3.11 Romeo and Juliet

21 11 2010

Charlotte decided she wanted to casually show off her new look and she knew exactly how!
“Hey mum, what’s for breakfast?” Charlotte asked.
“Oh were just having….. oh my gosh! You let your blonde back in! And your dress, it’s not just black!” Olivia said excitedly.

Olivia pulled Charlotte in.
“Come here!” Olivia said.
Charlotte laughed.
“You like it then?” Charlotte asked.
“Do I?” Olivia said smiling.
“Cool, I’m going over to Cole’s cya later mum!” Charlotte said.

“What? No. Your staying here. Just because you went back to your natural blonde, doesn’t mean myself and your sister forgive you.” Olivia said.
“What? But Ellie doesn’t even like him any more!” Charlotte said.
“That’s not the point, you don’t date ex’s.” Olivia said.
“Ugh he’s just a boy mum! Ellie doesn’t mind otherwise she would of yesterday!!!” Charlotte screamed storming upstairs.

Charlotte looked out her window. She saw the view, then something below waving to her. It was Cole! She smiled and waved back. And he called her on his cell phone.

“Hey, I really like you Charlotte. Your the cutest girl to ever… well, the only girl to ever except me for who I am!” Cole said.
“And your the only guy who’s ever made sense to me. I mean look at me! My hair is now blonde again, I’m no longer hiding away my feelings or anything! I… I love you Cole!” Charlotte said.

“I…” Cole was interrupted by Olivia.
“What are you doing with the wrong Daughter?!? Your supposed to be with Ellie! I can’t beli…” Charlotte was cut off by Olivia, but she saw how mean she was being to Cole. She had an idea!

She started texting Cole.

After Olivia shooed Cole away from the house, he read his message which he felt vibrating before. Go on Fb at midnite. We gotta talk. There was no name from who sent it. But he knew who it was from; Charlotte.

So like Charlotte asked, he went on at midnight.

And so did she.
“Hey, glad you could come!” Charlotte typed.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. :)” Cole typed.
“We gotta meet up in secret. It’s the only way. I’f it’s okay, we can go to the beach after school 2moz nite.” Charlotte typed.
“Yeah, k. How will you get past your mum?” Cole said.

“I can tell her I have choir practise like usual.” Charlotte typed.
“Choir? xD” Cole typed.
“It’s not real, I go 2 friends houses. She never knows. I can pretend we have this visit to old folks home so I come round a few times, or go out somewhere.” Charlotte typed.
“Oh rite. Ok, u come over 2moz k till bout 6pm?” he typed.
“Yeah, sure. Ooh g2g! I hear my mum coming!” Charlotte typed.

Charlotte turned off the laptop and stayed very still and quiet.
Olivia looked down the hallway, no one. The lights were off. She listened. No one. She was already hearing things and she was only 43! She really was getting old.

So thats what they did. The following day they met after school and went down to the beach.
They talked for a while then had a snack.
“Charlotte. You know the other day when you said you loved me.” Cole said.
“Hmm. That was embarrassing.” Charlotte said quietly.
“Well, I never got a chance to say that… well, I love you to.” Cole said.

“You do?” Charlotte said.
“Of course. Your the best girl in the world. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.” Cole said smiling.
Charlotte blushed.

“Which is why I’d like to ask you something Charlotte. Will you go steady with me?

“Yes of course I will Cole!” Charlotte said pulling him in for a big hug.

This went on for a while. Sometimes they went to the beach, sometimes to the park, even sometimes, they went to the cinema!

Soon enough the twins were teens, this is Liam who became artistic.

And this is Noah who became excitable.

As Olivia walked into on of the bathrooms she was met by Noah applying make up!
“Oh Noah, Sorry!” Olivia said. “Wait, is that my eyeliner?” she asked.

“Of course not mum! I tried some of Ellie’s eyeliner on and I looked well good. She came in though and told me to go out buy some of my own and they call it guy liner.” Noah said smiling.
“Why do you think you need to wear eye… guy liner? Your brother doesn’t!” Olivia said.
“Yeah but all my friends do. It’s cool at the moment! Seriously, your my mum, you don’t understand style.” he said.
“Oh. Ok then.” Olivia said unsurely.
“Ok, I’m goin out to the park with Shayne.” Noah said.
“Oh, you seem to be spending a lot of time with Shayne lately.” Olivia said.
“Chill mum, were mates, in fact were going girl hunting.” Noah said.
“Oh.” Olivia said laughing. “Go on then, go have fun.” Olivia said relieved.
“Cyas!” Noah said.

At that moment Olivia realised Noah had left his guy liner on the sink. She was no guy make up expert, but she knew when she wore make up she took it with her just in case it needed re applying.

Olivia ran after Noah until she heard him talking on the phone.
“Ok, I’ll talk to you later! Love ya!” Noah said.
Then Olivia realised, Noah was going girl hunting, but it sounded like he already had a girlfriend! He was about to go cheat on his girlfriend!




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21 11 2010

I know I know! Noah is gay! He said Love Ya to Shayne! I think so anyway O_o Can’t wait for more!

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