3.9 Dreams, Germs and a whole lot of flirting

14 11 2010

Since Ellie did have a flirty nature and a total athletic need. She obviously attracted a lot of male attention unlike her sister. Those who she kinda liked she brought back home. She just couldn’t find the right guy though.

Meanwhile Bella was having bad dreams.
She screamed!

Olivia ran too Bella.
“Bella, are you ok?” Olivia asked worryingly.
“I had a bad dream! First we were running. From a giant water monster! Then, suddenly you guys stopped and pushed me into the oceon, and I was stuck then the monster came to get me, then I woke up! It was horrible!” Bella said.

“Oh Bella, I always tell you not to eat sweets before bed. Otherwise you have insane dreams like these. And why are you wearing your best dress for bed? Oh Bella, your so silly sometimes.” Olivia said giving Bella a hug.

But Olivia was secretly worried about Bella. This wasn’t a one time thing. It had happened before where she’s worn something totally random and not what your supposed to wear, she’s also had dreams like these before. Was it a phase? She didn’t know. But there was one person who reminded her of Bella. Her half brother; Jackson.

“Mummy.” Ellie said sweetly.
“What do you want Ellie?” Olivia asked.
“What? Just because I’m being nice doesn’t mean I want something mum!” Ellie said.

“Then why are you in your sports gear waiting by the door?” Olivia asked.
“Please mum! I wanna go out. The gym here is boring, the gym in town has music and stuff.” Ellie said.
“Ellie weve talked about this. Your not allowed at the gym in town because you always end up coming home with a boy or a group of friends!” Olivia said.
“Oh mum, I promise not to bring anyone home or anything!” Ellie said with a puppy dog face.
“Oh fine. Just make sure no one comes home with you and your back before dark.” Olivia said.
“Thank you mummy!” Ellie said.

When Ellie arrived at the gym she was about to go on the tredmill when she noticed one person. And one person only. She felt herself druling over his hot sweaty body.

Maybe she was staring for too long, as soon enough he stopped and came over to her.
“Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you, I think your really cute.” he said smiling.
Ellie blushed.
“Thanks. My names Ellie, Ellie Edon.” Ellie said.
“My names Cole Sams, nice to meet you.” he said smiling.

They were flirting for a while until Ellie noticed the time.
“Oh Cole, it’s been so great meeting you. I wish I could stay but I gotta go. Here’s my number. Call me ok?” she said.

“Ok, but just let me do one thing.” Cole said coming close to Ellie.

And they kissed. They smiled and Ellie ran off.

Soon enough Bella was a teenager too. And she became a neat freak.

She was constantly washing hands muttering something about getting rid of the germs.

She insisted on getting a sink installed in her bedroom so she had clean hands throughout the night.

When she imagined germs anywhere she wanted to strangle herself for how much she hated them.

There was only one way Olivia knew to find out if Bella was really insane or just in a phase.
“Bella, don’t you think you’ve been acting a little… well strange recently?” Olivia said.

“What? No. I’ve just got more concious about germs around me that’s all.” Bella said.
“Just germs aye?” Olivia asked.
“Yep.” Bella said.
“Well, if that’s all it then okay.” Olivia said smiling.

Olivia was now worried. Bella just simply acted normaly and made up an excuse. That’s exactly what Jackson did. He said the woman he met must of run away and when Olivia said he might need help he just said it wasn’t true. Olivia knew what she had to do. She wouldn’t be able to do this herself.

So the following day, Olivia did what she had to. And the following week Bella left for the Ashcroft Medical Centre. Olivia hoped to see Bella again some day soon. How did this happen? How did such a sweet little girl with big dreams get tied to such a horrible long term mental disability?




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