4.8 He returns… again…

26 12 2010

The news of Olivia’s death did not go quickly. Owen loved Olivia, he soon regretted so much in his life. Why didn’t he not cherish and love Olivia as she deserved? Why did he not return sooner? Why did he leave her for such a little arugment? Why did he put her through so much?

He cried all the time. He felt he was alone, with no one to talk too.

He remembered Olivia’s cellar. She used to visit it every day. He goal was to make over 100 bottles of fine wine. She did, but never returned to the cellar. He ventured down through the many layers of staircases till he finally reached the floor.

He smelt her perfume. He loved being able to have something of her left. He looked at the cellar stores, there were so many bottles, he’d never actually seen them all together like this. There must of been over 500 bottles of liquir below his feet this whole time!

He looked around the room and headed to the table in the centre Olivia used for reading while she was waiting for her machines to finish.

He saw a peice of paper, and picked it up.

He started to read it.

Dear my lawful husband; Owen Edon, If your reading this, I must of passed away, before you. I have never returned down to this dusty old cellar in years, as I loved it so much, I’d filled it full of fine wine, I couldn’t bear being tempted to drink any, so I left this note down here for you my love. I wrote it, to tell you I love you so much, you should have no regrets, and everyone dies someday, I truly lived my life to the full, I’d had 3 wonderful baby girls, and 2 bouncing baby boys. I completed my deed as an heir! I hope I was as half as good to you, as you were too me. If I can manage that, I know we were meant to be. Promise me though Owen, never forget me, and look after the kids, and the grandkids! Please, take any wine you like, just make sure you leave some expensive wine to increase in price and pass down so the other heirs can sell any in times of need. All my love; Olivia Edon…

He took a sip of the alcholol in a cup that he found on the table. He sipped it… He took another sip. And another! He loved it. She really was an amazing Nectar Maker. He read the label Bad batch 71. Owen admired her perfection issues. His amazing was her horrible. This reminded himself how much he missed her.

He filled up another cup, and another, and another. Until he stood up for another drink and a massive migrane hit him. He felt the world around him shake. In a couple seconds it had gone, and he felt himself loose control of himself and take another cup of wine.

This was enough to do it. The glass fell to the floor and smashed.

He felt himself falling and everything went blank.”

At that point Chase entered the room seeing Ellie all in tears watching her father’s final moments.
Oh dad, first mum, now you. Please no! Wake up.” Ellie said crying. “You can’t leave me, your were the most amazing man in my life, I’ve know you since the day I was born. My dad never did anything for me. Your the one who cared for me, and played with me. Please don’t leave!”

“Oh Ells, you should work yourself up like this. Come here.” Chase said pulling her in.
“I know. I just, don’t know what to do without them.” Ellie said.
“It’s ok. Were here for you. It was there time to leave. You’ve grown up now, you don’t need them, you just want them. If they were here right now, what would they say?” Chase asked.
“What you just said.” Ellie said.
“Exactly, your not alone Ells. Your not!” he said.

So when they finally came to planning a funeral, they decided to have a joint one for both of them so they didn’t have the tradgedy of having to get ready twice. First they said goodbye to Owen.

Then they said goodbye to Olivia.
“It’s ok. This is just your way of coping Ells.” Chase said.
“I just can’t believe she’s gone!” Ellie said.
“Me neither.” Gavin said.

Ellie turned around in shock, was it really him?
“Is it you dad? Is it really you?!?” She asked.
“Yes hunni. It’s me!” He said laughing.
Ellie hugged him hard.

“Oh daddy, why’ve you come back? Why now?” She asked.
“Baby, I’m here for you! And your brothers and sisters! I could never come back because your mother threatened me to stay away from you because Owen didn’t want me there, and he loved your mother too, but unfortunatly your mother fell for it, and kicked me out then married Owen. (Click here to see when Ellie threatened Gavin) I wish I could of returned but I couldn’t, but then last week I heard Owen and Ellie were dead, and I came back to see my children!” he replied.

“I never knew this side of the story. When I asked mum why you’d gone, she said it was because your evil. And that I shouldn’t worry because you’d never return.” Ellie said.
“Oh hunni, what lies you’ve been told. But don’t worry now, I’m here for you and I tell nothing but the truth.” he said smiling.
“Here let me show you the family.” Ellie said.
“The family? I thought they died?” he asked.
“I’m heir daddy, I have to marry and have kids.” Ellie said laughing.

“That’s Scarlet, and from left to right, is Jack, Christian and Cornelius.” Ellie said.
“Oh there all so…. cute… and their father is? Let me guess light skin, black hair aye?” Gavin asked.
“Hmmm, not quite.” Ellie said fake laughing. “Can I have a word dad, in private?” Ellie said pulling him away from the kids.

“Listen dad. Bad relationships run in the family as you know and well. Scarlet’s dad; Jason, lives in Egypt. He’s got black hair, and pale skin. Then there’s Jack’s dad, he’s here in Sunset Valley, but long story short he’s gay, and he has brown hair and average skin.” Ellie said a bit embarressed.
“Then last but not last is my hubby and my one true love; Chase, he’s got a beutiful completion with very pale skin and vibrant ginger hair. He’s the twins Christian and Cornelius’ dad. He’s over there.” Ellie said dreamingly and pointing.

“And why couldn’t you say in front of the kids?” Gavin asked confused.
“It’s becuase… well. They don’t know. It’s not because I’ve not told them. It’s because I don’t want them to know. It’s best if they just think Chase is their dad. He’s the only one of the guys who actually loves them all whosever they are. Me and Chase discussed this after we got married. Scarlet was only just a child then, she didn’t understand what was going on.” Ellie said.
“It’s ok, your secrets safe with me.” Gavin said smiling.




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28 12 2010

Poor Owen 😦 I felt so bad for him after losing the one he loved, and that letter that was written for him was so sad. It’s nice that she thought about leaving him such a kind, loving letter though. It was a very good idea from you!

Can you comment on my new chapter?

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