4.2 Jason Eccles

5 12 2010

Ellie put her heart and soul into the house, and she was glad she did, as she loved every bit of it! She thought it looked like a mansion fit for a princess!

This is the ground Floor. (Click for a large image)

And this is the 1st Floor. (Click for a large image)

“Hey Ellie, the house looks amazing, but why did you want to do it straight after you came back? You could of waited a couple of days to get rid of the jettlagg.” Olivia said laughing.
Then for the first time in a 2 weeks, she thought of him. Of what he’d done. Her stomach began to churn she felt it coming towards her mouth.

She ran to her bathroom, and threw up. This is what he’d done to her. Just the mension of his name made her sick.

As she turned around, she saw her mum. Had she just seen her throw up? They looked at each other holding a silence.
“Ellie, are you ok?” Olivia asked.
“Yeah I’m fine. I’m just, thinking of something that happened to me when I went to Egypt. It’s nothing.” Ellie said.
“If it made you sick I don’t think it’s nothing. What happened?” Olivia asked.
“I’d prefer us to sit down and talk about this please.” Ellie said.

So they sat down, and Ellie started to explain.
“It started with this guy…” Ellie started.

“Oh baby, It’s gonna be ok. We can forget about him now. He’s nothing to us now.” Olivia said reassuringly.

For the next week, Ellie started to put her mind of Jason and get to work on her career, if she wasn’t at work, she was eating, sleeping or training. She really wanted to become the best!

Everything was fine, she was going to get a promotion any day now! Well, she would, but she found out, Jason had left a little something to remember him by. She didn’t want it dead though. It didn’t need to know Jason was it’s father. She would love it, with help from her mum and Owen, she could raise it without a father. But she had to tell her mum.

But she just couldn’t find a way to tell her.

One night after Ellie had finished work though, her mother called her. She didn’t know why though. She followed her voice into the bathroom.

“Yeah mum?” Ellie said smiling.
“Ellie. Why didn’t you tell me?” Olivia said.
“What?” Ellie asked.
“I found the pregnancy test. It’s his isn’t it?” Olivia asked.
Ellie nodded in silence.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Can’t you trust me darling?” Olivia asked.
“Mum, I was going to tell you, I just, never had the chance.” Ellie said.
“Ok ok. Do you want him to know? Are you keeping it?” Olivia said.
“Yeah, I want to keep it. It deserves to be raised in a home where it’s loved, and no, I don’t want him to know.” Ellie said.
“Of course. He shouldn’t ever know about his child, he has already caused enough damage to this family.” Olivia agreed.

Even though Ellie no longer had any morning sickness, she was glad she was now on maternity leave, as the baby really strained her back.

“Okay hunni, I’m going to go out and run some errands, you’ll be ok until your brother gets home right?” Olivia said.
“Mum chill, the baby’s not due for another month!” Ellie said.
“Still.” Olivia said.
“I’ll be fine.” Ellie said smiling.
“And if you need anything you know my number don’t you?” Olivia said.
“Mum, I’m not a baby anymore. You can’t trust me! I’ll be fine.” Ellie said.
“But your pregnant.” Olivia said.
“Mum!” Ellie said.
“Ok ok, I’m going now!” Olivia said. “Remember there’s some salad in the fridge if you want any!”
Ellie looked at her mum and Olivia decided that was her cue to leave.

About half an hour after Olivia left, Ellie felt a horrible pain in her stomach, she felt water trickle down her leg, she was having her baby! She screamed but no one came, so she had her baby there and then.

She had her lovely little baby Scarlet who was athletic like mum, but prefered to stay to herself being a loner.

When Olivia arrived home, she heard her phone beep. She looked at it.
“Help! The baby is coming!” sent 1 hour ago from Ellie.
She ran inside looking for her.

When Olivia checked the nursery, she saw Ellie and ran up to her and gave her a hug.
“Thank god your alright. I got your text. Where’s the baby?” Olivia asked.
“Baby Scarlet is just in there. She’s asleep.” Ellie said smiling.

As Olivia picked Scarlet up, she saw her smile at her. She was amazing. Olivia looked at her though, she wasn’t screaming. Was she ok? She decided to call a baby doctor. Doctor Mathews. Ellie wasn’t too fond of the idea but Olivia insisted.

“Right through her Dr Mathews.” Olivia said smiling. “Sorry for such short notice, but Scarlet is a new-born and she doesn’t seem to be crying.”
“Of course. I understand your concern Miss Edon.” he said.
“Oh and can you check over the mother too. Ya no, just in case.” Olivia said.
“Of course.” he said.

“Hey little Scarlet. How are you?” he said smiling. “You seem pretty fine to me. Just a quiet personality aye? I understand.” he said.
“Your great with her.” Ellie said making Dr Mathews jump.

Dr Mathews put Scarlet into the crib and turned around.
They looked into each others eyes.

As Chase looked at Ellie, he no longer saw Scarlet’s mother, he saw… An angel!

And Ellie saw her knight in shining armour!

“Ellie.” Chase said.
“Yeah?” Ellie said totally tranquil.
“Here’s my number.” He said smiling.
“Thanks.” Ellie said.
“Not for like a date or anything, for Scarlet. So yeah call me… For Scarlet! Not for Scarlet though, just for when she needs me. Ok I’m going to shut up now. Cya later.” he said embarrassed.
“Bye.” Ellie said.

“So. You and Chase aye?” Olivia said smiling.
“What? No. Of course not. I made a promise to myself, no more guys till Scarlet’s a teen. He’s not even my type.” Ellie said.
“Yeah, of course not. A successful charming young man who looks gorgeous, not your type. Heck, he’s anyones type.” Olivia said.
“Whatever.” Ellie said walking out the room.




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5 12 2010

Scarlet is so cute. I hope things work out with Ellie and Chase!

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