3.6 Old tricks

6 11 2010

The Edon household wasn’t so full anymore. The nursery was always busy, but upstairs was nearly disowned! Owen went to work everyday, and Olivia stayed home to care for the children on work on her garden and nectary.

One day after Owen had gone, Olivia was coming up to the ground floor to check on the kids she was looking down at the stairs when a noice startled her.
“Hey Olivia.” Gavin said.
“Wow! You made me jump, why arn’t you at work?” Olivia asked.
“Day off.” Gavin said.

“oh. Why are you here? And why are you in this room, no one comes down here. Not even Owen.” Olivia said.
“Hey, just wanted to check everything over here was okay. I don’t really have much to do on my days off. I come and see the twins, or I work. That’s me. But I was thinking, I should get some hobbies, like Olivia and her nectary. So I was wondering, I’d like to see your nectary, I hear you make some of the best wine in town. If you don’t mind, I wanted to try some.” Gavin said.
“Hmm, I don’t see why not. By the way, it’s a long way down, so be prepared to get out of breath!” Olivia said laughing.
So off they went.

So Olivia poured one of her wines into some cups.

And they drunk the wine. And Gavin asked to try some other wine, so they did, by that time Olivia was pretty drunk and said yes to anything, it was time.

He complimented her and she blushed and thanked him. Then he got quite close to her face.
“You have the most beautiful eyes Olivia.” Gavin said getting closer.
They kissed, and it was like their first all over again.

It was no surprise they ended up in the bedroom.

Later on that night after Gavin had gone and she’d fallen asleep on the bed from being drunk, she woke up. What had she done?

“Hey babe, why are you up so early?” Owen asked.
“Couldn’t sleep.” Olivia said.
“Ahh well, it’s probably because you went to sleep so early last night.” Owen said laughing. “What did you do yesterday to get yourself so tired? Normally you only go to bed early when you drink or when we… ya no, have fun in bed.” he said smiling.
“Hm.” Olivia said.

“So, did anyone come over yesterday?” Owen asked.
“What? Why? Who?” Olivia asked fidgety.
“I see you haven’t had all the sleep you needed. I just wanted to know if anything came in the post, I’m expecting a book.” Owen said.
“Oh, Sorry. Yeah, I woke up this morning from an airplane passing by, but couldn’t get back to sleep. Sorry.” Olivia said.
“Well, I’m gonna go get dressed for work see you later.” Owen said.
“Bye.” Olivia said.
She felt so horrible, she couldn’t keep lying to him like this. It was only day 1! It was probably going to get worse.

Once Owen had gone to work Olivia set out on harvesting her garden. She knew Gavin wouldn’t come over because they were deciding who would become a Local Representative today and Gavin would definitely need to be there.

Suddenly she heard something, she turned around, only to find Gavin stood there.
“Hey babe!” Gavin said coming in for a kiss.
“No get off of me! Why aren’t you at work?” Olivia asked.
“You didn’t really think I got a job did you? This time in the day is just for me and you babe. Our love time.” Gavin said.

“I don’t love you, I love Owen!” Olivia said angrily.
“But what about the other day?” Gavin asked.
“That was a mistake, you got me drunk. Wait a minute, you got me drunk before we were intimate, you never had a job but you come here when your meant to be at your ‘job’. You set this up didn’t you! To get Owen jealous! Well he’s not going to find out! Get out now!” Olivia said angrily.

“No, actually, I’ll tell you what to do!” Gavin said.
“Or what?” Olivia said.

“I’ll show him this!” Gavin said smirking.
Ooh Gavin, I love you! I never want to let you go! Your amazing!

“He’ll hate you if he sees that!” Olivia said.
“First of all, he already hates me. Second of all, he’ll hate you more for doing this. It changes nothing for me.” Gavin said.

“But everything for me! Please delete it!” Olivia said.
“Maybe. If you do something for me. And you know what that is.” Gavin said raising his eyebrows.

This went on for a month or two.

Until Olivia started regretting that she hadn’t just said no.




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