3.8 Grumpy Teens

13 11 2010

Olivia found it hard trying to train both of her new borns life skills at once, but it was worth the trouble when she witnessed both of her lovely children walking their first steps, saying their first word or learning to use the potty for the first time.

Soon enough Bella was old enough for school too.

And much like her older half sister Charlotte, she also loved painting.

And after having 5 children, Olivia started to get pretty old and wrinkles wear appearing on her face every day.

It was time to everything behind her. She just wanted a routine. Everything the same. Her family was perfect now. She had a perfect cellar and her child bearing days were over. It was time to just focus on hobbies and family.

Also, soon enough the boys were children stuck in a house full of 4 girls and just each other to rely on for guy stuff.

This is Liam who became Hydrophobic.

And this is Noah who became Absent minded.

And soon enough it was time for the twins to grow up too! They somehow convinced Olivia to choose what they bought from the store. This is Ellie, who became flirty.

And this is Charlotte who became Grumpy.

When Ellie arrived home Olivia was worried.
“Ellie! What are you wearing? Why’ve you died your hair black? I said your allowed to choose your own clothes as long as their not too relieving remember?” Olivia said aggressively.

“Oh mum, you know I tried my hardest to find something like that, but non of them were in my size.” Ellie said giving a puppy dog face. “You know I’d tell the truth, don’t you mum?” Ellie said sweetly.

Olivia couldn’t resist, that face, on that girl, she could get anything!
“Well, I suppose if this was the only one in your size.” Olivia said.

“Thank you mummy, your the bestest!” Ellie said.
“Well, at least I could trust your sister to get something sensible.” Olivia said.
“Oh. Well that was kind of a fashion disaster mum. Charlotte kind of. Well, she says it expresses her feelings or something.” Ellie said walking away giggling.

Olivia paused. What did Ellie mean? Charlotte was expressing her “feelings”. This worried Olivia.

As Charlotte walked in Olivia nearly had a heart attack! She nearly fell over but pushed herself back up in time. Charlotte just stood there appalled by Olivia’s reaction to her new look.

“Jeez mum, no need to fake fall over. It’s just an outfit, some hair dye and a bit of make up. Stop over-reacting!” Charlotte said.

“Just an outfit? It’s not an outfit, it’s the grim reaper robes sold at a store! I can’t believe they sold that at ‘Teez’ like I asked you to go to.” Olivia said.
“Teez? No one shops at ‘teez’ mum! I went to ‘Inside’ and Ellie went to ‘glitz and glamour’.” Charlotte confessed agrily.

“I can’t believe you went against everything I told you! Go to your room right now young lady!” Olivia said.

“Make me.” Charlotte said smugly.

“Your just as bad as your rotten father!” Olivia said. “You never listen and don’t take orders from anyone apart from yourself.”

Charlotte jumped up defensibly.
“I’m nothing like him! You can’t compare him too me!” Charlotte yelled running off to her room.
Was that Charlotte? She was really insulted when she said that. Did she hate her father. Was it Gavin who made her like this? Maybe.




4 responses

14 11 2010

I started reading this when you commented on my legacy. I love it! I’m still reading generation 2 though.

14 11 2010

I’m glad you like my legacy! I always thought that my first generations were a tad amaturish… (as I’m into the end of the 4th generation at the moment) Many were just a couple pictures long :S Later on they get longer though, don’t worry 🙂 And I’ve added you to the blog roll as we discussed on your legacy 🙂

14 11 2010

=D thank you, I will read your legacy til it ends!

15 11 2010

Awww, Thanks! =D I hope that means your reading out of interest not out of Pity xD

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