3.5 Routines

31 10 2010

Soon enough Lucas was a terrible Teen, who became a daredevil.

Emma soon enough had all her hair turned grey and found it hard at work to run as fast as she used too. In fact, it was that bad, she had to retire. She loved her job, but now she’s just too old.

Soon enough Olivia started to show, and this pregnancy was much easier then the last. Mainly because she’d done it before, and last time it had been in fact twins. Everyone was happy for the couple.

Apart from one.
“Ugh, how could this happen. This means they must be way into each other again! I was doing my best to split them up. I better just try harder. I will take back what’s rightfully mine, Olivia.” Gavin said to himself.

Eventually the twins became toddlers. This is little Ellie.

And this is little Charlotte.

Although Olivia’s pregnancy was pretty good before, it became a lot harder when she had to teach the twins to walk and talk and use the potty. Owen never really had time to help them as he was at work most of the time.

Luckily Emma was a pensioner now, and had tons of free time and helped Olivia out.

Eventually it was the time for baby to be born, Olivia was just in the kitchen to get a snack, and suddenly, she felt the trickle, and then the horrible pains. It hurt! But Lucas was in the room and he was going crazy wondering what to do!
“Call Owen!” Olivia finally got out.

And Lucas did just that. Owen arrived at the hospital at the same time as Olivia to see the delivery of his first child.

I’m proud to announce had another lovely girl called Bella. Who loved painting but was a little insane sometimes.

One night Olivia was cooking tea and Gavin approached her (who was joining them that night, Owen knew this so he stayed overtime at work).
“Hi Olivia.” Gavin said.
“Hi Gavin, the twins are in the nursery.” Olivia said.
“Actually it was you I wanted to see.” Gavin said.
“Why’s that?” Olivia asked.
“Coz well, tonight you look really nice Olivia. Just the way the light shines on you.” Gavin said.
Olivia turned around.

“You know that right?” Gavin asked.
“Hmmm.” Olivia said.

As Olivia turned and walked to the oven Gavin caught her and came in for a kiss.
“What are you doing?” Olivia screamed.
“Sorry it’s just. You look so amazing, we should of never broken up.” Gavin said.

“Well it’s too late now, you’ve cheated on me and I’m married to a man who never will. If you can excuse me, I’m making dinner, now I insist you go and see you children, they love you and want to see you.” Olivia said turning towards the oven.

“So why did the woman who once loved me not kiss me back? It can’t be because of Katie, because I broke up with her. The only difference is…” Gavin stopped.

“The only difference is Owen. He’s the reason. I just need her to get her mind off him. That’s it! Olivia, get ready to fall into my arms!” Gavin said to himself.

“Okay, I know your all wondering why I asked Olivia to make Lobster tonight. I was hoping Owen would be here too but he has something at work to sort out. The thing is, I’m moving out.” Emma said.
“What? Mum why?” Olivia asked.
“In this town, people walk past me in the streets, they know who I am. Or who I was at work. They scowl at me, they call me names, I just can’t take staying in the house all the time anymore. I know you have lots of people here who care about you and your children, Owen, Gavin and many of your friends.” Emma said.

“I totally understand mum.” Olivia said.
“Now, Lucas, I don’t mind whether you want to come with me to a different town called Veronaville, or stay here with your friends and family. I know your responsible enough to stay if you want.” Emma said.
“Mum, I love it here, but in Veronaville there is a large space for those interested in the guitar and painting. I’d like to come with you. For the good of my future.” Lucas said.
“Of course.” Emma said. “The car journey is only an hour, and we can leave tomorrow night.”

Since it was the holidays, Owen had tons of time for his first child; Bella. She was Daddy’s little girl. He made sure to teach her to talk, walk and potty train her too. All was well in this house. Well, they thought but maybe welcoming Gavin into the house wasn’t such a good idea.




3 responses

31 10 2010

Love it xD When next chapter out???

1 11 2010

This Saturday coming. Gavin maybe plotting something? But what? 🙂

14 11 2010

Nice Veronaville reference 🙂

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