3.10 My Guy

20 11 2010

Ellie really liked Cole. He was the thing she’d been looking for. She couldn’t wait for him to call, so she headed over to his house. It wasn’t quite what she expected. It was just a small bungalow. At the most 2 person.

As Ellie approached the house she noticed Cole running to her. He gave her a big kiss. Ellie opened her eyes and stopped.

“Oh.” Ellie said.
“What?” he asked.
“I didn’t know that… well you wore glasses.” she said.
“Oh Ellie, just because I wear glasses doesn’t make me any different. I’m still the same guy inside! The guy you met at the gym working out that you were virtually drooling over.” he said.
“I suppose. Can I come in Cole?” Ellie said smiling.
“Sure I’m just doing some studying come on in.” Cole said turning around.

“Studying?” Ellie asked.
Cole turned around.
“Oh, we can just play chess if you want then.” he said.
Ellie looked at Cole with disbelief. The guy who felt so right was a nerd.
“It was never going to work was it Ellie?” Cole said.

“No. I’m sorry Cole. Goodbye.” she said giving him a goodbye kiss.

“Hey hunni, how come your back so early from your date?” Olivia asked.
“Coz me and Cole… Were not together anymore mum.” Ellie said.

“What? Why?” Olivia asked.
“Well, I went over to his and he was studying mum. I hate studying, as you know. Were complete opposites! We both realised were not right for each other.” Ellie said.
“What? That’s stupid Ellie! Most opposites attract!” Olivia said.
“Yeah, most do, but not us.” Ellie said.

Olivia seriously did not think that was a valid reason to split up with such a cute boy. Olivia was going to set them up together no matter what. She remembered when her mother did so for her, it was the best thing her mother ever did.

“Mum! I really don’t wanna spend tonight with Cole, the break up was kinda awquard and I’m supposed to be going out with my friends anyway!” Ellie complained.
“Mum. You seriously not trying to make me sit through this meal with this randomer!” Charlotte complained.
“Girls! I’m your mother and I tell you what you have to do! I’m telling you now, your both going to sit through dinner and Ellie don’t you dare try to sneak off!” Olivia said angrily.
Both girls went quiet. They thought it was best not to aggrivate their mum anymore.

When Cole arrived, everyone grabbed a plate of Grilled salmon and sat down to eat. Everyone was quiet.
“This is really nice Salmon Miss Edon.” Cole said.
“Yes, but compliments to the chef; Ellie.” Olivia lied.
“What? I didn’t cook this!” Ellie said.
“Ellie can’t even cook toast without burning it!” Charlotte said laughing.
Cole laughed. Charlotte looked at Cole. Did he really just laugh at her joke?

After Dinner everyone danced to the stereo. Charlotte danced with Cole.

“So, I hear your into sports Cole?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m into sports, and chess and stuff. I know it’s an odd mix but it’s exactly the skills I need to become as a special agent.” Cole said. “You?” he asked.
“Oh me? I’m into art and writing.” Charlotte said.
“Writing?” he asked.
“Not really. I do a bit, but it’s not that good.” Charlotte said.
“You should show me, you the kinda girl who’d expect to have lots of emotions.” he said.
“Why?” she asked.
“Look at yourself. You obviously cover yourself up in black because you want to hide yourself away from the world, your expressing yourself. Maybe instead of the black look, you should put everything into your novels. You could be a really good writer!” he said.
“Thanks.” she said blushing.

They stopped dancing and looking into each other’s eyes. Olivia noticed and stopped and watched.

They pulled each other in and kissed. Olivia saw and was hurt inside. How could Ellie’s own twin sister kiss her ex?

“Charlotte Josephine Edon! How could you kiss your own twin sister’s ex? It’s not fair on her!” Olivia yelled. “Cole is Ellie’s ideal man, not yours! Your not into sports!” Olivia yelled.
“But he makes me feel special.” Charlotte said.
“And she makes me feel special Miss Edon!” Cole said butting in.
“Charlotte, your never to see this boy again I tell you! Ellie, take Cole home.” Olivia said.
“It’s okay Miss Edon, I’ll take a taxi.” Cole said getting out his mobile.

Charlotte couldn’t believe her mum just did that. She was so embarrassed. But she couldn’t help but remember what Cole said. Maybe instead of the black look, you should put everything into your novels. You could be a really good writer! This wasn’t her. This is what she thought she was. She didn’t like it. She was going to change it.

Charlotte let the black come out of her hair naturally and eventually it was back to it’s natural blonde. She also went out and bought a brand new outfit. It was no longer black, but it was styled black and white as nice contrasting colours.

She also re-decorated her room. It used to be mainly black, now it’s mainly white. It also had two big windows so she could see the view.




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