4.7 A Grand Return (Christmas Special!)

25 12 2010

“Chase?” Ellie said.

“Ellie.” he said smiling.
Ellie ran up to him and jumped into his arms.
“I’ve missed you so much.” Ellie said.

“But Chase, I don’t get it, why’ve you come back? Scarlets already started school. We don’t need a baby docter anymore. Unless your here for Jack.” Ellie said.
“Jack? Is that the name of your second baby?” Chase said. “What happened to no more guys after Scarlet?” Chase said.
“Well, that’s what it was gonna be. But well… it’s complicated.” Ellie said.
“That word has your name written all over it.” Chase said smiling.

“Ellie, I have a confession to make. I’m still in love with you. I think of you every day. I can’t stop it anymore. I’m drawn to you! I cannot live without you Ellie.” Chase said. “Ellie Edon, Will you marry me?” He asked.

“Oh Chase, of course I will!” Ellie said.

All Ellie’s life, she’d always been told there was no such thing as happily ever after, but she knew now, that there well and truly was. She was going to marry the man of her dreams, but yet, for the first time in her life, she was not commitment phobic. Maybe she pushed those others away, because she knew, they wern’t mr right, but she’d found him now, and knew it couldn’t be anyone else. She was no longer commitment phobic, she was a hopeless romance making sure to love her soul mate (Chase) forever more.

Soon enough it was time for the wedding, and all Ellie’s brothers and sisters (bar Bella) came with their spouses (apart from Liam as he was not married).

And as they wed, April looked down on them, watching as her family grew and experience happy times.

After they wed, and mingled with the guests, the rest of the family stayed at the church and Chase carried Ellie into their room, lit up by only candles, with roses on the table.
“Oh Chase. This is so romantic.” Ellie said smiling.
“Anything for my wife.” Chase said.

After undressing each other they spent their first night together as a married couple, making love.

And of course, with every guy, comes a baby too. Although, this time, it had been purposely. Ellie and Chase loved each other to bits, and couldn’t think of any reason not to have a baby!

With Chistmas drawing nearer, with Ellie’s maternity days off, she decided to decorate the dining room.

And one of the spare rooms too for the children to run too on christmas morning to open their presents.

A couple of months later!
With Christmas day finally here, with little Scarlet running into Ellie’s and Cole’s room in the morning waking them up, all four of them (excluding Olivia and Owen as they had a lie in) went into the christmas room Scarlet running towards the tree hoping that Santa had brought her what she wanted.

A couple of hours later, Jack was happily playing with a firetruck totally disinterested with the rest of his presents, Scarlet had already opened lots of presents, including her favourites, a baseball, a rugby ball, and then she opened her favourite present of them all; a bike!
“Yes! The bike-a-tron 3000! Exactly what I want! Thanks Santa!” Scarlet shouted excitedly.

Suddenly Ellie jumped up. She knew what it was. The baby, it was early.
“Ells. You ok?” Chase said.
This was differant then the other pregnancies, Chase stood up and took her to the hospital straight away while Olivia and Owen watched the kids.

After an hour, Ellie had given birth to wonderful Christian Edon. He was a heavy sleeper, and extremely friendly. He had Chase’s skin colour, and Ellie’s hair and eyes.

And his unidentical twin; Cornelius Edon. He was grumpy but was brave when he wanted to be. He had Ellie’s skin and eyes, but Chase’s hair.

Unfortunatly, Olivia didn’t know her new children very long as just 2 weeks later, she never woke up one morning.

Her time was up, but she’d lived a long healthy life and was ready to go, peacefully.




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