angrily.
“Or maybe the more important question, why are you hanging out with the mother of my child!” Gavin said.
“You stopped being the father of that baby the day you cheated on Olivia!” Owen yelled.
“I have more right to the baby then you do!” Gavin said.

“Gavin. How do you know about the baby?” Olivia asked.
“Your mum called me. She told me that you’d be here.” Gavin said.
“Why did you come. You hate kids.” Olivia said.
“It needs a male role model. Here I am! I’m not saying I’m gonna move in or anythin, I’d just like to attend birthdays and have occasional weekends with it.” Gavin said.

“It has a male father figure thank you!” Owen shouted.
“I said a Male figure, not a cowardly Desk jokey who’s going no where! Listen, Olivia, I’m really sorry. You know that right?” Gavin said.
“Olivia, don’t listen, he never apologizes! He must have some upside to this!” Owen yelled.
“I’ve changed actually Owen. I’m a different man. I dumped Katie, and I’ve got myself a job. You’ve gotta trust me Olivia.” Gavin said giving a puppy dog face.
“Owen, he needs a chance doesn’t he?” Olivia said.
“Yes, and he blew it! I can’t believe your falling for his dirty tricks again!” Owen said.
“I’m sorry Owen, but I believe in second chances. Welcome back Gavin.” Olivia said smiling.

Even though Owen wasn’t too happy with the arrangements with Gavin he was still very much in love with the fact that Olivia was getting bigger and bigger by the day and was only a couple of weeks away from labor!

One night Olivia was making some wine, she suddenly felt a horrible pain in her stomach, then felt a trickle down her leg. She was having her baby! She screamed too get attention.

Luckily Gavin arrived in time, and rushed her to the hospital.

I’d like to happily announce, Olivia had two wonderful twin girls. This is Ellie, Clumsy and Easily impressed.

And this is Charlotte, Couch Potato and Artistic.

But Owen wasn’t too impressed to find his wife had gone to the hospital to have her children without calling him.

“I better go home.” Gavin said.
“Hmmm.” Owen said.

“Owen I….” Olivia said as Owen pushed past her.

“I’m sorry.” she whispered.

“Owen, you can’t imagine how sorry I am.” Olivia said. “I can’t help but feel like I’m loosing you.”

“Loosing me? I’m the one loosing you, and too my own brother!” Owen said.
“No, Owen, I love you, no matter what he does, I will never stop loving you!” Olivia said.
“How can I be sure? I mean, you already have two kids. We don’t have any!” Owen said.

“Well then, let’s change that!” Olivia said taking off her clothes.

“Are you sure your want another child Olivia? You already have two!” Owen said.

“But you have none! And I love kids anyway, I’m a legacy heir for gods sake!” Olivia said. “Besides, I’m ready to do it with you the first time!”
“Cool.” Owen said.

“That was amazing.” Olivia said.
“Not as amazing as you.” Owen said smiling.

A couple weeks later, Olivia was gardening in the garden, until she suddenly felt sick, she ran to the toilet and threw up. And the pregnancy began.




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