4.9 Worries

1 01 2011

Chase lay awake all night. He just couldn’t get to sleep. It just kept bothering him! He turned his light on to look for his book to take his mind off it.
“ugh.” Ellie said sleepily.
“Oh sorry have I woken you up baby. I couldn’t sleep.” Chase said.
“Just turn the light off please and try counting sheep or something.” Ellie said grumpily.

“Ok.” Chase said turning the light off.

“Ellie. Can I ask you something?” he said.
“Oh go on. You’ve woken me up now anyway.” Ellie said.

Chase reached over and turned the light on again.
“Now, what is it hunni? It better be important.” Ellie said.
“It is it is. It’s about… well. Oh it doesn’t matter. Just go back to sleep.” Chase said.
“Woah woah woah. If it’s bothering you enough to keep you awake it must be bad! Come on. Tell me.” Ellie insisted.
“Ok. It’s your dad. There’s something just not right. Your mother and step father were so nice and kind. What would lead them to hate your father so much?” Chase said.

______________________________________________________1000TH PICTURE xD

“Listen Chase. He must of been amazing. My mother fell in love with him, had me and Charlotte. Then Owen knocked her up with Bella. Then something must of lead my mother to get back together with him and have Liam and Noah. Then Owen got jelous and made up lies about my father to get rid of him to have my mother all to himself. My step father was good… on the outside. But long ago, he was not the man you see now. I told you. My life. It’s very complicated.” Ellie said.
“Ok Ells. I understand. But I’m still not sure about him.” Chase said.
“Listen, It’s my problem leave it to me. And stop worrying!” Ellie said turning over and closing her eyes.
“If you say so. Just… be careful… ok?” Chase said.
“hmmmm.” Ellie said.

Scarlet ran home from school.
“Mum! Guess what! I’m on honour roll!” Scarlet said happily.
“Oh congratulations hunni!” Ellie said scooping her in for a hug. “Keep up the good work!” she said smiling.

Ellie walked away.
“What? Your on honour roll?” the person said laughing.
“Yeah? That’s good!” Scarlet said smiling.
“If you wanna be popular with lots of friends and have your pick out of all the boys, you gotta bunk off school, and never do you homework. NEVER Honour roll, that’s for nerds!” they said.
“But, I wanna do well, and get a good career, so I’ll be heir!” Scarlet said.
“Do you need to be smart to be a proffessional swimmer?” they asked.
“Well… no.” Scarlet said.

“Do you need good grades?” they asked.
“No!” Scarlet said.
“So is there any point trying hard in school and being a nerd? Or do you wanna be popular!” they said strongly.
“Popular!” Scarlet said.
“Right, so don’t do your homework tonight. And just go spend all you time chatting online or going swimming.” they said. “Oh and don’t tell your mummy about our little chat. She won’t be too thrilled having a popular daughter because she wasn’t popular.” they lied.
“Ok, thanks for the good advice, and don’t worry, I won’t say a word to my mummy.” Scarlet said smiling.

“Scarlet hunni, today when I picked you up from school for your swimming lesson, the teachers at school… well there concerned about you. Your not trying hard in lessons, you not bringing in homework on time and your constantly talking in class when you’ve been told not too.” Ellie said.
“Oh, don’t worry, It’s just I can’t be bothered.” Scarlet said.
“What?” Ellie said surprised.
“I wanna be a proffessional swimmer, so I don’t need good grades, but being with people in high places will be good for me, so I need social skills.” Scarlet said casually.
“But Scarlet hunni, if when you show your coach your resumee, they’ll see you don’t try hard at all, and that you were only interesting in your image at school so they won’t help you become a proffession swimmer!” Ellie said.

“What have I done? Oh no. This has ruined my whole career!” Scarlet said worryingly.
“You teachers said since you didn’t take any tests, this won’t show anything on your resumee, just start trying hard again, otherwise we’ll have no choice apart from moving you to a differant school!” Ellie said.
“Of course mum of course. I’m so sorry.” Scarlet said.
“So, may I ask who told you not to bother with school?” Ellie asked.
Scarlet was about to say when she realised…
“Erm… it was just me thinking about it before I went to sleep one night.” she said.
“Ok ok. Next time before you do something like this, check it with me first yeah?” Ellie asked.
“Of course.” Scarlet said smiling.

Soon enough Scarlet was a teenager. She became family orientated.

And this is Jack who became one with the sea (he became an Angler xD).

“Jack have fun at school! And Scarlet, don’t forget to sign up for that swimming team!” Ellie said laughing.
“Of course I won’t mum! Cyas!” Scarlet replied.

*After School*
“Did you sign up for the swim team? yeah?” Ellie said hopefully.
“Gosh why is everything about the future to you? Can’t we just enjoy the now? Your always the same boring old mum arn’t you? Ugh!” Scarlet shouted storming inside.

“What have I done to her?” Ellie asked herself inoccently… “I best just let her calm down.”

Later on when they ate tea…
“So. Was your day good today Jack?” Ellie asked.
“Yeah it was amazing! I’ve made a load of cool friends and we’ve started making these owls out of this weird stuff you use on casts. I’ll be able to bring it home in like a week or two!” Jack said.
“Sounds cool buddie.” Chase said smiling. “What happened with you Scarlet? Did you sign up for swimming?” he asked.

“Ya know, I’m suddenly not hungry anymore.” Scarlet said aggrivatedly. “I’m gonna go up to my room.”

“Scarlet!” Ellie said starting to get up.
“Ells, give her some time to think.” Chase said pulling her down.
“I gave her some time to think when she got home.” Ellie said.
“But she was doing some homework. Let her relax for a bit in her room.” Chase said.

“I suppose.” Ellie said.
“After dinner I’ll go up and talk to her.” Ellie said.
“No, I’ll go Ells. I know your her mother, but she probably feels like your crowding her a bit. I’ll knock the truth out of her.” Chase said smiling.
“Ok thanks Chase.” Ellie said smiling uneasily.

“Hiya Jack…” someone sent to Jack.
“Hiya!” Jack replied.
“What’s up with you at the moment?” they asked.
“Nothing much. Just waiting for my birthday to FINALLY come so I can get the new Call Of Duty.” Jack said. “:)”
“Sounds good. Why don’t you get it now?” they asked.
“Coz I’m broke. And mum won’t buy it me.” Jack replied.
“But why not just take it?” they said.

“I thought you wern’t supposed to do that. It’s stealing right?” Jack replied surprised.
“No no no. People do it all the time. Just go to the game store and slip it in your pocket no one will mind.” they said.
“Really? Cool. I’ll get COD in no time doing that! :P” Jack said.
“Oh, just don’t tell your mum about this little conversation…” they said.
“Why?” Jack asked.
“Oh just because Ellie is enemies with the game store owner in town, if she hears you’ve been there, she’ll freak!” they said.
“Oh yeah. kk thanks…” Jack replied. “ttyl :)”

“Hey sweet pea.” Chase said smiling.
“Just go away. I know mum’s sent you to find out whats up.” Scarlet said.
“Actually, I came up by myself. It’s ok. Whatever you tell me, I won’t tell your mum.” Chase said.
“You promise?” Scarlet asked.
“Promise.” Chase said.
Scarlet stood up and sat on her couch, Chase followed.

“Ok, dad, this is what happened.” Scarlet explained.




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