4.6 Some bad news

19 12 2010

“Mum. Guess what?” Ellie said.
“What?” Olivia asked.
“Scarlet’s going to have a baby brother or sister to play with soon!” Ellie said excitedly.
“What!” Olivia yelled!

“Didn’t he wear anything?” Olivia asked.
“Well, I thought he did. I gave him enough time. I dunno. Maybe because he’s never been with a girl before, he didn’t think he needed anything else. I dunno.” Ellie said.
“Well you should of told him!” Olivia yelled.
“How was I supposed to know he was gay and going out with my brother!” Ellie yelled.
“You should double check with any guy Ellie! Now come on!” Olivia said standing up.
“What? Where are we going?” Ellie asked.
“To the hospital.” Olivia said.
“Why?” Ellie asked.

“Becuase were going to get an abortion!” Olivia said.
“No! I want my baby!” Ellie said.
“You can have a baby when your married!” Olivia yelled.
“But I don’t want to get married. I don’t want to get tied down to one guy.” Ellie confessed.
“Well If I knew that, you wouldn’t be heir!” Olivia yelled.
“Fine! Make Liam heir! I don’t care. All I care about are my children, and out of all people, you should know that. You had too raise 5 kids on your own.” Ellie said.
“I know, and it was the hardest thing I’d ever done. I just don’t want you to go through that Ellie.” Olivia said.
“Maybe I do.” Ellie said.
“Fine, ruin your life. But I won’t be there when you need me!” Olivia yelled storming out the room.

“Hey Daniel!” Olivia said. Just so everyone knows; Daniel is Olivia’s cousin (Her aunt Sarah’s son).
“Hey Olivia. What brings you here? Not seen you in ages!” Daniel said.
“I just wanted to come and see my mum. Do you know where she is?” Olivia asked.
“Oh Olivia. You best come in.” Daniel said.

“I can’t believe she’s dead. How did she die? When? Why wasn’t I told?” Olivia asked.
“She died of cancer… About 3 years ago. And I don’t know why you wern’t told. I think it was my mother’s job to tell you.” Daniel said.
“Ahh. That makes sense. That sleezy slut must of decided that since I kicked her out all those years ago, that she could get me back by not telling me. You know, I always wondered how my mum lived all those years. Has there been a funeral yet?” Olivia asked.
“No. Everyone was so sad about her dying, no one decided to hold a funeral. I suppose everyone thought you the heir would set it up. It makes sense now why there wasn’t one. If you’re wanting to hold a ceremony, the hospital have her kept in a coffin. My mum let them examine her to look at the cancer molecules or something.” Daniel said.
“Well, thanks for telling me Daniel. I’ll go tell the bad news to everyone.” Olivia said.
“Of course.” he said.

“Listen mum! It’s my baby. I can do what I want with it. I’m old enough to make my own decisions, so don’t give me grief! I don’t care what you want. I want what’s best for the baby. So you can stop sticking your noise in my buisness and give me some space!” Ellie yelled.
“Ellie. I don’t care about the baby anymore.” Olivia said.
“Really? Good.” Ellie said smiling. “Wait. Why?” Ellie asked.
“Ellie. It’s your grandmother. She’s… dead.” Olivia said.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry mum. I didn’t know!” Ellie said.
“I know I know. It’s ok. I’d like to hold a funeral. In two months, the church can hold a funeral. Will you be ok making it?” Olivia asked.
“Anything for grandma.” Ellie said.

Unfortunatly, Owen and Noah couldn’t come to the funeral as they had work.
“Ellie dear, couldn’t you of worn something less bright. You do know your supposed to wear black for funerals?” Olivia said.
“I know I know, I couldn’t find anything that would fit!” Ellie said.
“Fair enough. All that matters, is that were here for your grandmother.” Olivia said.

As they all stood round Emma’s grave, they thought of the great times they’d had with her. She was truly a great woman, dealing with deaths all around her, but staying strong, 100% of the time, she was as great as her mother.

Then Owen became an elder.

Soon enough it was time. Ellie was giving birth! Although, Owen freaked out. It was only fair, he’d never actually been there when his wife first went into labour.

Ellie ended up having the baby at home and Owen didn’t know what to do, Noah was at work and Olivia was down in the basement alone.

I’m proud to announce, Ellie had a wonderful bouncing baby boy called Jack.

Noah had been since dating a guy called Avery Millards. He was well and truly in love with him, and hated every second without. He then realised. It was time and he just couldn’t wait any longer.

So he did it.
“Avery Millard. Will you marry me and become Mr Edon?” he asked.

“Oh Noah, Of course I will! A million times yes!” Avery said.

“Just one thing Noah. I want to marry you… Now!” Avery said.
“I want to marry you now too Avery! A private wedding then?” he asked.
“Right now!” Avery said.
“Of course.” Noah said smiling.
So they put rings onto each other.

And so that night they left for their new home where they could enjoy each others company without anyone interupting them.

Soon enough, Scarlet was a child, and became excitable.

Being athletic and all, when Ellie gave scarlet permission to go swimming in there home pool, she was extremly excited and ran and jumped in straight away, if Ellie hadn’t been following her to the pool, she would of jumped into the pool with her brand new dress on!

As Ellie sat at the table reading her book “Cooking for beginners!” she heard the bell go.
“Ok coming! Just a second!” Ellie said.
The bell went of again multiple times.
“Ok Ok, I’m coming. Whats the rush?” Ellie said.

As she got to the door, she unlocked it, and opened it angrily because of the constant ringing of the bell.
“If I have to tell you one more time I… Chase?” Ellie said.

Just to let everyone know, next week’s updates are on christmas and boxing day (yay happy christmas everyone!) but I will still be updating as these updates are pre-made. So make sure you come to check it out it will be a christmas special with plenty of happy times, and ending on quite a low note (sorry :S) then on boxing day you’ll have quite a shock, so make sure not too miss them!




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