4.3 The best intentions

11 12 2010

“Ok Olivia. Why are we at the beach?” Owen asked.
“Well. You tell me. Why were we at the beach the last time we came?” Olivia asked.
“Because… we got married?” Owen said.

“Owen Lanee, when I was married to you it was the best time of my life, when we got a divorce it was the worst, but now we are together again, will you complete my life by re-marrying me? Right here? Right now?” Olivia asked.

“Yes yes yes! Of course I will Olivia!” Owen said.
Then Olivia put the ring on his finger.

So then Owen put his ring on Olivia.

And Vice versa.

They both promised to never get divorced again, as they always seemed to be drawn back together anyway.

When they arrived home Owen went to do some work on the computer and Olivia went to tell Ellie.
“Guess what Ellie? Me and Owen are married again.” Olivia said.
“Oh my gosh that’s great news mum. Congratulations! I wish I could stay and talk about it but I need to feed Scarlet.” Ellie said truthfully.
“Oh no dear, let me do that.” Olivia said.
“No mum, she’s my daughter and I’ll do it.” Ellie said responsibilly.
“No no. My treat. I’m in a happy mood so it won’t be a bother. I insist Ellie!” Olivia said.
“Ok then mum.” Ellie said. “Thanks.”

Olivia put down the bowl of baby food and Scarlet just looked at it.

Then she put her hand in the bowl and started throwing it everywhere!

“Oh Scarlet Hunni. What’s up? You always eat your food up like a good girl. hmmm, I best call up Dr Mathews.” Olivia said.

“Oh mum. I can’t believe you called him over again. You can’t call him if she’s just not hungry.” Ellie said.
“But I know that’s not it hunni. Besides, that’s what he’s there for, he’s being paid isn’t he?” Olivia said.
“But It’ll make us look like were just calling him about nothing and we don’t know how to look after are own child!” Ellie said.
“We’ll see Ellie.” Olivia said.

“Oh Mr Mathews.” Ellie said
“Please, call me Chase.” Chase interrupted.
“Ok, Chase. I’m sorry my mum called you again, but I don’t think your needed sorry for your time.” Ellie said.
“Wait wait a minute. Let me just have a look at what the problem is. It’s no trouble. I was just in the area anyway.” Chase said.
“Well I guess, if it’s not too much trouble of course.” Ellie said.
“Great.” Chase said smiling.

“Right, so she’s not eating right? Well, just give her a little tickle on the tummy and she’ll open her mouth wide open.” Chase said.
“Oh, that’s clever.” Ellie said.
Olivia came outside.
“Right. I see the problem. She just has a new tooth coming in that’s aggrivating her a little. It’ll stop in the morning.” Chase said.

“See Ellie. I told you he could help. And it wasn’t just that she wasn’t hungry.” Olivia said happily.
“Ok, you were right. Now Chase can be off.” Ellie said.
“Wait wait. Not so fast Chase, you can stay for dinner if you like. I always make too much pasta anyway. And my husbands working late at work and Noah’s at a friends house, so we have way too much food. Can you stay please? Olivia asked.
“Why of course I would Mrs Edon. Thanks so much! I love pasta!” he said smiling.
So they all went inside.

“Dinner is served everyone! Wait, I just remembered, Scarlet has a “learn to nap group” in 10 minutes. I best take her.” Olivia said.
“No no! I’ll take her!” Ellie said quickly.
“Of course not Ellie. You’ve done so much for Scarlet, you need some quiet time.” Olivia said smiling.
“You must be a great mother Ellie.” Chase said smiling.
“That’s settled then, I’ll be back later! Bye!” Olivia said.

“So, Ellie. Oviously you know where I work, but I never got a chance to ask you where you work?” Chase said.
“Oh, well I work at the local stadium. Health and fitness is very important to me. But so is my family, so I make sure to balance it out.” Ellie said.
“And out of curiousity, what about your social and love life? If that question is not too open.” Chase said.
“Oh, well, my closest friends are at the stadium, and I just don’t do romance at the moment because of Scarlet. I promised myself no men till she’s a teen.” Ellie said.
“Woah, that’s very good of you.” Chase said smiling.

At the end of the meal Chase got up and thanked Ellie for letting him stay.
“No problem Chase.” Ellie said.
As she hugged him, he smelt his cologne. Not because she liked him of course. Just because it smelt so amazing and it got in her way! She didn’t know though, he was smelling her coconut scented hair as well.

When they stopped hugging, they looked into each others eyes. They could both see it. They could both see they wanted each other!

Finally, they both started kissing like they’d been waiting so long too!

They started ripping each others clothes off making out on the way to the bedroom. They wanted each other so badly.

They pushed each other onto the bed and made out like never before.

Then Ellie stopped.
“What is is Ellie?” Chase asked.
“I’m sorry Chase.” she said.

“I can’t. For Scarlet. I promised myself. I can’t have another relationship at the moment. I’m sorry. I just love my baby girl too much.” she said.
“I understand.” he said.
“Thank you.” she said.
“You really are a great woman Ellie. And a great mother too. Don’t let anyone ever tell you your not.” Chase said.
Then he got dressed.
“Bye Ellie. You will see me again.” he said.




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