3.13 The past, present and Future

28 11 2010

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. 🙂

So slowly, everyone seemed to go back to normal. Everyone went on with life, focusing on hobbies and skills for later in life.

Until Charlotte had to do something, she never wanted to until she was married and about 25 at the earliest. And sure enough, it was positive. She was sure there was only one guy’s. It had been 2 weeks and 3 days since it had happened. She remembered. She’d finally lost her big V. She was happy it was his. But then she was forbidden to see him. Maybe now she could be with him.

She knew her mum had to know first. That way she didn’t have to sneak out to tell Cole.
“Hey mum, can I have a word?” Charlotte asked.
“Sure, shoot.” Olivia said.
“Mum, I’m not gonna beat around the bush, so, I’m just gonna come out and say this straight. I’m pregnant mum.” she said truthfully.
“Your joking right? This is so you can see him isn’t it.” Olivia said laughing. “Nice one.”
“I’m being serious.” Charlotte said.

Olivia stopped. She couldn’t believe she had an pregnant teenage daughter. She knew now they had to be together for this to work. Or…
“Well, it’s ok, we can take turns looking after the child, I’ll do nights, and while your at school and doing homework. And you do the rest of the time and weekends.” Olivia said.
“No mum. I want him to know. I want him to help me raise our child. He has a right to know Mum!” She said.
“I’m sorry hunni. I just keep seeing you as my baby girl. I just don’t want to see you leave my already!” Olivia said.

“I know mum but, in a year and a half, I’m going to be 18! I’m going to be an adult. And whether you like it or not. Me and Cole will be together. By then we can do whatever we want with our little baby. And we’ll have jobs of our own! You got to trust me. I can be a great mother. You’ve just got to let me be me and let me learn my own lessons and make my own decisions.” Charlotte said.
Tears started rolling down Olivia’s cheeks.
“My little girl… is all grown up!” Olivia said.

And So Olivia watched as Charlotte told Cole about the baby. She was glad he was excited and couldn’t stop fussing over the baby. But what really surprised her was…

That before Cole knew about the baby, he was going to ask Charlotte to marry him, and had already bought the ring! And Charlotte agreed and they got married right then and there!

Olivia knew it was time. It was time to choose an heir. So She rounded up all the kids in the garden.
“We all know why were here, because I’m going to choose the heir to everything I have ever owned, as well as your grandma, and your great grandma, the founder herself. The decision wasn’t easy and I’ve thought long and hard about my reasons.” she said.

“Noah, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t pick you, you could adopt a child, but you’d never be able to continue the blood line, I’m sorry. But I’m sure you’ll grow up to be a great politician.” Olivia said.

“Charlotte, I’m sorry, you won’t be the heir. You’ve shown great courage and bravery in your fight for Cole. You shown great wisdom and perseverance. I’m sure, your going to become something great!” Olivia said.

“Now, Ellie, Liam. You’ve both been so great. Ellie, your so healthy and athletic. Great persuasion skills, aiming high and never giving up! Liam, so artistic and creative, if anyone could play as well as you on the guitar or paint a picture with so much detail they’d be a millionaire, just like I know your going to be! I’m about to tell you two who is the heir…… the generation 4 heir is…… Ellie!” Olivia said.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! Your not going to regret this mum!” Ellie screamed happily.
The atmosphere was so happy! Until Olivia looked at Liam.

He wasn’t happy, angry or sad. He had no emotion he just stared at her.
“Liam, are you ok?” Olivia asked.

“I can’t believe you picked that slut over me mum! Look at her, she’s not fit to be an heiress to the Edon Legacy! It’s much to high class! I’ve always been the perfect child! You know what, I’m not standing for this. I’m leaving! I’m going to go live with my dad, he’ll love me for who I am! I’ll make my own legacy! You’ll see! You’ll all see!” he yelled.
“Liam no! You didn’t know him. He’s not what you think he is!” Ellie said. “All he did was bring heartbrake into this family!” she said.
“No, he brought me into this family. And you, and Charlotte and Noah. Were all his. Bella is the one from Owen. Look how she turned out, insane!” Liam said.
“Owen was a good man. He looked after mum when she needed it most!” Ellie said.

“But he left when she needed it most too! You know, when me and Noah were born. I’ve been talking to Gavin for some time now. I know what really happened. Mum cheated on Owen and was all over dad.” he yelled.
“That’s a lie! He black mailed me into… loving him in the bedroom. The day he walked out on me, he told me that… he hated Ellie and Charlotte, he hated his unborn children. He doesn’t like kids! He doesn’t love any of you.” Olivia said.
“But he’s got to know me now mum. He loves me!” Liam yelled.
“I’m sorry Liam, I’ve given Gavin so many chances and he’s ended up wasting them on hurting me, and Owen every time.” Olivia said.
“I’m sorry mum, this is something I have to do.” Liam said walking away.

With Bella at the insane ward, Liam off at Gavin’s house and Charlotte out with Cole, this left just Olivia, Noah and the new heiress; Ellie.

The following day they hosted a night time birthday/heiress party for Ellie. Just relatives were invited.

Considering it was a small night time party, plenty of the family had got the message to come and see Ellie.

Everyone was amazed at how beautiful Ellie was, along with herself. She had her mothers gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes, with her fathers flattering tanned skin colour, she was a one of a kind! Unfortunately with everyone leaving her the previous day she felt to scared to commit to anyone any more and she just couldn’t face anything like her mothers love tragedies, so she become a complete commitment phobic.

After the cake everyone danced the night away.

Until everyone saw, apart from Olivia. Everyone gasped.
“What?” Olivia said laughing. “Come on, it’s a party! Lets’ dance!” Olivia said.
“You always were a lover of parties.” Owen said laughing.
“Owen?” Olivia said turning around.

“Oh my gosh! Owen!” She said smiling.
She ran over to Owen and jumped into his arms.
“I thought I’d never see you again!” Olivia said.
“I was sitting at home and I thought about everything we’ve been through and I realised what a mistake I’d made divorcing you. So I came back. Looks like you’ve had a party!” Owen said walking over to Ellie.

“You must my baby daughter; Bella!
“Actually sorry Uncle Owen. Or should I call you my step dad? Anyway, I’m Ellie.” Ellie said.
“Oh my gosh! Baby Ellie! You were such a cutie when you were younger, now you look all grown up. Just call me Owen. Now, where’s Charlotte, and my Bella and the baby Olivia had?” Owen asked.
“Owen, Charlotte’s pregnant living with her husband Cole, the unborn twins you are talking about, well there was Noah, he’s over there, and his twin brother Liam has gone to live with Gavin because he wasn’t heir.” Ellie said.
“So, who’s heir? And where’s Bella?” Owen asked.
“Well, I’m heir, and Bella… she…” Ellie said.
“She was submitted to a mental hospital several years ago Owen. I’m sorry. She’s not allowed to get contact with the outside world until she is fully treated. She’s not come back yet.” Olivia said.
“Insane? No, It can’t be my little Bella.” Owen said.
“We must stay strong for her.” Olivia said.
“Hmmmm. I hope you don’t mind but, I’d like to head to bed early. I would of stayed to chat, but… a lot’s on my mind.” Owen said walking to the door.




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3 12 2010

Poor Owen so much to deal with

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