4.5 Coming Clean

18 12 2010

When Ellie woke up she looked at the clock in Tyler’s room. It was already 9am! She’d normally get up about 7 o’ clock to make sure she could fit in a work out before work. Luckily today wasn’t a work day and she could just use some of her freetime for working out. She saw Tyler. He was still asleep; typical male. She decided to leave him a note saying she had to go but she’d see him the following day at work. Then she got changed and went home.

As Ellie was about to unlocked the door, Noah stepped out.
“Oh, Noah. What are you doing up so early? Where are you going?” Ellie asked.
“Erm, well, my new friends house, were meeting up at his house for breakfast.” Noah said.
“Aww, how sweet. Good luck with your new boyfriend Noah.” Ellie said.
“At the moment he’s just a friend Ells.” Noah said.
“Oh, well hopefully he’ll be a boyfriend in a while.” she said smiling then walking inside.

When Noah arrived, he knocked on the door.
“Tyler! It’s me; Noah. Let me in!” he yelled.
He heard footsteps running towards the door.

Noah looked at Tyler. He was wearing nothing but a vest and his underwear.

“Noah. I’ve missed you so much!” Tyler said.

Tyler tried to kiss Noah. But he backed away.
“No Tyler!” Noah said loudly.

“But why Noah? I can explain everything!” Tyler said.
“I know, I know. But this isn’t the way you are going too. We’ll sit down and your going to tell me everything bit by bit. Then if I think your worthy of myself or my sister, I’ll decide.” Noah said.
“Oh thank you Noah. You don’t know what this means to me!” Tyler said.
“First things first, go and put some clothes on. You know that will change my decicion.” Noah said.

“Go on then Tyler. Start. From the very beginning.” Noah said.
“It all started when I was in Pleasantview. I was under a great deal of misfortune at work, they all teased me. I had no chance of promotion as my boss just laughed at me. So I moved here and kept it a secret. I was secretly with you, but then I overheard some of colleuges thinking I might be gay, so I had to go out with a girl for a short amount of time just so they don’t suspect me. It just so happened to be your sister. And she was seriously into me. That’s when you found out. But it’s nothing really. She means nothing to me apart from a mere friend I promise Noah. So that’s where we are now. I love you, but I have to pretend to be with Ellie, ya no, just so I have a job. I need this Noah.” Tyler said.
“I suppose I can understand that.” Noah said.

“Thanks Noah.” Tyler said smiling. “Now come here and give me a kiss!”

Except. Ellie has the most perfect entrances.
“Hey Tyler I forgot my… Oh my god Noah!” Ellie screamed.

“Ellie!” Noah shouted.
“Ellie. I… We can explain.” Tyler said.
“I thought you loved me…” Ellie whispered.
“I do! As a friend. Ellie, please give us a chance to explain. You’ll understand our actions when you do!” Tyler said.

“Ok. Go on.” Ellie said.
So they sat down, and explained.
“Just remember, don’t tell the guys at work.” Tyler said.

“Oh Tyler, your the most sweetest, greatest guy I’ve ever been with.” Ellie said.
“Thanks Ells.” Tyler said.
“I suppose that explains why you were gay.” Ellie said laughing.
“Is that a compliment or an insult?” Noah said laughing.

“And Tyler, I hope you understand, but I don’t think we can be together anymore. It’s just I keep seeing you and Ellie together, and well, my boyfriend and sister together isn’t such a nice sight on so many levels.” Noah said.

“What? How could you not want me Noah! Were perfect together! I mean, I understand Ellie’s break up because A) I’m gay and B) I kinda only used her. But I serously loved you Noah! Lets give it another try!” he said.
“I’m sorry Tyler. I just can’t do that.” he said.

“But you… you have to.” Tyler whispered.

“It’s ok Tyler.” Noah said.
“Back off Noah! Just get out. I don’t need you!” Tyler yelled sitting down.

And so Noah and Ellie left.

That night Ellie read a letter she’d recieved off Tyler.
Ellie, I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused, and the bad memories that will never be forgotten, I’ve moved away to Veronaville tonight, and I’m sorry but I won’t be returning anytime soon. I cannot face work seeing your face everyday anymore it’s too much. I just keep regretting what I did, to you. And your brother. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.
With Love, Tyler.

He’d gone. Ellie knew it wasn’t going to be the same but, he left town? This was excatly why she said no more guys with Scarlet.

Although, she soon remembered the other reason why she didn’t want to be with another guy till after Scarlet.




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