4.4 Our Guy?

12 12 2010

Soon enough Noah was finally an adult and he’d finished school. He developed the childish trait. However, he did not want to have a party, as his boyfriend Shayne had recently broken up with him.

“Hey Noah, ready to go? The match starts in an hour.” Ellie said.
“What? Your only on the bench, why do you need to be early?” Noah asked.
“Oh, well if someone doesn’t turn up, I’m the first one who gets to go in. So I gotta do stretches and stuff before the match.” Ellie said.
“Going to the stadium to watch your sister today aye Noah?” Olivia asked.

“Actually, no. Ya see, a lot of guys work backstage for the halftime show and their into other guys too. So now Shaynes gone, I really think I’m ready for another relationship.” Noah said.
“Ahh. I see.” Olivia said smiling.

“Right, Noah, hair and make up is just through there, I’ll be just down the hall in the gym if you need me.” Ellie said.
“K, thanks Ells.” he said smiling.

“So, Alma, that’s how you make elegent, look sexy.” he said.
“Thanks Tyler, your a million times better then Sarah. I wish you could do me all the time.” Alma said.
“Sorry, I’m just filling in.” Tyler said.
Alma got up and walked away, then the man called “Tyler” turned to looked at Noah.
“And who might you be?” he asked.
“Noah.” Noah replied smiling.

“That’s a great name.” Tyler said flirtily.
“You should hear my phone number.” Noah said smiling.
“Love to. Why don’t you tell me tonight at the Bistro, say 7ish?” he asked.
“Sounds great.” Noah said smiling. “Meet ya then.”

Tyler felt bad for hiding that he actually worked as an Athlete. But he couldn’t know! Otherwise it would risk his colleagues knowing he was gay and he would be tourmented again like in Riverview. As Tyler was heading to the gym, he overheard one of his colleagues; Christopher talking to someone else.
“Dude, seriously, it’s like Tyler’s gay or something. Here we are getting so much attention of the ladies, yet he doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone.” Christopher said walking off.
“Oh no. I better go out with a girl for a short time just so they think I’m not gay.” Tyler said to himself.

As Tyler got to the gym he looked around for any girls. There wasn’t anyone, apart from one girl. He knew her, she was a Rookie, he sat next to her on the bench sometimes when they needed another bencher. He knew she was super athletic though, and she definietly had the chance to be something big in the sports world.

As he walked by, he checked to see if she was looking. She most definetly was and they smiled at each other.
Ellie’s point of view.
Ellie looked at him, he was super cute. And he was athletic just like herself. She sat next to him on the bench sometimes. His name was Tyler something or other.

Ellie couldn’t help herself.
“Is he looking at me?” She thought. “Oh gosh he saw me looking at him. How embarrasing.”

“Hi Ellie. I couldn’t help but notice you watching me.” Tyler said.
“Oh you saw me?” Ellie said blushing and getting off the treadmill.

“I was just wondering, do you want to maybe, I dunno, go out sometime?” Tyler said.
“Yes!” Ellie said quickily. “What are you doing? Your not supposed to be dating because of Scarlet remember?” Ellie told herself.
“I’d say the bistro but I’m getting a bit bored of there, I’ve been there this week already.” Tyler said.
“Come for dinner at mine then!” Ellie said. “Oh great. Now you’ve done it.” Ellie said to herself.
“Oh I’d love too! What time tomorrow?” Tyler asked.
“I don’t mind, 6ish?” she said.
“Sure. Meet you then!” Tyler said. “What adress?” he asked.
“15 Summerhill Court.” Ellie said smiling. “Why’d you do that? You could of given him the wrong adress and then you don’t need to deal with him? Ugh I give up!” Ellie said to herself.

That evening Tyler and Noah went out to the bistro like they said they would. And talked about anything and everything! They found out they had a few things in common. They were both quite charismatic, they both got excited easily and they were both quite friendly.

They hugged goodbye.
“Thanks for the night Tyler, my breakup with Shayne really knocked me down, but you really know how to pull me back up.” Noah said.
“I really enjoyed tonight too Noah. I hope we can go out again sometime.” he said smiling.
They passionatly kissed goodbye, then Tyler spotted some guys from work.
“Oh, Noah got to go! Call me!” he said.

Olivia was now getting a lot older, her hair had gone grey and she was not as young and fit as she used to be.

The following day, Tyler arrived for dinner with Ellie and her parents (little did he know, also his boyfriend Noah aka Ellie’s brother).

Ellie ran up to him and hugged him quite amorously.
“I’m so glad you came.” Ellie said.
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Tyler said.

Olivia turned around.
“Tyler, this is my mum; Olivia. Mum this is Tyler.” Ellie said.
“Lovely to meet you Tyler.” Olivia said smiling.
“Ditto.” Tyler said smiling.
Then Olivia turned back around to get on with dinner.

“Tyler, this is my… well, it’s complicated, so let’s just say, step dad; Owen. Owen this is Tyler.” Ellie said.
“Oh, it’s great to meet the Tyler Ellie’s been talking so much about.” Owen said.
Ellie blushed.
“Tyler, this is my brother N… Mum, where’s Noah?” Ellie asked.
“I don’t know.” Olivia said.

“I’m coming Ellie! Hold ya horses!” he said laughing coming into the room.
“Tyler, this is my brother; Noah.” Ellie said smiling. Noah, be nice, this is Tyler. Remember?” Ellie said sternly.
“Oh yeah, you can certainly say I remember.” Noah said surprised.
Noah couldn’t believe it, his new boyfriend was his sisters? He could of blurted it out. But he needed to get this into his head. His boyfriend was with his sister as well.
“Good thing you remember so Ellie doesn’t have to EXPLAIN LATER.” Tyler said as if to tell Noah he’d explain later. “Also you won’t need to APOLOGISE LATER.” Tyler said as if to tell Noah he was sorry.
“Ok everyone, dinner’s ready!” Olivia said.

“So, Tyler, tell us, where do you work?” Olivia asked.
“Oh, you don’t want me to bore you with anything like that.” Tyler said laughing.
“Go on Tyler. Otherwise I will.” Ellie said smiling.
“Ok. I work at the stadium with Ellie.” Tyler said looking at Noah apologetically.

After everyone finished, Ellie collected the plates and put them in the dishwasher then sat back down again. The whole meal Noah had been staring at Tyler with anger, he couldn’t bare with the thought that maybe at some point he’d be left in a room alone with him, and he’d blow up in his face. He knew eventually it would happen, but not yet. He needed time so he made up a plan.
“Hey Ellie, I’ve met your wonderful family, that mine could never amount too, maybe we could head over to my house so you can meet mine.” Tyler requested.
“What a great idea!” Olivia said.
“Ok, sounds good. I’ll go get my jacket.” Ellie said.

“Woah. Your house… it’s… amazing!” Ellie said.
“Come on, let’s go inside.” Tyler said smiling.

“Where are your parents?” Ellie asked.

“Ellie, I have a confession to make. My parents arn’t here. There in Riverview. They live there.” Tyler said.
“Ahh so you lied aye? Why’s that?” Ellie said.
“erhm.” Tyler said scratching his head frantically trying to think of an answer.
“Wait. I know.” Ellie said smiling.
“You do? I mean yeah, of course you do.” Tyler said.

“Yeah. You wanted to spend a night together, without anyone being in the house.” Ellie said sexily smiling.
“Yeah. Your right. Your so clever.” Tyler said smiling.
“Just give me a couple of minutes, and I’ll go freshen up.” Ellie said smiling walking to the bathroom.

What was he going to do? He didn’t want this. He didn’t love her. He loved Noah! And Noah was angry at him. But Tyler knew if he said no to Ellie, she’d guess something was up, and she’d tell everyone at work. He had to weigh things up.

Ellie entered the room wearing nothing more then her underwear.

She jumped onto the bed and pinned Tyler to the bed. She was surprisingly strong for a woman.

Afterwards, Tyler laid awake while Ellie slept. What had he done?




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