4.1 Away!

4 12 2010

In the morning after Noah had left for school and Owen had head out for work and Olivia was in the garden, Ellie decided to get down to searching for a job. Luckily there was an opening at the stadium (where she wanted to work and become a superstar athlete!) so she rung them up and applied for the job. Unfortunately, the only job available was a fan, but at least she had a job with a chance of promotion!

“Ellie hunni, yesterday was your birthday, and I feel really bad because I forgot to give you your present.” Olivia said.
“Mum, I don’t need a present. You have given me the house, the money, the heir ship! Please keep the present.” Ellie said.
“I’m sure your gonna love it! Please take it. I can’t get it refunded and no one else can use it.” Olivia said.
“Well, It’d be a shame to waste it. So ok. What is it?” Ellie asked smiling.

“A ticket to Egypt for a week! You’ll be able to go adventuring in the sphinx, exploring catacombs or just looking round the local markets.” Olivia said.
“Oh mum! You shouldn’t have this is the best present ever!” Ellie said giving her mum a big hug.

So the following day Ellie was packed up and headed off to her short break to Egypt!

After Ellie set up her tent at the camp site she headed to the market to get herself a camera to take pictures of everything she sees.

Then she had a go at charming a snake out of a basket. It took her an hour or two, but she did it in the end!

After Ellie’s day of arriving and shopping, she went to Camp West for the night and roasted marshmallows! Well she was going to but she couldn’t find any, the store owner recommended veg though, so she gave it a try.

But soon enough an unfamiliar face came to join her.
“Oh hello.” Ellie said.
“Hi, I was passing by, and saw you sat here alone in the dark. I thought you might need some company.” he said smiling.
“Oh, thanks.” Ellie said smiling.

“I’m Jason by the way. Jason Eccles.” he said taking hold of her hands.
“Oh, I’m Ellie Edon. But before anything happens, I’d like to tell you, I’m not looking for anything serious at the moment Jason.” Ellie said.

“Me neither!” Jason said then pulling her in for the most amazing kiss Ellie had ever had!

And let’s just say, Jason spent the night in the tent with Ellie.

But she did have some times when she wasn’t with Jason. What? I’m being serious! She did! She went to see the sphinx.

She saw the great pyramid of Osiris.

And… erm, she went exploring in the pyramids!

But yeah, she pretty much just spent all of her time with Jason.

“Jason babe, this holiday is so much fun. I know at the start we said this wasn’t anything serious. But I think It’s really developed. I’m leaving back for Sunset Valley tonight Jason. I want you to come with me. And we can live in my house, I just inherited it and we can redesign it and live together and get married like a happily ever after!” Ellie said happily.
“Ellie. Hasn’t anyone ever told you, there aren’t any happily evers. I thought you knew, this wasn’t anything serious. I’m married Ells. I thought ya knew.” Jason said.

“What? Jason, how could you?” Ellie nearly whispered.
“I thought you knew.” Jason said.
“No you didn’t you man slut! You just wanted something on the side because your wife isn’t good enough. I knew it would never work with an older guy. I mean come on there’s 10 years between us! Ugh, I’m stupid!” Ellie said.
“Yeah. You are. Look at yourself, your a dumb blonde, that’s why I picked you. Your easy.” Jason said laughing.

“Says you? Your the one parading round behind your wife’s back, snogging every woman you come across! Your easy! And you know what else you are? A snob? And you know what else you are?” Ellie said “No longer married. I’m going to tell your wife about this!” Ellie said.
“It’s your word against mine babe.” Jason said.
“I dunno, I’m pretty convincing. Lets go find out yeah?” Ellie said smiling calling a cab.

As Ellie got to the door of the house, she rang the bell, and a woman in her nightwear came to the door.
“Oh sorry, I was just having a nap. How can I help you young lady?” she said.
“Hello Mrs Eccles, I’m Ellie, Ellie Edon, I best come in.” Ellie said.
She began to look worried and led Ellie inside.

“He’s what?” She yelled.
“Mrs Eccles, he lied to me about you to. He said he was single!” Ellie said.
“Oh I believe you, he’s done this before. Where is he?” She yelled.
“He’s on his way in now.” Ellie said.
“Thank you for coming straight over Ellie. To save me any embarrassment I’d like you to leave now please.” Mrs Eccles said.
“Of course.” Ellie said reassuringly.
At that moment Jason walked in and Mrs Eccles stormed towards him.

“How could you do this to me again!?! You promised me Jasie!” she said.

As Ellie closed the door, she heard them argueing.

“Sarah, I…” Jason said.
“No. How could you sleep with that dumb blonde! What has she got that I havn’t? I have a personality, a real one. I have character, and a successful job!” she yelled.

“I’m Sorry Sarah! She mean’t nothing to me. She is nothing. I can’t help it if she starts seducing me. You know I can’t resist. You’ve got to believe me. She came onto me.” Jason said.

“Oh Jasie. You know I couldn’t say no to you. I believe you. We all know what girls like that are like.” she said smiling then hugging Jason.

Ellie couldn’t believe he’d say that she came onto him. And why was everyone so sterotypical of her?
“Maybe I’m not so smart after all. I did make out with… him.” Ellie said to herself discustedly.
She then called a taxi to the areoport to take her home, more depressed then ever.

As Ellie arrived home, she looked at the house. There had been so many good memories in the house. But they’d all been ruined by all the bad memories. So she decided to redesign the house to put her mind of Jason.




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5 12 2010

Interesting start to a new generation! I’m loving this legacy, and I am going to add you to my blogroll, and I’d love it if you could add my vampiracy to yours.

I can’t believe that woman took her husband back after Ellie told her what had happened.

5 12 2010

Sure I’ll add you right now to the blogroll, by the way, there’s a new chapter up if you want to have a look. πŸ™‚ I update Saturdays and Sundays at 12 o’clock πŸ™‚

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