4.11 Mischievious plans

8 01 2011

Warning, this chapter has certain amounts of violence, if you recently experienced any traumatic happenings please read this at a later date when it’s not so fresh. Thank you, now on with the chapter! xD

“Mum quick! I’ve brought in the twins! There’s a fire in the kitchen!” Scarlet screamed!
“Oh my god! Right you four stay out here, Scarlet your in charge! Ring the fire department and don’t let the twins or Jack go inside! I’ll fetch Chase and Gavin, and then Chase and I will fight off the fire till the firemen arrive!” Ellie screamed.

Ellie ran inside calling Chase’s name.
Gavin came outside smiling. Until he caught sight of the twins…
“Who saved the twins?” Gavin asked trying to hide aggrivation.
“I did! Isn’t it great? If I hadn’t seen the fire, they would of burn’t to death!” Scarlet said.
“Hmmm, great. Your the saviour.” Gavin said trying to smile.

Then Ellie and Chase worked hard exstingusing the flames that had already destroyed half their kitchen…

Then soon the firefighter arrived to finish the job…

And with there now being an empty kitchen, Ellie and Gavin (being either retired/unemployed) decided to design and buy another kitchen the following day.

Soon enough it was time for the twins to become children and head off to school.
From left to right there is Cornelius who become athletic and then Christian who became a workaholic.

As Scarlet was on one of her daily run routines on her treadmill, she heard her phone ring and took a break.

“Hello?” Scarlet asked.
“Hello, is this Scarlet Edon?” they said.
“Yup, sure is.” she said.
“I’m here to tell you about the DNA test you asked us to give you.” they said.
“I never asked for any…” Scarlet was interrupted.
“It appears that yourself and Chase Edon are not a match and are not related.” they said.
“Wha…” Scarlet said. “Oh, erm thank you.”
What did they mean not a match? Her dad wasn’t Chase? Then who was it.

“There’s gotta be something in Mum’s adress book about my real dad.” Scarlet said to herself.
Scarlet filtered to only men. Then she selected those entries from 16 years and 9 months ago approx.
Jason Eccles *click*
Age: 42
Adress: 52 Mikeware road Egypt
Description: Jason Eccles, ahhh. My holiday sweetheart. Ya no, until he told me he was married and then when I returned home I realised I was pregnant. I was lucky enough to get Scarlet though, nothing like Jason. 🙂

Scarlet gasped.
“How could she not tell me?” Scarlet said with anger in her voice.

*The following day*
“So, dad, if we instal these fire guards here and here, we could prevent an household fires spreading beyond the oven!” Ellie said.
Gavin had an evil grin on his face.
“Right?” Ellie said.
“Dad!” Ellie said aggrivatedly turning around.

Gavin lunged the knife into Ellie’s chest. Ellie screamed as the blood and gore flew vigilantly out of her chest. Gavin cackled.

Chase had gotten the rest of the day off as he’d succeeded on an impossible operation, and recieving a promotion. He heard Ellie’s scream and ran into the kitchen.
“Ellie!” Chase screamed running to her.

With Ellie lying bleeding to her death on the floor, Chase mourned hard.
“You evil man! She’d done nothing to you, she was an inoccent woman!” Chase said with tears in his eyes “She did nothing!” he screaming crying. “Nothing!” He screamed louder with tears in his eyes. “Your quarrel was with her mother and father, Owen and Olivia. Ellie has done nothing! I hope you rott in hell!” He whispered.
“Your right… What have I done?” Gavin said regretfully.
Gavin felt a shot run through his chest, he struggeled to breath. He fell to the floor with not control over himself.

They both lay on the cold tile floor, dead. Chase felt no happiness from the death of Gavin as he was overcrouded with sadness of his one true love. All he could think about was her… and the kids…

For just a moment before he felt all was gone, he saw her face… Looking at him. With a smile on her face.
“It’ll be ok. Just for me, look after the kids, then choose the heir. I know you’ll make the right decision. I leave everything to you till they’re adults.” Ellie said from beond the grave.

He closed his eyes and rubbed them with his hands.
He re-opened them to see Ellie no longer in front of him. But he believed she’d stayed just that little bit more to keep him going and to tell him his final wish.

“Kids, I have some… unsettling news.” Chase said.
“Why don’t you wait for mummy?” Cornelius asked.
“Ugh. Well, she already knows and asked me to tell you. Ya see, mummy and Grandad have gone to live with grandma and your other grandad. This means they cannot see you anymore.” Chase explained.
“Oh, but can I go to this place daddy? So we can all live like a happy family again?” Christian asked.
“No. You have to be an adult to go there. And sometimes, we have to go when we don’t want to.” Chase said.
Scarlet laughed.

“God, I can’t believe your actually believing this. Grandma and grandad are dead! Along with Gavin and mum! We can’t see em again, because they’ve all been buried or put in these urns!” Scarlet said pointing to the urn on the table.
“Scarlet!” Chase said. “If you truly believe these words, why do you disrespect your mother so much?” he asked.
“Why should I? She’s lied to me my whole life.” Scarlet said.
“About what?” Chase asked.
“That your not my father!” Scarlet yelled.
The room went silent.

Chase sat there for a moment, then stood up.
“Boys, I’d like to have a talk with your sister. Could you go up to your rooms and play for a bit?” Chase asked.
They nodded and walked out the room.

“How did you find out?” Chase asked.
“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you called the DNA office to ask them to call me that are DNA didn’t match.” Scarlet said aggrivatedly.
“No I didn’t!” Chase said.
“I know you did.” Scarlet said.
“Scarlet, listen. I did not tell them to call you about are DNA.” Chase said.

“So you really didn’t?” Scarlet asked.
“No! But I bet I know who did. Gavin.” Chase said angrilly.
“Why him?” Scarlet asked.
“Becuase he stabbed your mother in the chest, tried to burn you twin brothers to death and made our lives hell.” Chase said.
“Oh. Sorry Chase.” Scarlet said.

“Scarlet, call me dad still. I may not be your real dad, but I’m your step dad.” Chase said.
“But mum’s dead. Your not technically an Edon anymore. So how can you have any right to be my step dad?” Scarlet asked.
“Because I loved your mother and she loved me! She asked me to look after you kids before she died!” Chase said.
“But you love Cornelius and Christian more than us though!” Scarlet screamed.
“No I don’t! When I first met your mother, I was there for you, not her. So really, I love you the most!” Chase said.
“You don’t know what father daughter relationships are! That’s why I’m going to Egypt, to see my dad!” Scarlet screamed.

“Your what? No. I forbid you.” he said.
“I have to.” Scarlet said looking into his eyes.
There was a long silence.
“I’ll think about it. You should too.” Chase said.
“Ok.” Scarlet said.

“I love you Scarlet. Your my little girl. I will never forget that, and I hope you don’t either.” Chase said. “I care so much for you.”
“I know.” Scarlet replied. “I know.”




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