4.10 God I hate her…

2 01 2011

Scarlet is currently explaining a story about what happened on her first day of school and why she is upset about it, this is why I’m telling it in first person to explain feelings. I also put it in first person as she is telling the story. That’s all 🙂

As I headed towards the swimming board, i saw a swimming themed sign. It was extremely cheesy. I laughed to myself. I couldn’t believe that teachers were trying to pass this off to teenagers to get them interested in swimming. I looked down for a pen, but as I did I heard an extremely annoying voice. I decided not to “judge a book by it’s cover” and smile sweetly to the voice.

I looked at her. She had a large evil grin on her face and was giggling to herself. She had very heavy make up on, and seemed to be wearing the school cheerleading outfit. She looked about a year older then me, but certainly not brighter. Once again I didn’t “judge a book by it’s cover”, and decided to see what she had to say.
“Your Scarlet Edon? I expected more of you. Aparently you have a really pretty and elegent mother. Unfortunatly you inhereited your dad’s looks.” She said laughing at me. “Then again, your are some medical intern and rookie athlete’s daughter.” she said laughing.
Then again, I suppose I was pretty good at judging books by their covers. And heck, this was a nasty peice of work.
“Hey! My dad is a neurosurgeon, he’s just one promotion away from being a famous docter. And don’t even get me started on my mother, she’s a sports legend! She’s won multiple sports awards and everywhere she goes she’s surrounded by fans and asked for autographs.” I replied defencifly.

“Arrrr, sweet. I always knew kids thought more of their parents then they actually were. Probably because they feel sorry for them. Unlike my father who owns virtually every buisness in town, including the stadium making him your mothers boss!” She replied rhetarrically.
“What? Not the hospital? Too expensive for you?” I said.
“Actually no. The owners arn’t selling, for any price. Something about some family value. I dunno what that is. And besides I have a name, Edon. It’s Elizabeth Higgins.” she said snobbily.
“Anyway, let’s get down to why I actually came over to an excuse for a first year like you. This year the school are only submitting one male and one female swimming competiter. Myself and my boyfriend hold those places, so you better not sign up for the female position.” she said defencivly.
“Just watch me.” I said evily.
“Oh I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” She said.

“Oh yeah, why not?” I said angrily.
“Because Edon, as I said before, my father owns the sports arena, he could give bad press, remove an award, or just generally fire your mum.” she said laughing.

“Your such a loser!” she laughed at me.

“You should see your face! Priceless…” she laughed.
“Remember, you dare put your name up, and it will be the end of your mother’s career.” she said smiling.

Now switching back into third person. 🙂

“You see, that’s why mum cannot know! She’ll make me join for my future, then loose her job!” Scarlet said.
“I understand now. Your mum’s like that. She always put’s everyone else first. She needs to know though Scarlet!” Chase insisted.
“No! You promised you wouldn’t tell her!” Scarlet said.
“But Scarlet this is way too big. I know you don’t want her to know, but I must tell her. You’ve got to see it from our prospective. If I get my next promotion, I’ll have an amazing job with a great pay, and we’ll be on easy street. We’ve also got the inheritence from your grandma, and it’ll be fine for us. Then you’ll also get into your swimming competitions.” Chase said.
“I can’t tell her. I just can’t.” Scarlet said.
“Then I will.” Chase said.

“What? Seriously?” Ellie asked.
“Yeah. Scarlet signs up. You loose your job.” Chase said dissapointedly.

“God, that bitch will never put herself before her mother and family.” Elizabeth said evily.
“Good good. Make sure under no circumstances, that even if Scarlet puts herself first, that she doesn’t make it through the competition. I’ll try to make some of my own but it’s up to you to win the competetion.” the voice said.
“Jeez, calm down, I’m way too good, I’ll win hands down if it comes to that! Anyway, why do you want revenge on Edon? I know I want too because she always seems to get good grades and looks, but I’m stuck with straight d’s and this horrible nose.” Elizabeth said.
“Because… I knew her grandmother. I hated her… and her damn husband too! I want revenge on that whole damn family. What effects the whole family? The legacy. I’m ruining them all one by one, till the legacy is a cheap run out failures who end up on the streets.” the voice said evilly.” Scarlet not getting a career, Jack becoming a criminal, and the twins… mysteriously dying in a fire.” the voice said evilly.
Elizabeth laughed but a bit unsurely about killing the twins.

“Oh mum. Are you sure I should sign? It’s something silly to loose your job over isn’t it?” Scarlet asked.
“Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet. How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not going to loose my job.” Ellie said.
“But mum you are! It’s going to happen. No matter how much you wish for it not too.” Scarlet said realisticly.
“But Scarlet I’ve told you. I have a plan! It’ll work out, I promise.” Ellie said.
“Only if your sure.” Scarlet said.
“Positive.” Ellie said.

“Edon, what are you doing?” Elizabeth screamed at Scarlet.
“What does it look like? I’m putting my name down….” Scarlet said.
“But I…” Elizabeth was interrupted.
“Yes, I know. But my family is stronger then any threat. So you can take your threat and shove it where the sun don’t shine, okay misses?” Scarlet said.
“You’ll regret for this Edon, you will!” Elizabeth said angrily.

“You wanted me sir?” Ellie asked politely.
“Yes, Ellie, this is a very… erm… delicate matter.” her boss said.
“I know sir.” Ellie said.
“I’ve loved you all these years you’ve worked for the stadium, but sadly my bosses boss, who is the owner, just didn’t want you working here anymore. I’m sorry Ellie.” her boss said.
“No. I’m not.” Ellie said smiling.
“Oh Ellie. You are I’m sorry.” her boss said again.
“But I’m not!” Ellie said.

“Sir, your looking at the new co-owner of the stadium.” Ellie said smiling.
“Oh, oh! Congratulations Mrs Edon! You’ve done quite well with yourself. How did you get the boss to agree with selling stock?” he asked smiling.

“Mr Higgins, how delighful too meet you! I’m Mrs Edon.” Ellie said.
“Oh Mrs Edon, I suppose you heard about yourself being fired. I’m sorry, but with your daughter saying such nasty things…” he was interrupted.
“Oh I know I know Mr Higgins. What are girls like aye?” she said.
“What? I heard Scarlet was bullying her?!?!” he asked surpirsed.
“Oh.” Ellie said laughing. “What they make up aye? They’re always coming round our place, their the best of friends. They’ve just had a little fall out, that’s all. They’ll be friends again within a week.” Ellie said smiling.
“Oh, sorry Mrs Edon, If I knew.” he said.
“Oh it’s ok it’s ok. Just do me a favour?” Ellie said.
“Anything.” he said smiling.
“Let me buy the stadium.” Ellie said.
“Oh Mrs Edon, I cannot do tha
t. But I could however, offer your a share.” he said smiling.
“Let me know more.” Ellie said.

“So. Mum… What happened?” Scarlet asked worriedly.
“I told you. I had a plan. And I stuck to it. Your now looking at the co-owner to the stadium!” Ellie said excitedly.
“Woah! Cool! But, how did you get Mr Higgins to sell? Elizabeth told him to fire you because she disliked me or something.” Scarlet said confused.
“Well, she told him you’d been bullying her. But I told him you were the best of friends coming over here all the time! And that this was just a little argument.” Ellie said laughing.
Scarlet laughed. “Your an amazing liar mum!” she said.
“Now go and get changed, I bet you can get in several laps in the pool before dinner.” Ellie said smiling.
“Cool.” Scarlet said.

As Scarlet opened her dresser to get out one of her many swimming bikini’s or costumes, she heard a beep from her computer. It sounded like an e-mail.

She walked over to the laptop and looked at it.
E-mail from pinkcat53@yahoo.co.uk (annonomous) Subject: OPEN ASAP EMERGANCY!!!
She clicked to open it.
Save the twins! Take them outside right now Scarlet! Right now! They need saving! They’re in the kitchen! Go!

“Oh officer, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over him. He’s always been such a sweet innoccent boy!” Ellie said.
“If he was older, I’d be able to put him in prison.” the officer said. “Son, stealing is a serious offence, you could be in jail for years, without seeing your family. Don’t let me catch you doing it again, otherwise you’re mother will see a fine coming her way.” the officer said.

“Jack, why? Why have you done this? This is a really bad thing to do!” Ellie said.
“But, I was told that it was ok, and that everyone does it!” Jack said.
“What? Of course not Jack. People pay to make those things and pay to put them on the shelves, the least you can do it pay for it.” Ellie said.
“Ok I’m really sorry mum, I’ll never do it again.” Jack said.
“You’d better not, otherwise the man will make us pay money, then your even less likely to get the things you want. Besides Jack, If you wanted that game,

I would of been happy to pay you for doing odd jobs around the house.” Ellie said smiling. “Now, who told you this was ok?” Ellie asked aggrivatedly.
Jack was about to say who, until he realised that they’d asked Jack not to tell.
“It was that guy from school John.” Jack lied.
“I told you to stay away from him Jack. He’s not nice to you or the other kids.” Ellie said.
“Ok. I love you mum. Your always there for me.” Jack said smiling.

What will happen to the twins? Will Scarlet save them in time? Will Jack steal again? Who’s doing all these horrid things to seek revenge on the Edons? Find out next chapter =D




3 responses

3 01 2011

Interesting transitions you put into the writings. I really liked hearing the different points of view, it was well done!


7 01 2011

I hope Gavin isn’t behind all this. He’s no good in my opinion.
I liked reading the story from different points of view. It gives a more interesting edge to the story.
Well done. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

7 01 2011

All caught up. I liked this chapter. I dont like Gavin, he is trouble!!!



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