3.12 I love him!

27 11 2010

Hi, just to let everyone know, I lost some furniture, so some has been replaced, for example the dining furniture inside and at the party area, also the sofas in the home theatre and hobby room.

Last time Olivia thinks she heard Noah call up his girlfriend before going out girl hunting with his friend Shayne.

“I know! I can follow him. Then see what he’s really doing. He wouldn’t be girl hunting when he has a girlfriend that he didn’t tell me about.” Olivia said to herself.

Earlier that day.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t wanna angel.” Cole said.
“But I want to. I want to show you I love you!” Charlotte said.
“I know you love me! And I love you to!” Cole said.
“But I really wanna to prove to myself, that I love you enough and think that your the one. I really wanna do this Cole.” Charlotte said.
“Ok then. But if at any time you wanna stop just say.” Cole said reassuringly.

So that night was magical for the both of them.

Later again! πŸ™‚
As Olivia watched Noah waiting impatiently, she began to wonder. Where on earth on this park were all the women, all she seemed to see were old people and children?

But her thoughts were interrupted as she saw a smile light up on her sons face.

His friend Shayne had arrived.

“Oh, he must be really happy to finally see his friend.” Olivia said to herself.

“Maybe a little too happy.” Olivia said to herself getting a little worried.

“Oh my god! My son! He’s… gay…” Olivia said to herself shocked. Just as she was about to go over and confront her son she noticed something more shocking.

“Oh Charlotte!” Olivia said angrily.

She started walking towards Charlotte totally oblivious to Shayne and her son Noah!

“Charlotte Edon! I can’t believe you’d disobey me and go behind my back messing around with that!” Olivia said pointing at Cole.
“Me? I can’t believe you’d follow me here!” Charlotte said.
“I didn’t follow you here!” Olivia said.
“Then why are you here?” Charlotte yelled.
“I was following Noa…. I mean yes, I followed you!” Olivia said.
“I knew it! Why can’t you just let me be with Cole! Love concurs all! You’ve got to understand that!” Charlotte yelled!
“Stop listening to silly stories Charlotte, there are NO happy endings!” Olivia said.

“And you! Oh don’t get me started on you! Stay away from my family! Come on Charlotte your not to see this boy.” Olivia said.
“But mum!” Charlotte said.
“No buts! If you stay with this boy, there will be further punishments and ways to stop you seeing this excuse of a boy! Olivia yelled pulling Charlotte away by her wrist.

As Olivia turned around to face Noah, she saw him running. It was too late for him. She’d already seen everything. Well, Olivia knew that. But Noah didn’t.

“Cole is just a guy Charlotte. he can’t be trusted!” Olivia yelled.
“Hey mum.” Noah said.
“Noah, hi. What happened to you outing?” Olivia asked.
“Oh, Shayne had something come up.” Noah lied.
“Oh, ok.” Olivia said burning up inside.

“As for you young lady! Go to your room! And you can go without supper tonight for disobeying me. I’ll think about the rest of your punishment for now.” Olivia said.
“God why are you so mean. Your just being like this now because you have to stick to your princabels. Really, you don’t mind Cole!” Charlotte yelled.
“In your dreams! Now get upstairs and think about what you’ve done and how you’ve talked to your own mother!” Olivia yelled.

“So… Noah… What’ya reading?” Olivia said.
“The newspaper…” Noah said. “Well, trying.” he said smiling.
Olivia tried to laugh but it sounded a bit fake.
“Noah I… I know Noah.” Olivia said.

“About what?” Noah said turning away.
“About you, and Shayne.” Olivia said.
“Yeah, were good friends.” Noah said.
“No, Noah… I saw you k… being quite amorous with him at the park earlier. I know you gay.” Olivia said.
There was a long silence.
“It’s ok Noah. I understand.” Olivia said.
“No you don’t!” Noah suddenly yelled standing up.

“You don’t know what it’s like. Your not the one being picked on. Your not the one who has to know your never gonna have kids. Your not the one that’s never accepted!” he said tears running down his cheeks.
“Noah, it’s ok!” Olivia said reassuringly. “Lots of people are gay but big things come to them. All they do, is ignore everyone who doesn’t respect them for who they are, and try as hard as they can to do what they want.” Olivia said wisely.

“You know what mum, I’m going to become a politician. Specialising in stopping bullying towards homosexuals and making a special phone number for them to call when they feel worried about something.” Noah said.
“I knew you’d dream of doing big things, remember though, you’ll have to make it come true.” Olivia said smiling then coming in for a big hug.




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3 12 2010

Aww:) I just wish Owen would come back though. i have spent the whole night reading your blog and I am hooked. I am adding you to my blogroll:)

3 12 2010

I have to admit, I’m surprised you hooked on my blog… There are surely much better ones out there. I’m very flattered that you like my legacy and I hope you keep reading untill the end. πŸ™‚

4 12 2010

Beckey, I will read until the end. You an take my legacy off your blog roll I cant play it my laptop is messed up. I am probably getting a new one next weekend

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